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  1. This is amazing. and the joints on the frame are so clean and exact, I know how difficult and time consuming it is so well done. can't wait to see more
  2. Update: work is coming on, iv got the supports constructed for the brake run, the last curve and the corner into the station. Iv also done a tester with the gravel on the base and also i started making the train as my bearings arrived. I started the train with a zero car which didn't work on such a small scale for some reason so i had to edit it and put both wheel axis on the front car. It isn't finished yet as i want to add details and change the seats as i don't like what i did. So again here are the pictures.... The break run I added gravel to the base under where the break run sits. The whole ride will eventually have gravel under it. So the trains. heres the front carriage and thats all iv made of it so far but theres some editing to do. An overview of my work so far
  3. Thanks. the base was going well until it fully dried and now has a bow in it, but I'm fixing that at the moment. great idea for the Ibeams i will play around with a few ideas
  4. Thanks. the base was going well until it fully dried and now has a bow in it, but I'm fixing that at the moment. great idea for the Ibeams i will play around with a few ideas
  5. Iv Had a lot of time recently so I was able to make the base for the model. Where it's painted brown will be covered in gravel and the White area will eventually be a little themed area, ( if the model is completely complete Iv left room for a small themed s&s tower ride) but here is just a couple photos. Iv also spent hours figuring out the angles and curves for the track beams and here is a prototype of the first drop that I put together. The base The first drop prototype track beam
  6. Thanks for the comment the track is just a cardboard piece that I cut out as a template. Im still going to use my styrene Ibeams for track but for these sharp drop transitions I'm going to attempt to make my own. The project is taking me a long time but I'm loving doing it. Im just trying to do as much as i can when I'm not at work. Hopefully there will be another update very soon.
  7. Hello, So iv made the lift hill and the first drop. The track isn't on yet as that will take me a long long time but the wooden frame work has come on nicely. The plastic beads I bought to use as footers work a treat but enough talking and onto the photos The toy beads look great as footers the lift hill and the catwalk overview of the work so far
  8. The model number of my Ibeams are 5-276. Hopefully il be able to make a smooth continuous track
  9. I live in Germany so I order them from a German modellbau site. They are 5mm high and 2.3mm wide, And I beleive they are made by evergreen. They are pretty good and bend really well for turns right or left and they twist well. But anything that involves bending up or down just isn't working. Just stuck at the moment with how to achieve smooth transitions
  10. Update... Wood construction has started, only got a section of the lift hill and the motor house for the chain lift done. The process takes a long time so it doesn't seam like much has been constructed. I also did a test on one of my plastic Ibeams to try and bend in for crest of the lift hill into the first drop. They don't bend that way so I tried heating them up and bending them and then cutting slits in them, none of these worked so I think I may have to make my own drop/bend traditions and only use the plastic beams for the straight section unless anyone else has a better idea? So the photos Beginning of the lift hill construction A shot with the beginnings of the station and the chain motor hause.
  11. Some of the materials I ordered arrived but I'm still waiting for some. I'm itching to start but I can only do so much. In this small update I'v reconstructed the station which this time was a lot better it just needs painting, hand rails and the track and so its not there yet. And of course a Train (Cant wait to make those) And also Iv drawn out the layout on tracing paper for all the footers and where each support will go. I actually ordered grey "fuse beads" you can make patterns with them and then iron them but they look perfect for footers. And lastly My ibeams arrived for the track so currently I'm just working out how I will bend them, they twist really well tho and the cardboard mock up its practically finished. so heres the photos... The beams look great. and will look better when painted red. just working on the final corner before the brake run. The layout on the tracing paper The station. made from styrene plastic sheets. balsa and cardboard one of the ibeams in the station The station on the layout. And these are what I ordered to use as the footers.
  12. So today I managed to do a few more cardboard templates for the supports. Its taking a lot longer to do the cardboard mock up version than i ever imagined and I'm looking forward to building all the supports out of wood but I guess I have to do the prep stuff first. Any ways. Today I did the first drop which I had to alter as I originally wanted for the coaster to do a turn around at the top of the lift hill and then drop down through the lift structure but now Iv changed it due to how difficult it is, and for my first model I didn't want to make it so extremely complicated for my self. I also started work on the supports for the Fan curve than will go over the bottom of the lift hill by the station. so heres the photos, nothing too different from my last post but process is slowly happening The first drop into the first overbanked curve. Heres the start of the fan curve that will go over the bottom of the lift hill.
  13. So a Random one but The Grand National at Blackpool caused my back to spasm bad on the first double down drop haha so the rest of the ride was not fun. And of course SLC's in general but the worst one iv been on is Limit at Heide park, man my ears hurt afterwards ha
  14. Mini photo TR from October 21st: I went to Heide Park in October. The weather was sucky but the park was very quite so no queues!apart from Krake! So where to start. Colossus kicked ass I sat right at the back and rode 3 times it it was by far my favorite of the day. Krake was good I thought it was small but it packed a punched but it only had one train going so there was a wait for really no reason. and desert race was just as good as Rita. Soooo the SLC... that thing needs to go by far the worst iv ridden, iv done MP Express, Flight Deck at CW and Infusion. I hate them every time but i thought my ears were bleeding on limit. and i also got to try out there new attraction Flug der daemonen which was good I sat at the back but i found it to be so slow in the inversions it made you feel a little sick, the curves towards to end were so compact it was a bit shaky and i rode it on both sides but the air time hill after the first drop was sweet definitely better than Swarm. And that brings me to Scream and who doesn't love an Intamin Tower and this one was insane. here are some photos of the day
  15. Hello there, so I have wanted to build a woody model for years now but iv never had the time or the space. Now I have some space i decided i wanted a project to start. I designed my own layout and i want to use Red Ibeams so that it looks like a RMC coaster. Also I decided to do a sort of viking theme with the idea from 'Wodan' from Europa Park which is where the idea for the station for the ride came from. My plan is for it to work but if it doesn't then it doesn't as long has it looks good . Iv ordered miniature bearings to make the chassis and wheels for the trains and I'm using 2mm blasa wood for the wood strips in the supports. The construction is in its very early days. I'v designed the main over bank curve after the first drop which was a lot more difficult than i first thought it would be. And iv drawn out the plans for the station which i have started to construct. The layout is drawn out to Scale and hopefully work will pick up more after christmas. If people have tips or ideas for it then please tell me. Enjoy The name "Ironside" Hope you all like the name This was my first doodle page of a few ideas etc The first overbooked turn drawn out. I originally wanted the curve to bank over so it was almost inverted but that was to difficult when i was making the paper prototype The lift hill drawn out to scale. The fist curve prototype template. This will also have a curve that passes through the structure. Here is the beginning of the station construction. I'm using roof template pieces to help with the construction of the wooded structure.
  16. I've also recently been working on a water park, I never make them so I thought i would give one a bash
  17. Green Lantern Update! The new Green Lantern zone, pictures below. Hopefully another update will be posted when I have completed the Superman Zone and started a new one. The Fountain Sky Pirate Entrance overview Nekron The Green Lantern Revenge
  18. I only play rct3 now on mac but loved rct2 on my old PC. I find the proportion of rides in rct3 all wrong, I think the large loops are too big and i think building a 200/300 ft coaster looks to big compared to the flat rides and people, where as on rct2 you could build a good sized B&M with large inversion and it would look right. I do think the rct2 landscaping was easier to use but as a game in general you can do so much more with rct3 if you put the time in.
  19. I've started a new park called "Hero World." So far I have an entrance, a Batman themed area, and a half done Superman area. I'm stuck on the Superman area and I dont know what to do next.I've tried adding a B&M flyer but cant get a good layout. Other suggestions would be cool, and also ideas on other hero areas Enjoy. The Rides Batman Zone: The Power Of The Penguin (LIM launch) Jokers Jinx (S&S Tower) The Dark Knight Of Arkham City ( IOA Spiderman Kinda Ride) Superman Zone: The Journey to Krypton Falls (Water ride) Lex Luthors Swings Of Doom ( S&S Screamin' Swing) The entrance Batman Zone Power Of The Penguin Jokers Jinx The Dark Knight Of Arkham City Inside Superman Zone The Journey To Krypton Falls
  20. ^ Its not only the best B&M ever made it's the best coaster ever made, nothing iv ridden has beaten it
  21. I'd say it seams wrong tbh? Iv ridden both and i think Inferno sucks! but i am biased towards the original because its insanely good theres so much force in it from beginning to end, where as Inferno looses its force right after the loop. Intresting that Nemesis is listed as 3gs and Inferno 4.5 tho.
  22. Hi everyone iv made my own Disney Studios Park using CS, CTR and CFR. In the park there is some recreations and some of my own rides and attractions. Ride List: Toystory land: Buzzlightyears Bounce RC Racer Toys Soldiers Parachute Rock n' Roller Coaster - Recreation Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror - Recreation, With Working Elevators Armageddon Indiana Jones - Recreation, Disneylands version but indoors Hollywood Golf Backlot Studio Tour Stunt Car Show screenshots are below, enjoy Entrance RNRC Entrance Queue Line Toy Story Land Entrance Overview Tower Of Terror The Lobby Armageddon Simulators Indiana Jones Stunt Car Show Hollywood Golf Backlot Studio Tour The First Scene Cars And Objects From Various Movies Disaster Canyon Hotel The Whole Park
  23. Yes, i do mostly recreations, i have a few and il do some more soon Here are some more screen shots that iv taken...
  24. Hi here is a recreation of Oziris at Parc Asterix that iv been working on iv used custom scenery and a B&M CTR, i know the station is meant to be directly behind the underground drop before the zero-g but due to the limits of rct3 tracks the recreation isnt 100% accurate, hope you enjoy pictures are Below.
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