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  1. Now the only question is where is Camp Adventura? Like previously posted, I hope that it is back behind Bizarro, maybe it will bring some life back to that area.
  2. Yo do realize that If it were a coaster getting put in, especially in Bizarro's spot, we already would have seen some demolition. They started taking down GASM in July. Also, I'm really hoping that one of the announcements is putting in paths that connect the zig-zag pattern that is SFGAdv.
  3. Don't get me wrong, the layout looks amazing, but whats up with the brake run at the end of the far station?
  4. With Viper you don't know what to expect. It is quite the off and on ride. On a unrelated subject, 400th Page!
  5. Most Sundays are only that bad if you follow the crowd. I think that someone has the plan posted a page or two back. I have followed that on a Saturday and still been fine. But I have never been during a holiday weekend, I try to avoid them.
  6. Some park are really bad with their raining policy. Hershey Park can be the worst. Good to know that SFGA doesn't close virtually the entire park when there is a slight bit of rain.
  7. I don't get the bashing on Starflyers. I really don't. They are solid rides, their capacity isn't horrible, the footprint is minimal, and if they are tall enough they can certainly draw a crowd. If the capacity was that bad than I'm sure it is not even a consideration.
  8. My thoughts Big - Dippin Dots Cart Bigger - Dippin Dots Stand Biggest - Dippin Dots Store I'm all in for this one. Seriously though, I really doubt that it is a coaster. We would have already seen some site prep, especially for a giga.
  9. Both of the Lightning Racers. Their chain lift is so loud it is difficult to have a conversation with the person next to you.
  10. I have only ridden Sea Serpent at Morey's Pier. I intend to keep it that way.
  11. The Dark Knight pre-show was cool for about a year. Than when you knew that you could easily just skip the pre-show and get riders through, it became annoying. Especially since half the time the station is empty.
  12. Almost all of the B:TR's started out with great theming. I especially liked the SFGAdv one. I think the best themed B:TR is in Six Flags Over Georgia. I certainly wouldn't enjoy Batman The Ride as much as I do without the theming. Now that I think about it, Six Flags Great Adventure's Gotham area started out with some great theming, but I think it was around 2007 when they started taking it out. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/BTR.htm
  13. I had the same expectations for Wildcat, I just went to Hershey for the first time in 10 years (I'm 14, so I don't remember it at all) and Wildcat was fun but rough. Really a bummer that Lightning Racer was closed, because we rode both rides 6 times in a row. Great reviews, and also I can't agree more with that ejector hill on Stormrunner, what is that?
  14. I have recently become a huge fan of the skyscreamer clones, anyone with me?
  15. Those must be custom supports, as they should have disappeared from the scenario. What scenery set is that?
  16. This is the original park plan. If you look at the original park plan you will see just how huge it was supposed to be. Now that I think about it, The Enchanted Forest was not the largest area planned for the park.
  17. Quick! Everybody Look! I made a new music video of my time at Hershey Park! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDYwfVTsUmo&feature=youtu.be
  18. Coming off the ride with lines on the side of my head from the restraint headbanging. It was usually around the cobra roll, and some of the ride afterwards.
  19. Rode Skyrush four times, twice on the wings twice on the inside. First off, if you are a smaller person, do not ride the wings! I literally felt like my femur was about to snap into two pieces! Most larger people have no problem with them though. The inside seats, they are maybe the most amazing coaster experience of my life.
  20. Last time I was at SFGAdv (about a week and a half ago, click the link in my signature) I was very pleasantly surprised with Bizarro. Usually I get lots of headbanging, and no working effects, but this time every effect was working, even the audio! Plus it was super smooth, beyond recognition almost.
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