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  1. Rats, I always wanted to ride this one after I saw the Discovery Channel review on it. I will always hold the opinion though that if they had used some good trains (Millennium Flyers or Timberliners) it would have been tolerable.


    My question is what will replace it. In my view there are three different potential coasters they could put in its place, in order of what I believe makes the most sense:

    1. A new woodie by either Gravity Group, RMC, or Intamin: This would have to be another hyper woodie and should feature an inversion given what SDC has done. If they could get it right this time around, this would be an EPIC signature for the park.

    2. 4th Dimensional coaster. These are still rather rare and is not offered in CF's portfolio as far as I am aware. It would help KI to stand out, only draw back is they are EXPENSIVE.

    3. A Giga: This would be the direction that one could assume CF would go with given their track record. If this is the direction they go, I just hope they don't use a B&M Giga as the replacement. Having a Hyper and Giga made by the same manufacturer doesn't make sense, it lacks variety. In fact, I would tend to argue that a Chance Morgan Giga would make the most sense as should they go this route as they already have two Intamin Gigas already in their brand and within driving distance of KI. They need to be careful not to go clone crazy as SF tends to. But between the two more likely possibilities, I would say go with Intamin.


    Hopefully they don't go down the path of adding a bunch of cloned rides in its place.

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