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  1. I may of wet myself. This trip report is probably the best ever ! (so far) . 'oh look another drop' haha. The video on the wild mouse was just the funniest thing ever. 'Read any book's lately ? ' Lol ... Piers is funny sober but come on drunk piers is 100 times funnier. Thats what we need from theme park review comedy with coasters . ! Also Robb's ''Weeeeee'' On like every ride is just amazing ! Anyway to Octoberfest ... it looks soo good at night i wouldnt be able to refrain myself from dancing to the awesome lights.. Also incase anyone is intrested i heard Kim Kardashian is at octoberfest im sure she is game for Team Drunk Tpr. !
  2. I get that alot. Its only cause the hair . Nothing else haha.
  3. YOUR HAIR IS FREEKING A-MAZING !!!!!!! sorry I got so excited haha. ! Picture of me hurrmm okay . : Its one of those ' Oh hey look the suns out i have a camera ' pictures haha.
  4. Love the photo's . When I went to Florida in 2006 we drove past the upside down house it totaly freaked me out . Beeing the typical natural blonde I instantly ask my dad ' Oh my god was there a tornado here last night' ROFL yeah the whole car laughed at me . Good times.
  5. Octoberfest looks epic. I dont drink beer , infact I dont drink any kind of alchool . But octoberfest makes beer looks so much better haha. The rides look insane to. Please keep the Robb and piers videos coming they truly do make my day ! . Lauren ' Number 1 fan of piers drunkness' Sharp.
  6. YOU ARE SO LUCKY !!! she is my idol like i want to marry her haha. I have 2 posters in my room of her and I have that book and pre-orderd her new one. Ugh she is such a babe !.
  7. YAY! I'm so glad there is a tattoo thread. Im a complete tattoo slut. I started getting them when I was 17 (underage yeah I know I was a naughty girl ) I'm 20 now and I have 9 . I have nothing majorly big (yet) This is my first ever tattoo its a pointless star on my left wrist. Spur of the moment kind of thing . When I got it I vowed to never go through the pain again . Undoubtably wrist tattoo's are painful !! Here is 2 other tattoo's (tribal heart and 2 chinese symbols meaning Love And Hate.) Sorry for extremly bad photo it was taken 2 years aggo. This would be at the top of my back. I got it cause i really liked it. I may get it coverd up into a bigger one its only the width of my kneck . Side and lower back tattoo (ahh yess I have a tramp stamp haha) Side tattoo is of stars and cherries that look like skulls. Close up of the tramp stam just after it was done. This is my favourite one. Black and grey bow with blood dripping off of it. Its on my right wrist . Yeah after the pain of the first tattoo on my wrist i still got another (bigger) one. This is on my right hand. Risky buisness getting hand tattoo but they are getting more popular so getting a job aint as hard now-a-days . This is my newest one i got in June . Its on my under bicep. Its a quote from Coco Channel (i know typical gir) It says '' In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different'' I pretty much live by it . Hopefully one day I will end up looking like this : Haha my face Kat Von D's body .
  8. My rant. Well Ihave a sleeping pattern of an american . (I'm from the uk) I fall asleap at 6.am here and wake up at 5pm, I start college again on tuseday . Im going to be a zombie for like a week . And I dont do do well with no sleep i turn into a crazy cat lady .. with out the cats. Also I'm so hungry I would eat fruit .... I despise fruit. haha.
  9. I went in 2006 , I dont have any photos on the computer im on they are on a disk somewhere in my house. I had an amazing time. Luckily we swam with the dolphins before there was a storm . The snorkiling bit was juts amazing. Water was extremly cold though wich sucked but of course it had to be so i got over it haha. I would recomend it to anyone so worth it !!.
  10. Thunnder and lighting is my worst one. I was in florida in 2006 and ofcourse it was like storming every night so i would end up shaking and crying it was awful. AAlso i was in france last year and i just happend to be a in a house with paper thin glass for windows so evertime it thunderd the glass would rattle . Erm the dark freaks me out and the feeling of not knowing. Throwing up Falling out of a rollercoaster. or a rollercoaster breaking down while im upside down .
  11. Hey my name is lauren. I have been a 'lurker' on the this forum for a couple of years now but never joined. So i thought today would be the day Im a student studying media. I have loved the thril of rolercoasters scince I was seven years old. My first 'thrill ride' was a pirate ship. My favourite ride ever in the U.K is Stealth at Thorpe Park . Ive been to a few theme parks in the U.K and Abroad . This forum/website will hopefully open my eyes to themeparks/Rollercoasters that I havent heard about before.
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