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  1. I'm not sure about Batman because I've never worked on it, but I know Superman will stop or creep up the lift if the train behind it is not yet in the station. However the lift will restart itself once the other train has parked, no need for any employee to jog the lift from the panel on the base of the lift. Also on a side note, the Great Adventure facebook page has just announced the Green Lantern cam. No live stream yet but it will be up soon. Link
  2. Exactly, even if you're running only one train the train will stop and wait on the waiting block until all the advance buttons are held down.
  3. Most ride's are like that. On Kingda Ka all 4 dispatch buttons have to be pressed to send the trains out and advance the first train, and the two panels for the second train have to both be pressing the advance to advance that train. You also needed to advance the train on GASM with both the operator's advance and attendant's enable button held down.
  4. Well the ride is new so management will probably want to give it the best treatment for at least it's first season. I can see a full crew on Green Lantern, but after the 2011 season who knows.
  5. I want to say 13, maybe 14. My first coaster was Space Mountain but my first big coaster that made me want to ride everything in the park was Nitro. Amazing coaster for anyone's first ride, amazing coaster no matter how many you've been on or how many times you've been on it.
  6. Very true, and you probably get at least a little more for the money. And haha I forgot there was a Ben & Jerry's in the park, the photographer at the main gate told me they were being removed to make room for more Johnny Rocket's.
  7. Hmm, if he gives us all free ice cream I'm k with it. Dippin Dots is overpriced as it is anyway.
  8. I can't vouch for Riddler's crew but I can see Tatsu not having the quickest wait time. Other than the fact that SFMM ride crews don't always seem to be as organized as they could be, flying coasters aren't quick loading by any means. Look at any of the Superman flyers, they tend to dispatch after the second train has been sitting on the transfer for a little while. One thing Tatsu has that X2 doesn't have are leg flaps. And just closing those (and usually have to open already closed ones because super bright GP decide they want their feet in front of the flaps) on each seat nearly doubles the time it takes to check the harnesses.
  9. All he has to do is offer a cup of amazing ice cream and all is forgiven.
  10. Nah that's just a rumor the Coldstone guy made up. He just wants his competition gone. I wouldn't trust such a source.
  11. I just try to stick it out with after school things, friends and whatnot. I would say I work too but I work at a theme park so the off season also means no money for me xD
  12. Oh I think the park rented about at least 100 or so. Dippin Dots guy said he's going to be flying one of them himself.
  13. Well you can, they're obviously gona pick up Green Lantern when it's finished with an army of helicopters, fly it over to the lake and drop it in the water there. There ya go, underwater coaster. As for the launched part I think the Dippin Dots guy is lying
  14. Haha the woodie with OTSR's that was in pieces, looks like a load of fun to ride. I had a dream a while ago after Chiller at SFGAdv got removed that I was able to ride it again, for whatever reason only the Robin side was there and the ride was in Big Wheel's spot. Another dream I had more recently was of operating Green Latern, also at SFGAdv. Hopefully this season I'll get the chance
  15. Construction looks to be flying right now, can't wait to ride this coaster! And hopefully get to take a walk up the lift someday
  16. Not counting Disney yes, but not much can compete with Disney. Otherwise, SFGAdv is my fav park.
  17. Well I've only been on two, Medusa/Bizarro and Kraken, but I'd say Bizarro for sure. Kraken felt fairly, blah, to me. I don't know why but it just wasn't very exciting. Bizarro on the other hand always seem to have a nice forcefulness to it, especially with its zero g roll. 1. Medusa/Bizarro @ SFGAdv 2. Kraken @ Seaworld Orlando
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