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  1. How ARE you still alive Gramps? And thanks for keeping my cell dry without me even asking. -Hoffman Girl
  2. I didnt actually expect an answer. I guessed in the range of "young" The hoffman Girl
  3. I hope no one got pics... who knows maybe their out there somewhere ... The hoffman Girl
  4. No its just im protective of my little sister who is about that age, and if I saw her taking suggestive pitures showing her thong, i'd probably smack her. Cant say anything about the girl via girl, then id be a hypocrite....But yes, thank goodness they dont have kids...yet
  5. Lets go with distrubed, because they are about my little sisters age, from the looks of things....But I guess they're starting them young... The hoffman Girl
  6. Wow... um I really ... words have left me at this moment. How old are you people? The hoffman Girl
  7. omg! Lol, Ryan, "Pound it" that was totally awesome. This is the hilarious outcome that comes from living in fresno. The Hoffman Girl
  8. he he he, Derek, I think my dads gonna hunt you down and kill you. So umm... run fast or hide well.... The hoffman girl
  9. If you knew ryan and had known him for the last...8 years, you'd be driving the car youself Anyways, no ones perfect The hoffman girl
  10. No, maybe not kill him, but make it impossible for him to travel..... and I Am just saying...I could....."wink wink" The Hoffman Girl
  11. 'Extract the audio from that, play it to Ryan's dad, and we won't ever have to worry about him coming on future trips! (Only playing dude, pound it!)" Hey lou,nice idea, hmmm now theres a thought. Could Hecka do it to because he only lives a mile from me. Yay, lucky me I can pound it with ryan whenever. His best friend is also just down the street from me, and thealways go out walking. So I could just run him over too and that would take him out from all future trips...... The Hoffman Girl
  12. Having Heart Palpitations are we? I am happy to say that I am only 17 and wont be 18 until September the Hoffman girl
  13. Oh...thats kinda sad, im going to be an auntie Kristie if either of my siblings have children . ok,, I guess that settles it, i'm the "auntie" christ. Whoa dang.
  14. ehhh, not the antichrist? Of course he was only just born on 6 6 6 apparently. So they're saying. Although its ironic that in your experience all Kristie's are anti-christs because the definition of Kristie is "follower of christ" And I never give people death threats unless they are 1. my brother, who knows I cant possibly kill him without all evidence pointing towards me 2. stupid drivers that nearly get me killed in their idiotic endeavors (So I lied about NEVER giving death threats) the Hoffman Girl
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