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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if its closed the rest of the year. Was told unofficially that they were going to finish the IBox conversion this off season. Last time I rode it, you could definitely tell the wood sections were getting pretty rough. As for Wildwood Grove, a coaster proposal has been leaked on reddit. It looks to be a family coaster about 4000' long.
  2. I talked with a staffer this summer and he said they had about 400 openings to fill. The biggest issue with staff shortages is that Amusement Parks rely a lot on foreign students that do not travel back to their home country but look for summer employment here in the states. A lot of countries have travel bans still in place due to COVID so a lot of foreign students did not study in the US this year, thus creating a shortage of seasonal staff. Hopefully the new staff lodge will help with that next year. I know Dollywood is doing the best with what they can but I also feel bad for someone who paid full price to enter.
  3. I was told by the Dippin dots Lady before this leaked that it would be very similar to Dragonflyer, it would be 1000' longer than wild eagle but have no inversions. My theory is that its a new gen Vekoma inverted with a record length, no inversions.
  4. Dippin' Dots lady told me it was going to be an inverted coaster but no loops. will break record for longest invert.
  5. Got some Intel from the Dippin' Dots lady today... I think she got a little excited and spilled the beans. She pointed at Dragon Flyer and said it will be a bigger version of that in the new expansion area. It will easily be 1000' longer than Wild Eagle . So that would make it at least 4150 ish feet long making it the longest invert coaster. The interesting thing is that it will not have any inversions but will be a terrain based inverted coaster. My prediction is it will be built by Vekoma. Also, had a ride op tell me that Lightning Rod will finish getting Ibox this offseason. So everything but the brake run and station will be Ibox.
  6. Looks like Dollywood is adding drones to their Summer Evening Show. https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Festivals/Summer
  7. Little late to the conversation. But has anyone else noticed that part of the Horseshoe is still there? Also, we have yet to see pictures of the other half of the outside section. There could be work done over there that we cant see. I'm sure we will get a million pictures come Friday. As for the trains, Pete implied that MM will be using the same trains as last year.
  8. You do realize how big the employee parking lot is at Dollywood? In the past, anyone could drive up in there and get a nice view of the back parts of Lightning Rod. Sometime in 2020, there is now a security guard at the road to the lot so no general public can go up there. So they could have easily stached all the IBox there and nobody would know. Someone posted a construction update video on Youtube showing a majority of the re tracking complete. The current weather is more than likely causing delays but late March seems plausible.
  9. The difference you will notice is the speed. I had a chance to ride it on day two of the trials and you would actually get ejector air off the first little hump after the launch. More recently the train barely makes it over. I would assume that the spped change was made to help with wear and tear on the track. Now that they are installing IBox on the stress areas, they should be able to run LR at the speed it was originally made to run.
  10. From the picture, it looks like they are moving it to where the pottery was.
  11. I remember hearing that exact same thing. It may have been an interview someone conducted at IAPPA. there is also a pretty informative video by ElToroRyan about topper track/prefab on El Toro and how its expensive but doesnt hold up much different than normal wood track.
  12. There is a little documentary on YouTube about Lightning Rod. In it, Schilke says that in the bidding process they were competing not just with other wood manufacturers but also steel. RMC was the one who proposed a launched woodie. From what I remember, the only input Dollywood pushed was that there would be no inversions.
  13. If you look at their show lineup. All except "Christmas in the Smokies" is at an Outdoor Theater. The Celebrity Theater is pretty large so it would be easy to space out in there.
  14. this may have already been answered, but does Dollywood sell masks? I can get N95 masks through my job but they tend to break easily. I just want to make sure I have a backup plan and don't want to assume anything.
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