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  1. Mad Mouse has its own reasons for having a really long line. Hopefully the IOE-upgraded control system that was installed last fall at Valleyfair will eventually make its way to the other 2 in the future. We'll see how well it performs with an entire season under it this year and could possibly see it coming this way in 2017. Actually, now that I think about it, I completely forgot about the trim brake before the final turn that was installed a couple years ago. If that was tied into the new control system to automatically slow the train down enough so then the brake run could safely stop the train with enough distance and also have it stop comfortably, then yeah, it's 100% possible as it is right now. I also keep forgetting that the brake run was originally designed for skid brakes so there was already plenty of braking room for it. Also as a bit of trivia, that's also why the brake run is covered. Had to prevent the skid brakes from getting wet in the rain somehow!
  2. It's plausible, but it'd require a major overhaul of everything. - The brake run in the tunnel would have to be extended to give enough space to safely (and comfortably) stop a 2nd train in all weather conditions. - Some sort of transfer track would have to be installed, although a vertical one in the station would probably work the best in the tight space and there's plenty of room below the station for it. - An entirely new control system would be the biggest expense. It would need the same amount of work as a new coaster installation since there's essentially nothing to work off of. - And not to mention, purchasing 4 brand new 3-bench PTC cars. It's possible and I could eventually see it happening, especially if attendance reaches near the 750K mark in the coming years. There'd be no way a single train with a 2:30 ride time would be able to withstand that heavy of a guest flow and not have the line ridiculously long a majority of the days. Give the park another major coaster, a couple more flat rides, and another water park expansion, and attendance could easily reach that mark.
  3. Rumor has it that once the park saw how much over-budget Rougarou ended up, they pulled the plug on the conversion. Looks like nothing is going to be happening to Vortex at the moment, neither a relocation nor a conversion.
  4. My guess is that they'll be used in commercials and advertisements this year mainly. I know some of the parks haven't had any "stock" footage recorded there in several years, hence why most of the commercials the past couple years have been the same throughout the chain. Think it'll be more through marketing ads and stuff that you'll see the new images appear. The website images probably won't get updated until they decide to refresh the sites again. I'd imagine that'll be happening fairly soon since this design is already approaching 4 years old and I'm sure they're itching to eventually phase out the Flash aspects of their sites as well.
  5. Yeah, those are looking to be Ghostrider's old lapbars. And they're certainly not the old Thunder Road trains either as they had the newer style of PTC lapbars and chassis, not the corner-handle ones like Ghostrider had. To me, this actually looks to be a 100% custom build using the old chassis as a base and re-building the seats from scratch using PTC-spec parts. The handle bars, seats cushions, and lapbars are all PTC standard parts and are way easier to obtain than the old IAS parts were. At least the trains should be lighter than they were previously without all of the extra hardware that was added onto those trains. It should ride exactly the same as it did before if they're using the old chassis. Yes, they're individual ratcheting restraints now, but I'd rather take ride comfort over anything else. And need I remind you, several high ranking wooden coasters have had these restraints for years and it's one of the least complaints from them. (Voyage, Raven, Legend, Shivering Timbers, The Beast to name just a few.) I guess having worked in the industry, I can see from the park's POV on why they would do this now. Cedar Fair is especially strict with safety standards and essentially any major retrofitting will require them to be up-to-date with everything else in the chain. It's easier to start from scratch (in the case of Dorney and Thunderhawk) than it is to try and retrofit something that already has been retrofitted several times. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see in the next year or so Grizzly at CA Great America getting new trains to get rid of the horrid Morgan cars.
  6. Wait, so is High Roller also getting new PTC trains? Those are definitely not the old whatever the hell kind of train that they had previously, but didn't know they were going to be getting new ones. And I do see that the front of one of the cars is being left open so it might be getting the new style train front like Dorney is receiving for Thunderhawk. Actually, now that I'm looking closer, the chassis doesn't look 100% PTC, but the restraint mechanisms and seat divider certainly are. Kind of not surprised though as I've heard rumors that the chain wants to unify its ride safety systems so then they're all using the same modern standards and operator training can be entirely universal in the chain.
  7. Just the back one, but only in the up and down direction, not side-to-side. It may seem odd, but it generally helps with banking transitions as those are what causes the most stress to the standard fixed axle chassis This is a pretty good picture of an underside of an articulating PTC train. You can see the cutout where the rear axle is allowed to move. Also, this is one of the weird White Cyclone trains that for some odd reason, uses a skid brake and a fin brake system, for those that may wonder. You'd be surprised on the difference between a good train and a bad one. Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure was an OK ride, but the year the train was shipped over to PTC for its refurb, it was running the best I've ever rode on it. And there was little to no track work done on it from the previous year.
  8. They're actually neither. These are one of the newer articulating rear axle trains. These should move around the corners much better than the old trains did with the 2 fixed axles. PTC hasn't made any trailered 2 or 3 row trains for quite a few years now. The only ones they make are their 360 trains. I know the buzzbars will be missed, but at least there's no middle seat divider so there should still be plenty of wiggle room. Oh and to also confirm, there will just be standard seat backs, no more stupid headrests! http://www.philadelphiatoboggancoastersinc.com/news.php?NewsId=22
  9. That second pic shows what a drastic change GCI is doing to that corner. Expecting high laterals still and looks like the speed should be even higher going into that. Looks like it was raised a bit as you enter the turn, but levels out pretty quick when compared to where the old ledgers were. And those anti-rollback looking things, I even have no idea what they are. They're wood so I find them a bit strange.
  10. They're being designed in-house and having a 3rd party manufacture them. For a classic coaster such as Revolution, probably was their only option without employing too many safety features like what some manufacturers would of wanted to install.
  11. Once again, thanks for breaking it down, super helpful!! One more question since you said you reserved your FP ahead of time...can you pick up the wristband itself a day or two in advance? I will be arriving Monday evening, spending few hours that night, then spending all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I will only fork over the FP money for only one of those two days, most likely. My question is can I pick up the wristband on Monday night for my visit on Tuesday/Wednesday? It wouldn't inconvenience me too badly if I can't, but it would save a bit of time. Also, where do I pick these wristbands up? Can I get one at the entrance by WT since that is where I'd go as a Breakers guest? And can I pick it up before I get in for early entry? Thanks in advance. FastLane can only be redeemed the day you're visiting, and easiest to try and retrieve them at the booth near the front of the park, but can be retrieved from any merch stand that sells FastLane. If the stand near WT is open, then you should be able to retrieve them there, but if you're a Breakers guest, you'll have to go up front as they'll more than likely not be open when early entry begins.
  12. It's not so much the articles being false, it's that plans change. Did hear that the stand-up conversions were suppose to happen this year (at least at CA Great America) but the plans were put on hold because Rougarou ended up costing way more than they were expecting and the park decided against it. And of course there's always the potential that either of the two Vortex coasters could be moved somewhere else, then converted. Yes, the dark rides are coming to all 11 Cedar Fair parks, but none were set up for 2016 as it didn't fit the budget. We'll probably see one or two every year starting in 2017, potentially KI and/or CP next. It was stated previously that the Amusement Dark portfolio are still in the works, they needed to get stories and ideas set first before they started on anything else. They're also going to be based on local folklore or themed to the certain area, so trying to plan a whole story does take time. Here's the article to help explain more on what's going on: http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-dark-rides-20150415-story.html
  13. Maybe they could put another Top Spin ride in there but, of a smaller scale. Or a nice dark ride or a coaster would fit in there quite nicely. It's hard to say what they'll do with the building. All I know is that is was a slight eyesore when I had visited the park in July of 2014. But, the rest of the park was beautiful! Don't expect any giant ride to fit inside of this such as a Top Spin, let alone Cedar Fair purchasing another one. Remember, the building was built around the ride and there's only 2 standard sized industrial garage doors leading into the building. I would not be surprised if the Tomb Raider/Crypt building becomes home to Kings Island's entry into the Amusement Dark portfolio though. It's already partially themed and has plenty of room to do some sort of extensive dark ride (think a combination of Guardian's coaster track system and Voyage's theming) so this has the potential to be a great spot for it.
  14. I assume you meant 1998? Yeah the May 1998 derecho that blew through the midwest was very devastating to this region. I haven't ever seen the pics of the storm damage to the park, but now that I've seen the damage, it was pretty severe. Luckily, only 2 rides were damaged: Mutly's Putt Putts and Drummer Boy. Thankfully, Timbers was long finished with its construction when the storm hit and didn't delay the ride's opening. Here's the radar loop of the storm. I just remember not having any power wherever we drove from and there were trees down everywhere. Even nearing 20 years later, I'm glad most of the trees have grown back in and returned the shade to quite a bit of the midway. Also adding the giant umbrellas to several of the sitting area last year helped tremendously as well.
  15. More than likely not. It's sounding like most of them might be staggered opening throughout the summer, or be installed in 2017. The park hasn't even made any formal announcements about them besides what Monty Jasper said in that LA Times article.
  16. Where were the trains for Orient Express moved to? I'm curious as WOF is one of my home parks. Damn, I miss that ride! Essentially every pre-Paramount park that had an Arrow looper in the chain received a part of Orient Express. I did hear something that a full 6-car train was in storage for Michigan's Adventure so their Corkscrew could be upgraded to a 2-train operation, but that plan has long been scrapped and the train has been parted out. Depending on the parts that were handed out, they're all essentially replaceable. Unless someone was given a chassis, the trains are still reusable in some shape or form. PTC trains are extremely modular and all of the parts can be replaced, hence why most PTC trains are still in operation 40+ years after being built.
  17. Yeah, they'll probably split the trains up in the chain for parts. It's not the first time they've done this, Double Loop and Orient Express are the first that come to mind. I even heard that a couple of the old Hercules cars were shipped over to Michigan's Adventure years after it was torn down for parts. Or even what I can imagine them doing, moving them up to CA Great America to replace the crappy Morgan trains on Grizzly. That could also be a very feasible possibility.
  18. Has been stated several times during quarter earning conference calls. Valleyfair is one of the key markets that they're trying to expand on, along with Carowinds and CA Great America. They don't need as large of an expansion as Carowinds has been needing, but it's still there. Valleyfair has a rather large market available to it, but can only hit around 1 million guests a season when it could easily reach 1.5mil, if not more. Cedar Point pretty much is on its own and really CF can do whatever they want to it as the market is already established and guests will always go there in droves and it's the same with Kings Island. Wonderland is one of those parks too that it's hard to expand on the market when the market is already established, or in their case, the dominate spot in the market. There's a reason why Canada's Wonderland has the highest yearly attendance out of all of the Cedar Fair parks.
  19. Nothing as of now. Now that we're officially in Ouimet's 5-year plan for the chain, things have been pretty quiet in terms of rumors for all of the parks. We could expect something in Skyrider's former spot, but it's all speculation right now since there hasn't even been a peep in terms of what could be coming. I'm gonna say this now, I wouldn't put a strong merit on it being a big coaster though. Wonderland is not currently on CF's list of focus parks, as Carowinds and Valleyfair top that list with a couple others below it. There's only so much market you can hit before it's too saturated and with Wonderland being THE premiere park in Canada, it doesn't really need to improve on anything besides filling in minor gaps such as newer family/thrill rides.
  20. I think this is a new type of wood for GCI, at least in terms of their re-tracking non-GCI coasters. I've never seen them use a different type of wood in their own designs, but them using it last year on Shivering Timber's helix would be a good test bed for using it on Ghostrider's refurb. Has to be much more denser for the more extreme areas that yellow pine can't handle as well. And from personal experience, GCI did do an excellent job with the helix, making it much more smoother, heck of a lot less shuffling, and no more awkward banking. The trim brake before Timber's helix actually wasn't even necessary anymore as they didn't even have it on for the entire season.
  21. For those that remember me posting quite a few pages back about them using a different type of wood for the track layers, here's proof. This image perfectly shows the 2 new track layers that have been added using the different type of wood that was used on Shivering Timber's helix retracking last year. Not sure what kind of wood it is, but it's certainly not your standard yellow pine like what's used on everything else.
  22. Oddly, all of your pics are normal for a Chance Giant Wheel. The floor is probably one of the worst looking but that's just the top layer of plywood and not structural. The threads are just the wheel tension and normal besides the rust. Really you were pretty high on being safe, even for IB standards. That zip tie though, all it holds on is the plastic guard that covers the lights and just looked tacky for them not replacing it so that was probably the most hazardous out of anything if that cover fell off. It's been YEARS since the ride was last painted (or if it ever was painted after they put it in) so it looked absolutely terrible. I've worked on one of these wheels and it's just the way these age, just this one in particular never had any aesthetic upgrades, y'know, such as paint.
  23. Their Facebook page has been a plethora of updates so far. The Giant Wheel has been completely taken down to just the standing supports and has been shipped to Chance for a major refurb. Tig'rr is getting a complete paint job with black track and orange supports. The Schafer Queen is also undergoing a refurb as well. And not surprised more re-tracking is also being done, just not sure which coaster this one is. Must be one of the sections that RMC didn't re-track when they were there a couple years ago. A few pics from the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/IndianaBeachAmusementPark/?fref=ts From the comments I've been reading, sounding like the locals are really impressed with the new owners so far, with lots of comments about season passes being bought as well. Basically everything the previous owners ignored, the new ones are actually doing. New rides =/= improved park experience as the previous owners thought they could do.
  24. I was actually wondering this myself. Keeps a constant and proper tension on the chain. Too loose and it has a chance of coming off the gears. Too tight and it would break when a train would engage on it.
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