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  1. For those who are planning trips to Dollywood, late August and September are great times to go. Hours are reduced, but crowds are very light. Schools are back in session, and generally the crowd is much older, not necessarily interested in the rides. Even Saturdays can be a good day to go in my experience, especially if the Tennessee Vols are playing.Things pick up again come October as more people travel to the area to "leaf look." However come October some of the coasters tend to close during the warmth of the day due to wasps (especially Wild Eagle).
  2. Glad to see Lightning Rod is officially "open" again. I noticed also that the wait times for it are finally posted on the app... it had a 75 minute wait yesterday while everything else was practically a walk-on. Hate that they had so many issues with it getting it up and running. Hoping that everyone will be able to put everything behind them, the ride continues to run like a champ, and everyone will continue to enjoy this great park, and EXCELLENT wooden coaster creation. Of the 369 coasters I have ridden this is a #1 for me. Just the right amount of intensity. Fantastic ride from start to finish. For those that were there this weekend - are the trains still somewhat modified? When we were there for the event Dollywood held in January, they showed off the new trains. The front car had a windshield (i think) and the back car had a trunk. Early pictures of the ride running from RCDB show this: https://rcdb.com/13369.htm#p=71908 - though the windshield is not in this picture. The trunk was not on the trains anytime we rode the ride in August. Has it been put back on since they have officially reopened the ride, or does it remain off? I have attached pictures from the non-coaster event I took in January of the front and rear of the train.
  3. Nope - that wasn't us. I am tall and was wearing my Dollywood shirt. My partner is dark-skinned, dark-dark haired, and we were with our friend who was wearing a Phillies cap. We will be at SFOG this Sunday, minus the friend, let me know if there is a chance you guys will be there. And anytime you go to Lake Winnie, also let me know - we live like 1 mile from the park. I don't think we are annoying enthusiast types, at least that's what we keep telling ourselves anyway LOL. As far as the All Season Flash-Pass: Yes, it is not indicated anywhere on the Six Flags website that it is valid at all Six Flags parks, only for the park where you purchase it. However all Flash-Pass employees at SFNE were saying that it was good at all parks, one lady even checked with her supervisor to make sure. Our friend who was with us has an all season flash pass from Great Adventure. When he got his pass for the day the flash pass supervisor assisted the employee with his order. It appeared that on the system they could see that he had an all season flash pass at another park, so the charge came up as $90.00 for the gold. However on the computer they apparently hit the key on the screen that apparently said: "comp other park all season flash pass" which in turn changed the amount he owed on the cash register to $0. So either the SFNE flash pass employees did not know what they were doing (which unfortunately would not surprise me with Six Flags), or Six Flags is trying to downplay the fact that they are good at all parks so they don't oversell. It is completely worth the money if its good for the Six Flags parks you don't get to visit often. I ended up buying the all season flash pass through SFOG before the sale ended. Will be processing it this weekend. Hoping that the fact its good at all SF parks stands true!!
  4. I was at the park today (well yesterday ...Sunday) and it was packed. Your parking pass will work but otherwise go Gold or Platinum Flash Pass but buy it on site if it is busy (I assume it will be). The season Flash Pass is 249 and will work for all of 2017 at all Siix Flags parks but you need to buy a 2017 season pass first to get it. My bf (disclosure gay couple haha) and I will be at the park from opening for a few hours if you want to meet up or say hi. It was packed on Sunday and the ops were terrible so get there early even if you opt for Flash Pass. Feel free to PM me. Hope you have a great day at the park!!! We were at the park yesterday too. We got there about 4 cause we did Lake Compounce first. Flash pass was a must, and I tried to buy the all season flash pass, but I hadn't processed my SFOG 2017 SP yet. Drat... But still paying the money for the gold pass straight was money well spent based on the crowds. Ride operations were terrible as the night progressed, in fact I think we waited 30 minutes for WC in the station alone around 915pm as they were taking like 10 minutes to dispatch a train. And had we known you were there SFOG1991, my bf and I would have introduced ourselves, as it seems we share the same home Six Flags. All in all it was great to get back to SFNE, operations aside.
  5. At the park today. Lightning Rod opened with the park. One train operations though crowds now are super light. All rows are now open and the peeling out sound effect is running again. Yay!!
  6. The gate wasn't technically broken. It's hard to get the truth out of the people working the rides as they are told not to give out a lot of information about breakdowns. However, after several hours in line and the fact that the attendants are over these issues that have plagued LR since it's inception I got some answers. There is nothing wrong with the ride itself, nothing. There was a recall on a part, but aside from that, nothing. The issue with the gates is that this particular set is EXTREMELY sensitive, basically if someone as much as presses on the gate and it moves more than an inch the computer thinks that someone has came through the safety gate and the ride comes to a complete halt. They are working to get this issue resolved, but it doesn't sound like something that couldn't be done over the course of a couple of days by just replacing the gate system or modifying it. Disclaimer: The following statement has no credible evidence to support it (ie from the Dippin' Dots guy, hostess at Aunt Granny's, Granny Ogle, or Miss Lillian) it is merely speculation and or hearsay and all in good fun: The gate thing actually makes sense. From what I understand Outlaw Run also has very sensitive gates, causing the ride to shutdown if they are slightly pushed. I had also heard that if the train enters the brake run at a higher speed than expected it will also cause the ride to shutdown. This may be the reason for the conservative weight allowance, only allowing 20 riders at a time. They still have a little work to do it looks like, but regardless, the ride is running fairly reliable and delivering fantastic rides. Night rides are phenomenal. We went Friday night, and almost returned again over the weekend for more.
  7. Good enough for me, I'd like a last row ride but I'm not crying over it. I'll be driving up there tomorrow and staying until Friday... God I hope it stays open. I've been putting this trip off all summer but this week is our last chance. Rows 8 and 9 are blocked, but rows 10,11 and 12 are all open. As far as the que clearing at Dollywood, generally they are pretty quick to clear a que for any ride. In my experience however it is generally the decision of maintenance to clear que or not. That is why I was surprised they let us wait in the que during the 45 minute LR breakdown Friday night. They did however clear all from the top platform. Everyone had to move to the 2nd level of the que.
  8. We headed up this evening after work to get our first rides in. Got 5 rides in, 4 of which were night rides. The ride is superior. Wonderfully paced, full of airtime, and quite disorienting. The launch is great, and much needed. It gives you a great pop of air right before the false drop. Its a fantastic coaster and kudos to "all parties involved" for creating such a great ride. A few observations, was there not a small dip prior to the launch originally? That is no more. Two trains were running all night and we arrived at the park at 5:30pm. They had 2 rows blocked off and were loading exactly 20 people in each train. If there was a single rider an op would ride with them. We waited through 1 breakdown of about 45 minutes. They had to evacuate riders off the train on the brake run. They then put that train in the storage area below the station. Then they backed the train from the station on to the brake run. Then put that train back in the station and put the other train back on the track and viola, ran great. All in all hope things are getting worked out. Dollywood has a true hit on thier hands.
  9. Yay!!! Great news. Hopefully it will be running like a champ this weekend, as it is the last weekend of 10A-10P operations. Crossing fingers, knocking wood, and avoiding black cats in hopes that I will finally get my ride this weekend.
  10. ^^^^ This certainly does make sense. I wouldn't expect the park itself should have to shrink its profit margins any further just to keep this thing operational. If what was promised was not delivered it shouldn't be the responsibility of the park to keep sinking money into. On the other hand the other parties involved in the project may be saying " we did our part, we met what we were required to" when clearly things are not. Thus a need for further negotiations, and the reason none of the parties involved are saying anything about the status of the ride. And who knows, maybe at this point they are shopping for other contractors to get this thing fully operational.
  11. Could all parties involved be at the table with their lawyers at this point? I mean what was promised was not delivered, and what was delivered might not have been what was stated in an original contract. For example operating costs were quoted to be blank, but during technical rehearsals we found them to be 10 times that. I am sure this situation is a lot more complex than we can think of. The park did operate in its current state at least for the big summer weekends (Memorial Day and 4th of July) and it was running to get featured on Hallmark Home and Family (which was when the ride was officially open). However it may just be too labor intensive and too expensive to keep going as is. Another question... If further testing, tweaking, and adjusting is needed, where does the extra needed money for that come from? If companies only budget so much, when that's gone, who pays the rest?
  12. Something new has been spotted on the Dollywood wait times app!!
  13. On Sunday we were standing with a small group of people at Park opening in front of Lightning Rod. A rides supervisor/team lead (I think) stopped by the group and said "Lightning Rod is in technical ride rehearsal. Its closed now, but you can check back later today, but things don't look good for it operating today." I guess "technical ride rehearsal" must sound better to folks than the ride is closed AGAIN for an extended period of time.
  14. I am impressed to see that DDD is loading 2 cars at a time, this is a recent change. That should speed things up just a hair, as they always loaded one car at a time before. To the poster above - Sorry Mindbender wasn't your thing... To each his own indeed. BTW - has anybody seen the most recent member review (posted on 9/14/15) on the Six Flags Over GA TPR page. Very tasteless, and a bit insulting! People are certainly able to express opinions, but I think that should be done with a little class. Can that not be removed?
  15. Also I was wondering why Mystery Mine is no longer featured on the wait time board throughout the park or on the Dollywood app? I also feel that the restraints were a little more forgiving to larger riders than they had been on my previous visits this season. Larger people were able to ride, less walks of shame, and less playing of the "musical seats."
  16. We went to the park on Sunday. We still had a great time, as usual, even though Lightning Rod was down, and Thunderhead only operated briefly. Crowds were very light, so that made for a very pleasant day. There was no action occurring at Lightning Rod all day. I did notice a train sitting inside the station though. So for anyone who has visited the park since Sunday, has anybody noticed anything going on with the ride, i.e. test runs, maintenance working on the launch etc? I am just curious what happened this past Friday causing the ride to be down again almost a week, and no action at all on the site. I know all we can do is speculate! We are thirsty for a ride (as many are), and since Dollywood is essentially our home park, after all of our visits this season, we continue to practice patience. I keep having these recurrent dreams that I am at the park, and the ride is open. However, no matter how much, and for how long I walk, I just can never seem to get to the ride. Crazy right? I guess its just meant to happen when its meant to happen. When Lightning Rod reopens we will head straight for the park and attempt to fulfill our mission!
  17. So according to the Orange bar on Dollywood.com, it looks like the blanket statement re: all RMC's being closed has been removed. The Orange bar simply States that RMC has ordered Lightning Rod to be closed due to the recall.
  18. I was at the park both this past Monday May 9, then again yesterday. Lightning Rod was frequently testing Monday, but I did not notice 1 test run yesterday. We only noticed workers on the lift and on the brake run yesterday. However who knows what that even means. On the bright side, even with the park as crowded as it was yesterday, Sunday, operations were great. Everything was running at capacity. 4 loading platforms on MM, 3 trains on BF, and both sides of the Barnstormer. The second train even came out for the Tornado, which rarely happens anymore. I forgot how that ride can move people!! I do love how on very crowded days Dollywood always extends their closing time 1 hour. That definitely helps!! And the bbq was excellent!!
  19. Ride TNR:DDD this morning. The ride experience was awesome. Really enhances the ride. However we waited in line starting about halfway down the ramp leading into the station. From that point it would typically be about a 20 minute wait. However it took just under 2 hours to get on the ride. Now we are here waiting for my namesake and have noticed they have put the headsets away. They are no longer operating the ride with the VR today it looks like.
  20. Went to Dollywood yesterday, Sunday December 20, and had a great time as always. Crowds were kind of light when we arrived around noon, but picked up significantly around 5. In fact the entire main parking lot was full. Temps were cool with daytime highs only making it to about 45, and it was 37 when we left at park close. Crowds were heavy enough to be able to run more trains on the rides, however Firechaser Express only ran 2 trains all day, Mystery Mine only ran 3, and Thunderhead started with 2 trains, but dropped 1 around dark. Was this related to the colder weather? Thunderhead had a full queue after the train was dropped, and the other 2 rides kept 45 plus minute waits all day. On a side note, we did the drive through Christmas lights at I-40 at exit 407 (The Parkway). Great syncronized light show that's worth a stop!
  21. Made my first trek to Knoebels this past Saturday, Halloween. It was a great day to visit. So much fun! What a great hidden gem of a park. I knew to expect great things from this place, but my expectations were far exceeded. Loved Phoenix, the Skooters, and the Flyers!! Great Halloween event too. I certainly will try to come back anually for the Halloween event. On a side note, we also did the Elysburg Haunted House... For 10 bucks Its pretty scary, and well worth the side trip while in Elysburg for Halloween.
  22. Went to the park yesterday, Sunday 11/1. My first visit since 2011. What an awesome visit, pleasant temps and light crowds. Everything was a walk-on with the exception of Laff Trakk, which we rode both with lights on and lights off. This was probably my fifth visit to HP ever, and I got to ride more yesterday than all of my visit to HP combined. I must say, rode Skyrush for the first time yesterday. I have heard so much negativity about the ride, but WOW!! I loved it. Superb ride, easily a top 5 for me. I lost count with how many times I rode. Fantastic!!!
  23. I'm sure you know that season passholder night this year isnt until Friday October 2. The past several years it was preview night for fright fest, the last Friday of September. But they have pushed it back one week this year.
  24. ^They were removed from the line... Eventually. My friend said she saw one of them heading towards the exit about 20 mine later without security. My guess is that they were quietly asked to leave the park.
  25. ^ I was at Scarowinds Saturday night and while leaving at park close a large fight broke out just outside the North Gate. We were about minute too late to see what actually happened, but saw a crowd of people running to take a look at the fight. Law enforcement quickly came and we heard what sounded like tasing and a mass of people running from where the fight was. Was there another fight in addition to this one? Also while waiting for Cornstalkers a group of like 20 people decide to line jump and meet up with two of their friends who were like 3 people ahead of us. They were called out by park staff, and when confronted they caused quite a scene saying they waited and weren't moving etc. They stood there and blocked the attraction causing it to close for a good 15 minutes while this situation was dealt with by security. I attend at least once Scarowinds every year, and am sure this happens often - but this was awful behavior. It makes me wonder how long it will be before the park starts requiring chaperones to accompany minors. On a brighter note Sunday was a great day to be at the park. Very light crowds and beautiful weather. Longest lines I saw was for Fury and Nighthawk, and those were only down the station stairs.
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