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  1. Is anyone else going from Ottawa? I will arrange a car so we could carpool because I just can't drive both ways. I'd love to go but can't leave before late Saturday night and have to be back to work Monday morning. Please let me know...
  2. Great stuff! Thanks for all the photos. You must have a real good time over there. I can't wait to ride Wodan and bluefire again
  3. Wow, the theming is amazing and it seems like there is more to come. The whole area behind the gate is still under construction and the two fire spitting sculptures at the top of the lifthill will also make a big difference in terms of theming and ride experince. The park opens in 5 days and I am sure that the safety and mechanics of the coaster were of higher priority lately. I guess some major theming elements are still on the way and we will discover more and more new, little details as the time goes by. Also, the onride looks quite thrilling in a Europa kind of way. It looks family friendly and like a lot of fun throughout the ride. I also look forward to get the new ride experience from bluefire now when crossing Wodan.
  4. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Hope to see some video footage from inside the park as well. BTW I'm jealous!
  5. I don't think this has been posted. It's another video of the first test run and definitely worth watching.
  6. Chris-Space giving us a hint? Source: http://chris-space.net/?incvar=bilder.php&path=news/2012/2012_03_03/
  7. Wow, what a brilliant idea. This element deserves its own name. Very creative!
  8. The coaster is almost ready to go. First test runs announced for early March. The construction and the theming of the station are progressing fairly quickly.
  9. Since there are no other news, let's have a look at the picture update on Europapark's facebook page: source: http://www.facebook.com/europapark
  10. Also, hot new pictures on GCI's Facebook: source:http://www.facebook.com/GreatCoasters
  11. Almost there! More pictures from the 24th of Jan. can now be found on chris-space.net
  12. Wow, very exciting pictures. According to the article, Wodan won't be open to public before the 30th of April. This seems to be a delay, since the park previously announced March 31st as opening date, no?
  13. Another picture of one of the rides final segments, taken from an unusual angle and found on Europa's flickr account: (I just can't get enough of those pictures and I hope you guys feel the same way)
  14. Thanks for the update and the nice pictures, Sir. I can't look at enough of them...makes me really homesick, too. I wish I had been able to visit this winter season.
  15. GCI's latest pictures on their facebook page show the aforementioned, super intense second dive from another interesting angle. Plus, two very cool pictures of the current status of the station + fly-through: http://www.facebook.com/GreatCoasters
  16. ^^Unexpected intensity! This is going to kick some serious ass . You're right, the model appears to be much lamer than the actual track...
  17. "Superspeed Cool Cool Bear" - What's cooler than having "cool" in a name twice in a row?! -"Come on, don't hesitate!"
  18. One word: "erection". Thanks for the update. Can't wait to rush through those sexy curves!
  19. @jonnyfingers I would recommend the month of May as well. Preferably a weekday. Check out this europapark website: http://www.europapark.com/lang-en/Info-and-services/Opening-Times/c270.html?langchange=true Scroll down to the 'holiday overview' tool that allows you to see when all the national holidays in different parts of neighbouring countries are. The most important (closest) ones are. Germany-Banden-Wuerttemberg; France-Zone B; Switzerland-BS&BL. Try to avoid those and you will have the park for yourself.
  20. ^I thought so too. Right after the station fly through there is a little bunny hop part before entering the Atlantica turnaround. I think it would very well fit at the top of it.
  21. ^Yes! And Wodan it is... When looking back at the artworks released by the park earlier I can imagine what parts of the ride they reveal. Except for this one: It looks like two fire spitting sculptures sitting on both sides of the track. Isn't that exciting!?! Does anyone have an idea of what they are and where they will be? We will hopefully find out more about those guys soon.
  22. ^^I totaly agree. The Macks have an incredible eye for detail. Not just when it comes to the coasters and themed areas but also to any seasonal events, like halloween and christmas. I also admire the parks developement. I remember the late 90's when it was still possible to ride everything in one single day. Now they're building their 11th rollercoaster, their 4th hotel and they already announced another big project for 2013. This is an incredible achievement for a family run business.
  23. ^^Yes, looks quite fun actually. Unfortunately I havn't had the time to visit this year. They also set up another, similar installation this year: Also, @Moose there you go... Merry Christmas! (source: epfans.info)
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