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  1. I stopped by the park on Tuesday to pick up some Boysenberry BBQ Sauce and asked when they might re-open. The employee said they were hoping for sometime in July. I just checked their website and it looks like Knott's is hiring for both the amusement and water park, so hopefully, that is a good sign. Newsom was supposed to come out with the requirements for stage 3 re-opening this week, but I guess he got busy with the riots.
  2. It looks like they picked an 8-hour x 5-day work week to be open. For some reason, they went with split days off instead of consecutive. Perhaps they didn't want to be closed 2 days in a row if people were in town for a short vacation.
  3. https://www.ocregister.com/2020/05/29/knotts-berry-farm-exploring-virtual-queue-system-for-post-coronavirus-reopening/ Knott’s Berry Farm is actively evaluating a virtual queue management system that would help reduce wait times and shorten lines for rides and attractions, park officials said. Knott’s Berry Farm could feel very different with required advance reservations, reduced capacity, COVID-19 health surveys, mobile food ordering and possibly even a virtual queue system when the Buena Park theme park reopens following an extended coronavirus closure. Knott’s has implemented a
  4. The 50-year-old man in me states "I have to walk around barefoot on hot concrete and climb steps to the top of all those towers to sit in chlorinated pisswater for a 30-second ride?" When I was 13 to 15 years old though, it was "Dude, but there are girls in hot bikinis walking around the water park. We can just stand there, hit on 'em and play Dig Dug in the arcade. Then sit at the bottom of the speed slides to wait for a bathing suit top to come off. Then you head over to the wave pool after the wash cycle and put on your swim googles to look for floating dollar bills or locker keys
  5. Water parks and amusement parks are both late stage 3 in Califronia, and we are already in early stage 3 in most counties. I guess it is all up to Six Flags to determine if they want to meet the safety requirements, and have enough demand and staffing to open both the amusement and water parks.
  6. What I took from the video is that Six Flags likes to borrow too much money in good times and bad. Their debt level is approaching what it was before the last time they filed for bankruptcy. If their interest rates go up because of further credit downgrades; they are screwed.
  7. They are allowing public pools to re-open because chlorine naturally kills the virus. I can see water parks re-opening when amusement parks do.
  8. Yes but that only kicks in when you cancel. It seems best if you are at a seasonal park to cancel early summer and get the rest of the summer and early fall free, and then sign up again at the beginning of the next season. I don't exactly trust them to remember that they owe me a few months several years from now.
  9. This could be a nice year for Magic Mountain and Knott's if a lot of schools don't go back in the fall and the amusement parks are allowed to reopen in June.
  10. I guess it is not millimeter wave technology like TSA currently uses but uses computer-based AI instead of people reviewing the images. I was a little lost in the science. https://www.securityinfowatch.com/perimeter-security/threat-detection-imaging-inspection/article/21125832/checkpoint-security-evolved Evolv has two flagship products, the Edge and Express. The Edge is based on millimeter wave technology and looks much like theft detection paddles at a library or retail store. Edge captures a single millimeter wave image in one-hundreth of a second. As a pedestrian walks through, th
  11. I wonder if the metal detector replacements at the gate are millimeter-wave scanners or the old backscatter x-rays that the TSA got rid of? I really hope that there are some open areas where you don't need to wear a mask. If not, I will probably be at a table with a beer in front of me half the trip, so I have an excuse to take it off. We don't have to wear masks outdoors any more in much of So Cal. I am more than happy to wear it on all of the rides, in lines, stores, close to other people, etc, but most Six Flags parks with limited attendance have more than enough room to socially dis
  12. It is kind of like the former Big Coaster / Scandia Screamer in Ontario, California. The last car of the train was horribly violent and when it was under 70 degrees, every seat had to be full on the coaster before they would dispatch. I asked the ride operator why they did not put four water dummies in the last car, fill them up, strap them in well, and leave them there. He said that makes sense but management would rather just run it less and save money. I guess having one decent coaster that people had to stand around and wait for a half-hour to dispatch wasn't enough to keep people inte
  13. Couldn't they just put water dummies in the empty seats/rows and strap them in well?
  14. I thought the video looked like the trade show in Orlando but I am not sure. The photo gallery on their site shows more locations. The only place I have ridden one was the Santa Monica Pier. I wish there was a site like RCDB where people kept track of operating carnival style rides, but not that I can find. https://www.moserrides.com/gyro-loop/
  15. They could rent $50 Segways, electric go-carts, or golf carts and let you zip around between the attractions. People drive golf carts on a golf course. Shouldn't be much os a stretch to rent a 4 seat cart to a family with a cooler in the back for $50 and make some extra money. Add a 12-pack of soda cans for $24 or so. Sandwiches, salads, can/plastic bottled drinks, picnic food, etc.. Possibly don't even have to keep the restaurants in the park open on slow days.
  16. Yes they are, which is why a resort hotel guest only policy would be attractive to them but not to me, Mr. $75 Super 8. Disney and Universal are pretty smart and don't want to turn down any money from off-site guests. Once the social distancing is lifted, they need the local hotels again. While social distancing, I could see either company requiring you to make a reservation to enter a particular park and then open that reservation period to their own hotel guests earlier than offsite or pass holders, but they aren't turning down money from guests that just purchased a ticket and drov
  17. Why does all the important stuff go out of business? [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. I wanted to leave the country after Erin Andrews got over 100-million dollars for her bruised dignity from a hotel because they didn't know their peepholes could be reversed by someone carrying tools. Why is a rich person's dignity worth a 100-million?
  19. I will cancel my membership the day they go back to weekend operations. Please don't even suggest such a horrible idea
  20. The California Governor's speech today wasn't optimistic about large-scale gatherings in California even if the economy starts to re-open soon. I don't know what that means for amusement parks that can't show that they have a social distancing plan in place. I wonder how long the lines would be at amusement parks if everyone had to stand 6' apart like in our lines at stores? Section from article: https://ktla.com/news/california/gov-newsom-to-reveal-details-of-plan-to-lift-californias-stay-at-home-order/ ... "Officials cautioned that even once restrictions are loosened, things won’t b
  21. The government isn't taking the land from Elitch. Kroenke and Revesco purchased the park in 2015 and have been talking about turning the land into residential units since their purchase of the property. Both companies hold several investments and Elitch is the only amusement park, so they let Premier run it for them until they could shut it down. If It was a sports team, Kroenke might keep it but he doesn't seem to care about amusement parks. Who knows, maybe it will move to Los Angeles?
  22. I wish we had some type of Vegas oddsmakers so we could bet on who re-opens first: 1. any Funspot 3-1 2. Castles & Coaters 4-1 3. Magic Springs 5-1 4. Frontier City 2.5-1 5. Adventuredome 3-1 etc... I just made up these numbers, so don't debate them
  23. See in the USA, we have freedom! We have some states just dying to be first to re-open. Personally, I am going to see how they do first. I got my Warsteiner and tamales from Trader Joes and gonna watch this from afar. Yup, German beer, and Mexican food. They go together well!
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