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  1. I am like that also with the streaming. I wish Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu had Golden Girls and Brady Bunch but alas...they don't.
  2. I agree!! I sort of identified with Justin when the show first aired because I was just coming on to the gay scene and had been hopelessly in love with the first guy I had an experience with, although he was nowhere near the caliber of a Brian Kinney. lol
  3. Hello.....you're talking to the proud owner of all seasons of The Golden Girls and The Brady Bunch on DVD. haha! Also the proud owner of almost all volumes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on DVD.....*gay nerd*
  4. Been re-watching the seasons of the US version of Queer as Folk the last few weeks. Love this show! Brings back memories of when it was first airing and we would all gather at my friend's house or a gay bar and watch the new episodes when they aired. Did anyone else here enjoy this show?
  5. WOW!!!! HUGE congrats to you guys!!!!
  6. Such a welcome sight seeing the first drop go back down to the bottom of the quarry like it used to with the falling rock shed protecting it! hehe! Cannot wait!!!
  7. Ooooooooo I hope it goes well for you!!!! Let us know!
  8. Gosh when I came out at 19-20 years old the last thing I wanted was a serious relationship. For me, it was all about exploring this new life that I had been so scared to explore before. The clubs, the new friends, and the new experiences. Don't get me wrong, I had my share of guys I "connected with" but at the age of 20 I wasn't ready to settle down. My longest relationship back then lasted maybe 6-10 months. I was blessed though to have a great core group of friends/co-workers at the hospital I worked so I was never sucked into the stereotypical going to the clubs every night, drugs, and unprotected sex thing that seemed to plague some of my other friends who were also just coming out into the gay scene. Then of course, after losing my mom to cancer when I was 24, I started to review my life and finally realize what I wanted. Met a great guy and here we are 10 years later and I could not imagine my life without him.
  9. Mine doesn't tolerate coasters well either. When we went to Orlando in August of 2010 I added an extra day for Sea World so I could do Kraken and Manta. He tolerated Kraken fine because it was floorless like Superman Krypton Coaster here at my home park of SFFT. Manta on the other hand.....YIKES! First ride he wanted to get on as soon as possible because he hates waiting in line....needless to say, the only open seats were in the last row. I warned him and said it would be intense back there but he didn't listen. This was my first flyer so I had no idea what I was in for either, let me just say, experiencing that pretzel loop for the first time was crazy INTENSE even for me! He was done after that and that was the first day on our long week stay in Orlando! So I rode everything else by myself! lol
  10. That offride footage of the barrell roll is a thing of beauty. It is hauling ass!!
  11. The idea of watching the first videos of a test run make me wanna burst!!
  12. Haha yes me too!! I went to UTSA from 1997-1999 and I remember trying to "study" in the library. There used to be a spot in the library with floor to ceiling windows and it overlooked the park. I would always find myself just staring at the rides instead of studying.
  13. Got to see iRat from the highway this weekend as I was back in SA visiting family. WOW!! Now I know what people meant when they said the pictures dont do it justice. I almost wrecked just staring at it. Definitely jaw-dropping!
  14. Wow, I love coasters, comic books, and Disney.....3 for 3. lol
  15. The head chopper effect on the double up will be so freaking amazing!!!!!
  16. LOL!!! Oh man I tried to be a part of that late 90's early 2000's A&F crowd. Awful!! Now that I've paid my way through nursing school and have established a career I look back at myself back then and just shake my head. The things that I used to think were so important are just so ridiculous now. I could not let a weekend go by without going to the gay glubs. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you could find me at many bars in San Antonio. Now I hardly stay awake past 10pm! Went back to the same bars a year ago just for the hell of it.....wow. Seriously, same people, same old song and dance, different decade. No thanks! Fun yes, but only about once every few years maybe.
  17. Coming from a Texas gay man also, I feel pretty darn happy that my workplace organization recognizes same sex partnerships and I can have my partner of almost 10 years on my health insurance. And he is also my beneficiary on my life insurance. Although after we worked out the math, it would be more sensible for him to stay on his work's insurance plan and for me on mine since my insurance is basically free and adding him would take out $300 a month. Also, when he was in a local ICU for almost 4 days about 6 years ago, even before Obama, I was never not allowed to see him or stay the night in his ICU room. Maybe it is just because I live in Austin, not sure. They spoke to me like I was his "legal spouse". I would be beautiful if we could file our taxes together and get the other legal rights that straight married couples do though. Maybe one day.....*sigh*
  18. That's excelent for you!! I came out by accident when I was 23. My parents were both deceased so I was really only worried about my brother. It was awkward at first but after a few weeks it was fine. My extended family however, lets just say I still get monthly emails praying for my salvation and lectures on how I will burn in hell if I don't turn back. Now that I am 34, in a more liberal town in Texas, everyone knows. It is the best feeling in the world. I'll even tell my patients if they tell me they are gay or lesbian. They seem to be more comfortable once they know and they can open up to me more than the other clinical staff.
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