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  1. Definitely Boardwalk and Baseball/Circus World. I spent many a day at this park and miss the hell out of it. It had such great potential but bad management did it in. I know it's proximity to Disney played a part but I do recall it was always busy on my visits. Shame Busch didn't see a potential for this park to flourish. Another park I miss is Six Gun Territory in Ocala, Florida. I remember going there as a kid and had a blast. Old western town attractions are fun and this one was unique. I believe it was built by the same people who created Ghost Town In The Sky.






  2. Took my son today for one of our regular visits. Beautiful weather and not too hot not too cold. Rides were short waits today sometimes no wait at all. What can I say about Mako? This ride really delivers the airtime. I don't think there was a moment throughout the ride where my butt wasn't off the seat. They had a food festival happening and Lynrd Skynrd was perfoming today as part of the entertainment for the festival. All in all a very good day to be at the park. So sad about Tillikum's passing, he was a very impressive animal in all regards. It was also refreshing to not see the dumbasses holding anti Sea World signs by the entrance. Sometimes I want to lob bricks at these morons. With Spring Break around the corner I would visit now while the crowds are light because I remember it being crazy busy during that time.

  3. When I go to my local parks with my son I often wonder what those behind the scenes tours would be like with the coasters and their operations. I can appreciate what that may feel like since I was once a member of the media and got to see some great things the general public didn't. It's a shame these complainers couldn't appreciate the experience and the extra effort put in by Robb and Elissa. I guess with some the entitlement mentality takes over and the brain goes into a slumber state.

  4. Shame that some people are so full of themselves and not caring about the efforts of Robb and Elissa and the hard work put into these trips. I'm one of those that would love to be a part of those adventures but sadly my life situation prevents me from doing so. I remember some of those nitwits from the Rec-Rollercoaster forums and the swill that was spewed about TPR. I mean isn't the point of all of this is to share an interest and have fun together doing so? All those crybabies out there expecting everything to be handed to them on silver platters and to their desire alone. It kind of reflects a lot of what's going on in this country right now. Many morons rioting over whose candidate won the presidency. People wanting their safe spaces, free handouts without working for them, they want their rights recognized but only for them and not all. Robb I've never personally met you but based on what I have learned about you and your wife and the hard work you both put into this community here, I have to say you sound like the kind of people I would love to hang with someday if possible. I live just a little ways north of Orlando so who knows. I won one of those bags of crap during the video contests a while back. That alone was a very nice gesture on your part and I can imagine what the out of pocket costs must be just on shipping alone. Thanks again for that by the way! With that said, keep up the great work you do here, I enjoy chiming in from time to time and reading up on current Coaster happenings.

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