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  1. The Big Apple Coaster (I still call it the Manhattan Express), a couple weeks before Vegas shut down in March. I actually enjoyed the ride, despite it having hard seats. Next coaster tbd. It might be next year.
  2. I would guess it’s stock music. The park has a habit of using awful stock music in their videos, lol. They should've went with Roman Fanfare instead. Maybe Rock Style 2.
  3. "home taping is reinventing music" -on the back of the album's artwork (1994)
  4. ^ Maybe Dorney is preparing themselves for when they open up their new GCI that everyone was talking about. It's going to break all sorts of records, Dorney will be CROWDED with people, and wait times for every ride will be no less than 20 minutes.
  5. Seeing him later on this year. 3 night weekend in Philly, Sayreville, and Port Chester. I urge anyone to go see him and his band live. You will become a fan right then and there.
  6. Wasn't Thunderation the last mine train in 1993? I can't think of a newer one than that. And yes, I know about Seven Dwarves, it's not the same thing. Pretty sure the mine train died with Arrow. I did have Seven Dwarfs in mind, along with Calamity Mine and Mammut. Maybe it was the wrong categorization? I couldn't think of anything else to call it.
  7. At this point, a family coaster would definitely do, so I do agree. By the looks of the "leaked layout", if it were to be a wooden coaster, I'd imagine it to be something like Wooden Warrior. It also looks like it could be a mine train coaster, too. Throwing in ideas here... New Bitmap Image.bmp
  8. Wouldn’t it be too similar to Possessed? Though you could have asked that about Stinger in the first place. Hey, La Ronde has two full-circuit inverted coasters and Six Flags New England has two boomerangs literally next to each other. Anything is possible lol
  9. Though it might seem far-fetched for Dorney's standards, but I could see a Sky Rocket II coaster (like Tempesto or Phobia) in Stinger's place. It looks to be just the right footprint for that space.
  10. Yeah knowing dorney it probably isn't much other than the new cafe in wwk. Maybe 2019 will be the year. Maybe Cedar Fair will relocate Cedar Point's Woodstock Express to Dorney as a show of sympathy.
  11. 2017 has been a great year in music, for the most part, so far...
  12. ^Love when these kinds of old video treasures come to light. This was a neat little find!
  13. I love Interpol; they're an awesome band! Today's the 10 year anniversary to 'Our Love To Admire', so with that, I'm listening to the LP!
  14. This park looks like Hersheypark's future! However, I love this crammed insanity. It's amazing.
  15. I've never ridden a Volare. Are they really as bad as people make them out to be? Yes, been on Soarin' Eagle at Coney Island. It felt like being stuffed in a metal trash can and getting pushed downhill. Even when the lift catches the train, it's one big thump. Now on, I stay away.
  16. ^Well someone has a lot more time than me online. Apparently Batman and Robin will be a "Dual track inverted coaster, featuring 7 Inversions" in the Boardwalk section.
  17. What about a limited signed and/or numbered DVD release for the DVD buyers! I buy DVD. Love having the physical product, for there's a different feeling than what downloading has. Don't have Blu-Ray though.
  18. ^ Sure, maybe the longest kiddie coaster in the world...longer than the Beast! Also, not the poor vinyl!
  19. Fixed Also, yea, those facebook comments are full of laughs; they haven't been on it yet and they're already judging it...got to love the GP
  20. Hersheypark just uploaded the POV! That first drop looks beautiful...
  21. Exactly what I was thinking haha Can't wait to go in June. Can't wait to ride SDL and Sidewinder and see how their new trains are. (wasn't there when Sidewinder got the newer trains)
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