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  1. Atlantis Adventure (more double ponints!)
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog Red Bull or Monster
  3. THIS or THAT (because its quicker) Spiderman or Batman?
  4. Anyone else "given" lately? Doesnt take much and helps a lot of people if done right!! As part of work related community projects, in the last 9 months alone i have: - Climbed the tallest mountain in the country (£350 raised) - Waxed my VERY hairy legs (£35 raised). - Volunteered at the local dogs trust, walking the dogs who still looks for homes. - Taken part in a Dragon Boat Race (finished 8th out of 20, our other boat finished 1st - £45 raised). Let me know what you have done for the community around you??
  5. HTC Desire S (Black) Google Andoird 2.3 (Gingerbread biscuits)
  6. Huss Ranger Frozen Yogurt or Ice-Cream?
  7. Super Nintendo! Harry Potter or Twilight?
  8. I am a production support computer programmer, in a print management team at the CoOperative Financial Services in Leek, Staffordshire, UK. You should see the size of my business card!!
  9. Bugs Bunny "£/$ 1 billion" or "eternal life"
  10. You must answer the persons this or that choice, then submit your own and see what the next person chooses!! Ill go first obviously: STEEL COASTERS or WOODEN COASTERS???
  11. About me: Red Bull Racing Fan Fave Driver: Mark Webber Silverstone race was awesome, i love the track and the racing atmosphere it brings!! Even though he didnt win, I personally think that Vettel has the potential to be one of the best drivers the world has ever seen.
  12. If theres already an F1 fans forum out there sorry! I cant find it! This is for people to share their joy at their fave teams winning, vent at frustrations and to discuss past, present and future F1 news!!
  13. an issue im sure i share with almost every other person in the world... i hate that my free time flies by whilst my work time chugs on like a steam train with no steam!
  14. Across all platforms (sorry if you disagree, but im not known for my wide array of genres): In no particular order: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Sonic the Hedgehog (original) Halo 2 Grand Theft Auto 3 Super Mario Brothers Super Mario 64 Pokemon (Red/Blue) Wii Sports F1 2010 Final Fantasy VII
  15. GO FOR IT!! Bet people that you'll do it. At least then you can either make the money back for it... or give it to charity!!
  16. AWESOME!... looks beautiful there. Thing about these places is that my GF is wheat and gluten intollerant... would be difficult trying to get the right food with the translation issues!!
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