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  1. I was just talking about the rumor. I actual did not even notice your age. Sorry if I offended you. I was just making the point that even someone with no "insider" info could guess that KI was going to put something in the place of SoB. I would say the trucks would be engineers or people preparing the site for the tear down. Just a guess though. I really have no clue. Like a 12 year old. Just kidding!!
  2. As for as SoB, I was there on Friday and have seen no work at all. I live across the street and see it everyday I leave my hood. I will post if I see anything being torn down. Anyway that is a lame rumor. A 12 year kid could say that. Of course they are going to do something in that spot. You have a 50/50 chance to say it will be large. The original press release stated something like they were making room for future expansion. I am thinking they are going to wait until season over before taking it down. Love the picture of Beast in snow.
  3. Yes since Cedar Fair bought the park they did change some things that made me wonder. If mist and rain make the rides unsafe to run there is a design flaw. These rides ran for years without problems in the rain. Heck Top Gun blew through the brakes on a dry day not a rainy day.(and my first week I worked there) The Beast never burned down during the fireworks from 1979 to 2007 but Cedar Fair decided to shut the ride down during fireworks. Nobody ever died on Racer running backwards or with a 44" height requirement. Oh well I am sure this has been covered on this forums. I am the new guy
  4. I saw the parking lot on Sunday was empty and thought about you being there. I wanted to go myself but too much going on for me. Glad you had fun and I am sad the park is closed weekdays already.
  5. I live across I-71 from KI. Sundays seem to be small crowds. I also think that Fast Lane at KI is not needed because the longest lines are usually 30 minutes.(except sat.) Sunday mornings are great becuase I think many are at church and the crowds usually arrive later or never arrive. The last 3 Sundays I went at around 7pm and most rides are walk ons especially in the action zone. For some reason Flight of Fear is always a 30 minute wait no matter when I go so you might hit that early am and while there hit Firehawk since that usually crawls. Also that Sunday park closes at 8.
  6. I would go Sept 7. The park is only open 10-6. I was thinking Friday might be slightly larger crowd. After being at Cedar Point last week and making a few rookie mistakes I want to do this park correctly. I want to be there at opening and hit the most popular rides. What coaster have the longest or slowest lines? Any good strategy for the day? I like to maximize roller coaster ride but would like to see other stuff. Thanks for helping me out. ANy good discounts on tickets besides buying from their website?
  7. Thanks. I was hoping since schools are going back into session I should get plenty of rides. I went there 12 years ago and walked on every ride but can't remember what time of year it was. I just know I was in college and was skipping class to go.
  8. Hi, I am new to this board. I live next to Kings Island and just visited Cedar Point. Next spring I will be going to Six Flags Great Adventure. I am only interested in roller coasters. I am going to be in Tallahassee for 30 hours. Is it worth the 4 hour drive to Tampa to go to this park? I would leave at 5am and have to be back by 11. Is there any better options for roller coaster parks. Orlando is same distance so I am debating about going there. If you think I should go to BGT any advice about the crowd for early sept.? Thanks for your help. PS I would check out flats and ani
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