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  1. ^I read that, and my day wasn't going that great already. But now I want to cry
  2. Just have to wait and see. Hmm, maybe I can try and get out to Texas in 2012. Last hurrah before the end of time
  3. Wow, that's rather interesting. Haven't they seen what happens when a non wooden coaster company makes wooden trains, ie B&M and Premier
  4. But I don't know when the next time I might possibly even be in the area I've heard SoB is exactly that, but an experience is an experience. Just like I was sad that I never got to ride Flashback here before they demolished it. I know it was brutal, but still
  5. A few big let downs: Announcing Windseeker at Knott's, then not knowing where it's going to go Terminator Salvation: The Ride becoming Apocalypse. Seriously, I'll always know it as simply Terminator. Son of Beast being SBNO We went to King's Island, and got to ride The Beast, but not his son.
  6. So, it's been five days of increasingly hard rain, and Knott's has yet to just plain close the park. We've closed early every day, today being the earliest at 2. So anyone hoping to come over the next few days, get there early, and don't expect to do much. We haven't closed in the rain, and I don't see us closing at all this week. But honestly, it's rediculous. We're getting low numbers in the park, and almost all the coasters are down due to rain anyways. Personally, I get why you guys complaint about us closing for rain, but at this point, Cedar Fair is paying employees to stand around and get drenched.
  7. ^The craft fair people or the park? This is the last weekend of Toys For Tots. If anyone pays full price to get in the park, they deserve to get ripped off
  8. If it's any indication, today, the park stayed open the entire day, despite a nasty constant drizzle the whole day. The above mentioned rides were open for about 45 minutes in the morning, and then down the rest of the day. With the Christmas season here, they will not close the park, but you probably will not be finding much open. Hope you're just there for Snoopy on ice
  9. ^Exactly. Zoom has those horrible exit stairs that guests cannot wait on while the ride is in motion. That'd be a real pain in the behind for the SINGLE operator on dock. As for Xcel, between it's incredible amount of downtime, mixed with its onw train operation, the program would be too unfair for those waiting in line. Sure, you payed that money to ride, but because of it, the people who did wait in line originally for an hr or so, now have to wait possibly twice as long. And Jaguar? Seriously I'd feel like a real d-bag coming up the exit with a "hate to wait" ticket Still a ton of bugs to work out, but this program seems to be a step in the right direction. BTW, in case anyone's wondering, the program is actually called "Hate to Wait." (Fun Fact )
  10. It is rather funny to hear the commotion concerning the new "Hait to Wait" program at Knott's It's like damned if they do or damned if they don't. Is it the best system on the planet? Hell no. But it's something. And, I can tell you as an operator, it makes our jobs a little more difficult. But if it's worth it to the guest, then that's all that matters. Personally, if any of you know a way to improve upon what they currently have, they have an email, and I'm sure they'd love to hear feedback on that system. Remember, they don't cater to us, the enthusiasts, they cater to the general public. And if they feel this will help the general public enjoy their experience a little more, then good on them
  11. Obviously the purple train is overdue for a rehab. So perhaps it will receive a new paint job once it gets some R&R. I wonder how much longer they run that thing if there's more complications with the new train. Purple's gotta be feeling the wear and tear
  12. I've read through this whole thread, and everyone seems to be missing a crutial point. The type of wood that is used would affect the ride as well. Most modern coasters are built out of pine, which is a cheap, lightweight wood. I believe most older coasters were built out of fir, which is a heavier, more dense, but also more expensive wood. Pine does not hold up against the vibrations as well as fir, causing more structural shifts. I don't believe by any means that it's the only cause, nor the most important. Just interesting reading that no one considered it.
  13. What is this off season you speak of? I know what a slow season is, but off seasons don't exist in SoCal. Nevertheless, besides work and school, I usually just... well, do nothing different than the rest of the year
  14. About two hours of reading this thread from front back. And an awesome read it was!Some great pics and interesting history. I went to Geauga Lake in 2007, and could definitely see why it was dying So sad. I especially love seeing the employee newsletters and SOPs. Knott's doesn't come anywhere close to either of those things, it's crazy Just keep the pics and other goodies coming!
  15. In case anyone was wondering: Happy Birthday Calico Mine Ride! 50 years of tours into the old Calico Glory Hole
  16. ^But Rex grew on his riders. He became just as much an icon to the ride as the Starspeeders themselves. It almost feels more coporate, for I feel they're going the "safe" route with this. I hope not, but, as a jedi once said, "I have a bad feeling about this"
  17. I love the way they talk about needing answers provided. That information has not been provided. At the time, I bet Knott's didn't know any more about the cause then the guest did. And as soon as they knew, they let everyone else know. But obviously, parks need a crystal ball to know exactly what happened to a ride, pretty much before it happened As for the suing part, yeah, he has every right. I was kind of hoping it was Zamperla's fault Would have marked a second company (that I know of) that Knott's would have tried to take down Mwahahahahahaha
  18. I've always been a fan of double downs. They look cool, and offer a surprise extra jolt. Also, if you can figure out how The Legened at Holiday World incorporated a hill that seemed to give airtime from beginning to end, it would make a great element
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