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  1. On 12/26/2021 at 11:48 AM, southpuddle said:

    Wow interesting! The new track on Racer was butter smooth, this should be fantastic! Can anyone clarify what they mean about the upper and lower bents in that last paragraph?

    What I'm getting from it and I could be wrong is they're redoing the geometry so instead of dropping down and then coming back up possibly maybe start out on the bottom near the tunnel and then climb up the helix?

  2. This sounds like a story I heard on the news last night, the employees of the Candlemaker plant in Mayfield are hiring attorneys and are going to sue the company for not allowing them to leave when the storm hit, seriously an EF4 tornado is bearing down on you and you want to go outside, if the company let the employees leave there would have been more than the 8 unfortunate deaths from that company.

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  3. 21 hours ago, Comeagain? said:

    Hershend knows how to develop, build, and operate major attractions that don't have major population centers nearby or need to all more people from outside the immediate area. Looking at what Dollywood's recently completed and what they've got planned, Hershend has plenty of money to spend on new attractions, lodging, that sort of thing. Major expansion is expensive and risky, and Hershend is large enough to take on a lot more of that risk than a single owner. And they have a lot more experience in some of those things that Silverwood needs to do to really expand (winter/holiday events, lodging/hotels, large new areas). Could've been interesting to see what would happen.

    I totally agree and I'm interested to see what they will do with Kentucky Kingdom now. I think this could be a very positive thing for Louisville in a few years as long as they can put up with dealing with the Fair Board.

  4. My family and I had stayed in one of the cottages when I was 8. I had so much fun that week so much has changed since then. Superstition Mountain didn't have the lift, it went into the mountain then came out the top and around that turn, there was a wooden toboggan ramp that came down off the buildings and into the lake right at the end of the beach you skipped quite a few times, the only roller coaster was the Jet one. The skiing show was awesome, they had a small dock with AstroTurf on it you could sit on and the skiers would jump up on it and slide across it no more than a foot away from you. I loved Frankenstein's Castle, went through it with my Dad, scared the crap out of me.

  5. 21 hours ago, Rai Fox said:

    They all run on a hydraulic drive and there's really no "programming" needed.  It's just a valve that feeds the hydraulic fluid in the other direction.  Apparently a lot of parks won't run them in reverse though because someone managed to fall out of one years back so now it's a liability issue (see the current discussion in the Lagoon thread...one idiot ruins things for everyone...)  Of course if an operator just says that, people will beg, so they always just claim it can't.

    That said, the one at IB is a Mack Musik Express, KK's is a Reverchon Himalaya, and while I definitely can't say for certain that the Reverchon models aren't as good, I've never personally seen one that runes nearly as fast as the best Mack models.  The one at KK was...okay, but not what I'd call fast.

    I agree... theirs could be so much faster.

  6. Your slower than normal ride on American Thunder surprises me. I rode it as my first coaster in the morning when we got there and it was moving pretty good so maybe just a time of the day thing maybe? I totally agree about Boss, it was painful and not fun at all I couldn't wait to get back to the station and be off of it, probably the worse coaster I've ever been on. I didn't get a chance to ride Screamin Eagle because I got there later in the afternoon and that whole back section was closed even though it was running in the morning so I'm guessing staffing issues. The train was shut down to so missed that as well. I did like the mine train coaster, not fast but was fun. I didn't get to Ninja because I was too worried about cracking my head on the restraint and having a headache.

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