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  1. I just got back from a presentation at Knott's Berry Farm revealing the details of their Halloween Haunt in its entirety. When they talked about a maze called Dia De Los Muertos, which had its last year at Knott's, one of the designers (Laura Hanneman) announced that it would be retired. She also said that anybody who missed it can check it out at Great America—they are moving it there. I don't know whether this has been released to you guys or not; but I thought it would be a nice treat if nothing's been announced yet.
  2. Don't forget the fact that the seats dropped which probably put more force on the parking structure than a dark ride ever would.
  3. ^Thanks for the link, I just realized I could have posted it already on my post. Whatever, lol. Edit: ^Was the Walking Dead maze officially announced yet? I know Bloody Disgusting reported both Silent Hill and Walking Dead, but I always wait until an official announcement.
  4. Silent hill was just announced at Comic Con today as a maze for HHN 22. There's a video on Youtube and a link to the video on Facebook. The name isn't clear though. Some people think it is Welcome to Silent Hill while others say it is Silent Hill: Revelations.
  5. Knott's announced a new maze today!!!! Here is the description from Facebook Sounds exciting, there is a teaser video for the maze on Facebook too. This actually looks like a great maze, can't wait for more details.
  6. Knott's Scary Farm's facebook announced Engames would be returning this year but in a new location. Could it be one of the new warehouses, maybe?
  7. This worked soooooo well for Mark Shapiro and Six Flags too... Yeah that's true, but for some reason I think families are more attracted to CF properties in the first place anyways. I always see hordes of families at Knott's all the time, not just during Christmas. Six Flags have been known as teenage amusement parks for almost twenty years I believe, and SFMM's reputation is still tarnished for people I've talked to, so adding family rides to SF wouldn't make them want to go more than usual, while adding a new family ride to Knott's would give them an incentive to go to the park to check out the new attraction/addition.
  8. I know it is early to start speculating, but John Murdy said via Twitter that he is researching for next year's event by reading Dante's Inferno. What do you think? Could we see an event themed around Hell and the Apocalypse of 2012, with the Preacher from 09' being the Icon? That's my theory, what's yours?
  9. Transformers mainly because I going to keep myself unspoiled until I ride it. Can't wait.
  10. ^I sure hope we get something like that. I really wish that Universal would create a whole kids area with rides for them, so that there would be more incentive for parents to spend $70 for a ticket to get in the park.
  11. ^That's true, that's something that Universal does very well, bring you into the movies in a grand and spectacular way!
  12. ^Exactly, this park is in need of rides and this expansion will give them just that.
  13. To go off topic for a moment, does anybody know why the Grinchmas overlay of the mummy tunnel isn't here this year? It was so much fun last year, it baffles me why they wouldn't bring it back.
  14. I took that as, it wont be a stand alone park, but would just be built as an extension. And we don't know what they consider the park boundaries. You're probably right.
  15. ^Didn't the announcement say that Hogwarts will go inside the existing park? Waterworld perhaps?
  16. Without the ticket booth the whole scale of the mountain looks off. It looks too small now.
  17. I am very much for it, but I would rather have it built at the T2:3D up to the House of Horrors because it would just feel right there for me. Couldn't they just remove the parking structure and reinforce that whole area? Then they could build a different parking structure somewhere else to make up for the loss of Frankenstein's.
  18. ^That's great news. I hope this shows Universal that they don't need huge movie properties (Freddy, Jason, SAW) to be successful.
  19. I know this is really late, but does anybody know if this year was more successful/popular than last year? Because if it wasn't I would imagine management would just want to do Freddy and Jason again and stop doing original concepts.
  20. I believe I will be going to Horror Nights tomorrow night. Does anybody think it will be crowded? I've been to Knott's many times on Halloween Night and it is always empty, except when it was on Friday or Saturday. But I've never been to Horror Nights on Halloween, so does anybody have a guess on the crowds?
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