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  1. I think the only way to fix a bug is to do a system restore. A system restore restores your windows to anothe date you choose, probably one in which the bug didn't exist. System restore though makes you lose all the saved files after the chosen date. Make sure to uninstal rtc3 before doing the system restore
  2. favs- For some weird reason i really like the sound of Superman (SFMM) going on the launch track. worst- Pscyclone(SFMM) makes the most annoying sound that you can hear from the line. It sounds like hopefully it will all tear appart. To make it even funnier, the supports move A LOT from side to side when the train passes by!
  3. soaked is better in my oppinion. It lets you build WATER PARKS! Wild does though have cool slanted loops
  4. rct3 sucks. I have a great pc and still it lags. Rct2 may not have great graphics but runs much smoother. I do admit that i enjoy the close zoom on rct3, but it's worthless if the game runs like a snail
  5. can you put a download of the park. I would love to see how it looks from not just pics.
  6. if anyone knows where i can get catwalks and custom supports for rct2 please tell me. I am working on a park and really need them?
  7. i am about to buy NL. I was wondering if it's safe to buy it off the internet?
  8. Keep rct2, ihave both and like rct2. rct3 runs slow and doesn't run smoothly like it shows in the preview. Trust me, i have areally good computer. Plus. rct2 has WAY more scenery that is easier to use
  9. I've had this problem with rct3, check that you don't have anything downloaded in the game that may affect it
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