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  1. Monday 1/6 is Three Kings Day... its the last day of BGT's Christmas Town and the last day of their three kings celebration... with the park staying open till 8, I feel like they are expecting it to be busier than a usual Monday. Not sure if area schools are out or not.
  2. Yes... Lightning Rod does indeed now have a single rider line. We noticed it at the last visit. Enter the que through the Timesaver line and the single rider line is down the center line on the second deck before the grouper. For anyone who hasnt been there lately they now group on the second deck below the platform.
  3. I too was thankful Dollywood was open Thanksgiving night. Weather was beautiful and the crowds were not too bad. Definitely put me in the Christmas Spirit. In my opinion Dollywood went above and beyond with the lights this year, especially Glacier Ridge... very well done! On a side note... coming down the quad down on Lightning Rod at night with the park all lit for Chistmas... magical!!
  4. Heading to SFGAM for HITP 12/27. I believe this is the second year for HITP. I was trying to find out what rides/attractions would be open, but the website does not have the info. I'm thinking Max Force will be open but anybody have any idea what else may be running? What did they have open last year? Looking forward to another visit at one of my favorite Six Flags Parks!
  5. Copperhead Strike is an excellent addition to the park! Love the hangtime in the inversions along with some great ejector moments especially towards the front of the train. Definitely my favorite of the three Mack launchers I've been on. The theming is top notch! Didnt they incorporate some of the que theming from a Scarowinds haunt? I might even like CHS better than Maverick (I know that's strong words). On a side note I love the new restraunt especially the rotisserie chicken with the "Copperhead Strike "hot" sauce" (it's not that hot just tasty). I also enjoy the Copperhead Strike IPA made especially by a local brewery (Sycamore) for the park. Unfortunately the gliders have been slowed considerably since the rehab. I'm glad to see them back however and providing thrills to many families in this great rethemed section of the park!
  6. I personally do not get all of the Scream Machine hate here lately. The ride is running better than it has in years. With the addition of the Cyclone trains you now have six chances to get a smoother ride rather than just 4 with the old trains. The track work they have done on the off season has also helped a lot. I find myself riding multiple times every visit this season and having a blast! Lots of ejector air in the back car (I mostly ride in row 11).
  7. I am very opposed to the Six Flags SEAS buyout rumor. I have always been a fan of all of the SEAS parks, and if there is a park other than Dollywood or SDC I would rather spend my day at in the US, it's a SEAS park. I am impressed with the hard work they have done over the past several years in their post Blackfish climate. Finally seeing them begin to turn things around is very rewarding to me. When you visit a SEAS park, you are given an impression that this corporation is actually out to benefit the greater good of our society, not just to make money. Yes, there is criticism of animals being contained and not being able to live in their natural habitats etc. But the education the parks promote to the general public I feel benefits all the animals that do live in the wild. Educating the public about all of their species is of great benefit to the species well being in the wild. I love how they are re-imagining these animal habitats. Not to mention all of the animal rescue efforts they have beefed up in recent years. The SEAS parks have immersive world class attractions. They are unique to the collection of US parks - more European park like in their imaginative attractions. When I enter a Six Flags anywhere in the country I see so much similarity. Not to mention that in the Six Flags parks, it is obvious the chain is concerned more about money making than guest experience. I was so disappointed in Discovery Kingdom, seeing that park last October was a complete letdown. Talking about dilapidated animal habitats, and seeming like they are not concerned for animal welfare. I really hope that Six Flags would concentrate and what they have, much like the SEAS parks have, rather than gobbling up these unique parks.
  8. As far as the Mountain Slidewinder is concerned, didn't Pete confirm that it is indeed not going away and removal of the signage is just something they routinely do? I have been to the park many times recently and the only thing missing from the ride is the signage. Everything else is still intact. Maybe they took it down for a refurb. The ride is quite popular with the locals and the coaster community alike. I don't feel like the park would remove it without announcing its closure first.
  9. Though the old style is more asthetically pleasing, it looks like the new style is less obstructing, giving you a better POV. Keep in mind too that the original design first lost its windshields, then headlights, tires etc. What was running prior to the closure in July the train was a shell of what it originally was. Are the new trunks on the train now also?
  10. Though it's hard to see in the picture, I'm hoping the new fronts and trunks have been added to the train. They sat under the ride for the longest time at the beginning of the season.
  11. Lined up outside the front gate awaiting my wristband for today's big announcement. I tried to drive over to the employee lot but didn't have the guts to pass the authorized personnel only sign. However L-rod's station lights are on and I swear I'm hearing it cycle every so often. Though I can't see anything from where I am in line. There may be hope!!
  12. Looks like it went down yesterday afternoon for some reason. It's been running well... just a slight breakdown here and there. It's usually running 2 trains unless they are having to perform maintenance on the other train, or crowds are light. Surely it will be fine for your trip in a couple weeks.
  13. Was at the park Saturday and rode the train. Saw the large area they are clearing. I'm excited to hear the plans for this site! On another note the locomotive operating was "Cinderella". Cinderella was supposed to be removed from operation in August for a refurb, and the other locomotive "Klondike Katie" was supposed to be put back into service. On a visit I had in August Katie was operating, but a problem forced the train to stall and an evacuation had to take place. Anyone know if Katie has been operating at all since? Looks like they might have had to put that locomotive back to rehab??
  14. The day after Thanksgiving and the Saturday after has traditionally been quite busy. About 10 years ago I went on that Friday and the park was mobbed. Last year however I went the Friday after and it really wasn't that bad. The good news is that the park plans well for it to be a busy day so everything is running at capacity. Not sure about the after 3 next day free ending in October, but many days for the Christmas fest the park doesn't even open until 2. As far as LRod... Knock on wood but it's doing much better. On busy days I've heard they are running two trains on it, though I haven't seen that yet. Of course the last couple visits the park was not busy so they only ran 1 train. I went Monday this week and got 9 rides on it .
  15. Anyone know what's up with Drop Line? It's been listed as CD for the past several days, and before that was TC for q couple days... Is it was/bee related?
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