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  1. Mighty Canadian Mine Buster and Wilde Beast at Canada's Wonderland come to mind. Out of all the coasters I've ridden those two were the roughest rides I have ever experienced. I would venture to say they make Gwazi look smooth as glass in comparison. And I found Gwazi very rough. It would be nice to see all these rides get the RMC treatment.

  2. Cedar Point gets my vote. Rides are great but not 3+ hour wait in line great. The last time I was there Magnum was still top dog of the park and even then the waits were unbelievable. I've been there 4 times before moving to Florida and man was my day wasted on just line waiting. I love my parks here and the rides are top notch. The best part is I can get on them more than once in a days visit. Took a two day trip at Cedar Point and still didn't get to enjoy half the place. I couldn't imagine what the waits are now with all they added since my last visit.

  3. Finally got to ride the Mako this past week and all I can say is Wow! This is a great ride hands down and the themeing is top notch. I rode in the back and middle and got some great out of my seat airtime. Sea World has a winner here and I hope this gets the park back in the good numbers column again. They have done a great job with the coaster selection for this park and I look forward to what they do next.

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