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  1. You've got a point there about CP. If they take benefit of DK they will have a new fanboy And DK indeed IS underrated! We have to wait and see.
  2. I still have mixed feelings about this new coaster. I mean, a new coaster... that is great. But the location is wrong. DK is the centerpiece of the park, the best ride in the park and it really is impressive to see when you enter China. The new coaster will make DK look like a midget! I am the only one who still is having second thoughts about this project? I strongly believe it will be B&M. As far as I heard PA is very happy with DK and not that happy with FB (Intamin).
  3. Florida >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> California I simply don't get what you mean? And now I guess I look kinda well not very smart
  4. I checked out the chat. I understand it is the most expensive place on earth, however I hope there will be more in Florida. I see at BG that is really expensive compared to other areas. I will wait for 2013, get some funds first. PS Wondering, why moving to Florida? I bet it is on the board somewhere, but impossible to find in my first week
  5. As Dutch person it is (make a guess) ... not Heineken, but Amstel:
  6. I missed out? Is team Alvey moving to Florida? If that does mean (I don't know, wasn't there on the chat) there will be more bashes and events in Florida Flying in to Florida from Europe is easier and cheaper than other states. - Having my hopes up -
  7. Or I missed out or there are gone... what happened with the video contest?
  8. I was wondering, after reading TPR for so many years, if you both still manage a fulltime job? I mean, it looks like TPR is bigger than it was ever before and last but not least their is KidTums. And if you don't work fulltime anymore how do you get the budget for TPR or are you doing break-even? What I would fully understand if I see the hours you put in... (earlier in this thread)
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