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  1. Fury is one impressive mass of steel. Those curves and twists are a work of engineering art. Carowinds looks like a great park I would love to visit someday. Sad they are losing Thunder Road, these racing coasters are disappearing all over the place. Maybe a RMC transformation is in the works? You never know now that they are really turning these older coasters into something fresh and exciting.

  2. I would have to go with no. This is one of a small handful of forums I follow and I'm pretty comfortable here. I don't really follow reddit and pretty much cling to the forums where I feel I get the most in terms of info and a good bit of entertainment from all walks of life that frequent this forum. I think this forum outlasts others and is strong because of the quality of those running it and a much larger following of active users. I'm not the most active poster in the world but do try to add my two cents whenever possible. TPR rules what can I say?

  3. Everything Busch does coaster wise is always world class. I don't see this as a waste of money at all. I guess this means there will be one less person in line I have to wait behind then. How about waiting and riding for yourself before you judge this coaster. The majority including Robb and Alyssa don't seem to think this is a waste of money. And if they think it's going to be a winner, with their impressive coaster track record, then I'm with them.

  4. I'm just so happy to finally see Florida join the hyper coaster club. Here I always thought it would be Busch Gardens that would have built it first(Remember the Silverback rumors?). It's clear too Florida is becoming the B&M capital of the world or close to it. The parks sure love the Beemers and that's not totally a bad thing. Ball is in Intamin's court now to get another thrill machine here.

  5. It is a sad state that these once great rides are not holding up well in their short lifespans. It does remind me of the state of CCI coasters too. However thank God for the arrival of RMC. These guys have given wooden coasters a new lease on life and I think many more refurbs are on the way as these rides get rougher. I'm crossing fingers that Gwazi will get this treatment and I am encouraged that Busch is looking into the possibility. Just think what that would add to their already awesome coaster lineup with Cobra's Curse soon to be part of that lineup.

  6. Great report Robb, this ride looks amazing and will definately be a crowd pleaser. I've been a passholder of Busch Gardens and Sea World for many years and they never cease to amaze me. By the look of some of them shots it appears it will have a similar paint scheme as Kumba. 2016 is going to be exciting and I'm already on pins and needles. Good job Busch Gardens and Sea World, world class all the way.

  7. I'm loving this the more I read about it. The concept art is awesome and good to see the existing shark attraction getting a facelift too. This is really the shot in the arm the park and company needed. Add the fact a new great CEO at the helm the future is looking much brighter for Sea World Parks. Now let's see what Busch Gardens has in store for us. Some leaked artwork shows something just as amazing to come for that park.

  8. Blackfish is propaganda garbage loaded with lies end of story already. Let's move forward to what they will be doing right and are doing right for a change. Yes they're not perfect but they do care about their animals and animals in the wild. Their track record for rescues and rehab speak for itself. Let's start getting pumped for the new coaster coming in 2016 which we will find out more details this coming week. Happy Memorial Day to all veterans and families of veterans past and present.

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