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  1. I remember hearing that exact same thing. It may have been an interview someone conducted at IAPPA. there is also a pretty informative video by ElToroRyan about topper track/prefab on El Toro and how its expensive but doesnt hold up much different than normal wood track.
  2. There is a little documentary on YouTube about Lightning Rod. In it, Schilke says that in the bidding process they were competing not just with other wood manufacturers but also steel. RMC was the one who proposed a launched woodie. From what I remember, the only input Dollywood pushed was that there would be no inversions.
  3. If you look at their show lineup. All except "Christmas in the Smokies" is at an Outdoor Theater. The Celebrity Theater is pretty large so it would be easy to space out in there.
  4. this may have already been answered, but does Dollywood sell masks? I can get N95 masks through my job but they tend to break easily. I just want to make sure I have a backup plan and don't want to assume anything.
  5. Hey group! I just got back from an abbreviated trip to HW. Haven't been in 3 years. I say abbreviated because storms rolled in and I ended up leaving early afternoon. Voyage is way better than I remember with the retrack. But one thing I noticed is that the triple down after the MCBR is now a double down. Is this correct? I only got one lap on it before so I could be wrong. can some one who goes there a lot verify this for me.
  6. I was at the park last Sunday and noticed orange cheetah stuffed animals in the gift shops. I've only been to the park twice so these may always have been there and I never noticed.
  7. Looks like a maintenance guy or construction worker sneaking in a ride.
  8. I have seen pictures that show work was done last week. It looks like the other tower is complete and both tracks are installed inside the tower. They just need to finish the roll on the sea serpent and the track above. Hopefully another week and well see it finished.
  9. Pittsburgh Dad is filming and episode about this incident as we speak.
  10. S&S used a different track fabricator for Gale Force. After that fiasco, they switched to Intermountain. For as complex as the structure is on Curtain, one piece that's off is pretty good. I remember hearing how Arrow would never manufacturer the final piece until everything was completed to make sure it would fit.
  11. The issue with going at the end of May is that the "Bring A Friend Free" passes that you get with your season passes expire at the end of May. Everyone waits till last minute to use them so its nothing to see the park at or past capacity. I've learned to avoid the park on Weekends in may at all costs. Even the food lines will be 45 minutes.
  12. I heard on the rumor mill that there was a fitment issue with the original piece and they had Intermountain Lift fabricate a new one so they were held up until that piece came back.
  13. For those that missed it. KW posted on their Social Media today that Sky Rocket is testing and should be running soon.
  14. The "landing area" for Slidewinder is big enough for a decent flat. just a matter of which one. That hillside would make a neat spot for a small mountain coaster. They could be the first park to have a mountain coaster inside the park.
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