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  1. 6 hours ago, liltrekkie said:

    Yes, he was there Monday. I met him in the queue on American Thunder. He's visiting all the parks in the SF chain on the down low to get a feel for what each park might need. He is the nicest guy I have ever met that worked in the corporate office. He was super incognito, just trying to be a regular guest. 


    The guy has a vision, and he sees every six flags as becoming a premium experience that rivals places like Cedar Point and Hershey Park. And he cares about every park, even little old us. 

    No, I didn't get any secret plans or anything, although not for my lack of trying. 


    Gives me hope our park won't be left behind anymore.

    Were there cameras following him, maybe they were doing an Undercover Boss episode for the next season? 🤣

  2. That's disappointing that they started closing rides even before the rain hit, one of my best rides was on Voyage and halfway up it started pouring, Voyage in the rain with slippery track is so much goodness but man rain drops sure do hurt going that fast... lol I agree the grandma in Turkey Round-up has always been creepy. The other big thing I miss seeing is Ms. Pat Koch being out in the park with a broom and dustpan helping to clean the park up. I was always super impressed by that! The other back entrance you mentioned is to the overflow parking lot, you can park there and go through an underground walkway and meet up with the main parking lot and main gates.

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  3. Not wanting to be insensitive or sounding like skin color is a thing for me, but come on 19 young children dead at the hands of a gunman, this, this is what we should be filling the streets in protest over! I'm sorry if this offends but I'm just being honest. 

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  4. 16 hours ago, DBru said:

    I say stick with your original plan. Gaining (as opposed to losing) that extra hour driving from KK to Holiday World is crucial.

    If you're just interested in riding the coasters at HW, midday is actually the best time to arrive. Crowds will likely be high on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, but most of those crowds will be absorbed by the (giant) waterpark at that time of day.

    yes, if you're going to HW just for the coasters the best thing to do is stick to flats until the water park opens because when it does the crowds disappear from the dry side and waits for the 4 awesome coasters are best up until it closes then the lines will go back up.

  5. 13 hours ago, tinaalsgirl said:

    It's better for a guest to get angry about being turned away than for an operator to cave and let them on and them end up dying.

    I myself am obese, but I understand how important following the safety requirements for rides is, and I have no problem being told "Sorry, you just wouldn't be safe on this ride."

    Also, can't believe the news is showing it all... Did they at least give a warning beforehand? I'm okay as long as stuff is warned for so I know what's coming and whether or not I want to witness it (which I did not in the case of this death, but the post I saw it on didn't specify that the video was of the incident rather than just a "here's what the ride looks like in normal operation").

    no, they showed a very quick shot of him actually falling. I was shocked that they would even show just that part. I agree with you, people are so sensitive about everything now days but you're right 100%.

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  6. 12 hours ago, ALT2870 said:

    Having done this trip in reverse (outside of Kentucky Kingdom) I'd strongly recommend staying on the west/northwest side of Louisville. Not only do you get two nights in the same hotel, but the time change is much simpler as you can kinda pretend to stay on Eastern Time.

    The central time zone doesn't start until you get 30-40 miles south and west of Louisville, the whole city is on EST year around with Daylight Savings Time. I don't recommend going too far west of I65, around the airport is fine but the NW/West side of Louisville are rougher parts of town.

  7. Kentucky Kingdom - do not head to Storm Chaser if you're there at opening that's pretty much where everyone goes first. I would head to Thunder Run or Kentucky Flyer first and then check out the line for Storm Chaser or Lightning Run. Be Prepared for slow dispatch times on all rides and waterpark being very crowded anytime during the summer. I'm not a fan of SLC's but I've heard T3 can beat you up.... also another good coaster for the first one of the day would be Roller Skate.

  8. On 2/10/2022 at 11:00 PM, tinaalsgirl said:

    Okay, I found a list of the "partners" and... there aren't a whole lot of schools to choose from. There are a couple state universities, but not a whole lot. Lots of online schools.

    I'm definitely with you on this: weird vibes.

    this is becoming the norm, I did my Computer Science Bachelor's degree totally online and never stepped foot in a classroom while working full time.

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  9. 16 hours ago, dankeykang said:

    I'm guessing the changes to the second half are entirely for structural purposes; the actual ride layout won't be changed.

    I think you're right the layout won't change, I think looking at the crossover in the picture I think they might mean that the elevation will change at the tunnel entrance, like the drop in will go lower and then the crossover will move to above the drop-in... just how I'm reading it.

    the beast layout.jpg

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