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  1. It would be nice just to see a few new flat rides in the ride side of the park. They removed Falling Star but replaced it with nothing. The Trabant is a bit tired, maybe something updated would replace that ride nicely. I’m saying give the loyal park patrons a new experience once in a while. I know this isn’t Cedar Point but a little treat for the locals who support the park wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

  2. I agree, the park is really loading up with closed attractions. I was there recently and the site of Gwazi really saddens me. You can see parts of the entrance roof falling apart. At least Tidal Wave is not an eyesore anymore. This is my home park and I really hope they start stepping up their game. And will someone please tell me what the hell is up with Montu? Every visit I have this ride breaks down. One time recently it broke down every time my son and I got in line. I have never seen a B&M coaster with as much down time as this one. Maybe it’s time for a major overhaul of this ride. I never see Kumba or Sheikra break down as much as this one. Seems Busch did the best by this park than any of these owners since then. Shame Busch couldn’t buy them back and get it back to its glory days.

  3. Does anyone else beside myself still hold out hope that eventually Busch Gardens will Rocky Mountain treatment their sad and closed Gwazi coaster? I mean as long as this ride is still standing pretty much intact there may be a teeny tiny chance down the road. Since CEO Manby seems to be on a adding rides mindset to Sea World Parks maybe there's a chance down the not so long road. He was with Hershend was he not when they started their relationship with RMC? Let's hope maybe Gwazi will roar again someday.

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