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  1. hey, would i be ok if u could make one for me? I cant think of any!
  2. same here, hulk is amzazing. But Busch Gardens is amazing to. It will be even better with sheikra, and montu is amazing.
  3. This isnt to do anything with parks in ohio, but normally in disney, if you go anti-clockwise around the park, the queue's are normally shorter than if you went the other direction, because everyone goes clockwise for some reason.
  4. i am looking forward to Sheikra because it will be the only ride on the list i will get to ride, but if i could ride anyother one, i would ride Kingda Ka.
  5. do they not have the same type of track though? Gosh, that would be rough if arrow or vekoma made it!
  6. Hey, I am Ryan, live in Northern Ireland (for those who dont know were that is (Probably most of you people!) is near Main Land UK!) I live nowhere near a theme park, but i love coasters, since i was sbout 6years old! Been to orlando once and going back end of june for 3 weeks.
  7. the best park i have been to is Islands Of Adventure, Florida. Great park, and amzing rides.
  8. I think this ride looks brilliant, even though at first i thought it wouldn't be very good.
  9. I think sheikra's Inmelman looks amazing too. And doesnt Oblivion stand at 60ft? I thought that was tall when i went there when i was 6!
  10. My favourite drop ride has got to be the TOT. I love the theming in the queue area. And its quite creepy at night, which i really like!
  11. I think SheiKra looks amazing, cant wait to ride it at the end of june, going for holidays there.
  12. My worst coaster is a coaster quite far away from were i live. It is just so boring. http://rcdb.com/id1841.htm There is no pictures but it is so not worth paying to get on it.
  13. My last coaster i rode was Montu in BGT in 2003 at Christmas. http://rcdb.com/ig87.htm?picture=24 It was amazing.
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