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  1. Totally agree with you! They definitley will not change track sections, the only thing that they would possibly need to change is the turn after the first air time hill which i grey out on after 3 rides in a row. But thats what makes the ride is the intensity. The lap bars are the only thing they need to change. I wouldnt be surprised if they changed the body of the train too, so it could support a new bar system
  2. I didn't speculate, but someone over there said "I think I herd they found a few cracks on a piece of track." I dont know about the cracks....
  3. Skyrush-All i know of is that the ride is going under repairs to fix the cable and lapbars for the off season. Lapbars you know why they are fixing it....cable has apparenty been streched out or not tight around motor because i was there the last day of the Summer season and the cable was very loose. It stood out to me. And you wouldnt want to burn her out in the first year of operation. Today in Harrisburg/Hershey area it is 8:40 and 42 degrees now! In two weeks im sure it will drop a bit more. And HPitD is open till 10 which gives another hour of so of operation untl it closes, It would be around 35 degrees by then!!!! No matter the cause its a good idea to shut Rush down to me. Go on SR instead and freeze your balls off
  4. This is not a paying gig. Your payment is endless ERT on the best ride(s) at the park for 3 hours.
  5. Wow...looks fantastic! Hey Kings Island check this out! Ya you should consider it! With two vertical loops
  6. Could you imagine an Intamin Winged-Giga Coaster!!!! Skyrush+I-305=Extreme Death trap! G-Forces....+6 and -2.5! And it could break record for airtime on a steel coaster which i dont even know what coaster holds that record!
  7. I think a b&m Wing Rider or a big Intamin launch coaster with inversions is going to replace it. They dont really need another hyper coaster because of DB, however they could pull a Wonderland and build a giga when a large hyper is 500ft away. Only time will tell what they replace it with
  8. ...or you'll do what? Im not doing anything. Haha....What i meant was that they should change it so its correct. They give some awards out that shouldnt be given out
  9. Im so pissed! Ive been on Skyrush 24 times, and im very dissapointed(PISSED) it didnt make top 15 aleast!!!! Are you kidding me that Intimedator at Carowinds is in top 10! Lost of BS going pn there..it better change next year. Even Leviathan isnt in top 15 which shocked me since its a B&M Giga. P.s. where is I-305? #12???? Really!!! It should be in top 3!!! These GTA are not very accurate at all...Mitch Hawker needs to make a poll...any news if he will?
  10. Its definitley a Premier ride. Look at the track,launch and tains. All the same as Superman. I have this #2 on my best 2013 coasters behind outlaw run
  11. Not trying to blow it up already but isnt Storm Runner the fastest looping coaster? 72MPH....Unless by looping they mean LOOP only not other elements. Anyway, great addition to SFMM. Just wish i didnt live 2,500 miles away
  12. Man, we have year of the Woodies in 2013. Iron Rattler, Outlaw Run, Gold Striker, White Lightning, and i guess you could consider Flying Turns a wooden type coaster. And im sure there is atleast one more too on its way. Also SOB is being demoed.
  13. Great trip report! Really nice pictures of the parks. I have passes to Hp and have been there about 11 times this year, getting 27 [And more coming up next monday]rides on Skyrush has convinced me that it is really a top 5 coaster for me. I've been on all the other big ones[i-305, MF, Appolo, Nitro] and i really think this is just as good if not better than all mentioned. Since speaking of I-305 i am highly dissapointed about it not being atleast top 10, such an insane ride. Back to Hershey now, your right about Wildcat but it was more rough with PTC trains than it is with the Flyers. And Wild Mouse is great, no breaks throughout entire ride for the most part. *Lastley, i lost my sunglasses on Skyrush...... But the ride was worth it
  14. Cedar Point is most likely adding 2 or maybe even 3 rollercoasters over the next 2 years. I have to imagine that they want to update with the coaster world by adding newer creations. With there coaster count now down to 15 after DT is out they will be behind SFMM in the count by 2. Now we know for sure both are adding at least one next year so it woud be SFMM 18 and CP at 16. Now seeing that i wouldnt think CP wants that. I could very well see them building the planned WingRider along with a Mac Spin and some other type of coaster. Im not going to go on about saying what type i think they will be building in the next couple of years because only the Park and manufacturer know that but i can expect big things for CP next year or even in a couple of years. Since 07' they havent added anything "big". Im sure they collected a ton of $$$$ over that time and are not afraid to spend it
  15. I am at the park now and boy is it empty! Just walked on SR and wait for Skyrush is minimal. The new lap bars are definitley more padded but my legs never hurt in the first place so its the same to me
  16. ^ I do agree about the neck snap....it just looks like it will be too intense to me, unless the train is going slow as it goes through the very steep incline type element. If not then it looks like this will pack a punch against top woodies
  17. I must say Skyrush is a true Machine! My favorite part of the entire ride(other than the awsome airtime ) is at that last turn down by the Catering area, it really whips you out of the seat if your on left wing.
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