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  1. I sometimes get PISSED when classmates talk about Call of Duty all day long because in my opinion it SUCKS. What's the point of going around with weapons and shooting people? Sure, it may be better than all the others, but they're treating it like a godsend. Honestly, Cod B.O. sounds disgusting!

    Sorry if I offended any gamers, but it's just my opinion.

  2. This is as close to perfect as you can get.

    Well... Probably not. Until April when the park opens (we have mountains of snow in Montreal), even to pass holders, not even the parking lot will be open for me to check. Honestly I made this because I was bored, but if I stop procrastinating and start recreating, I'll include a MUCH more realistic version in La Ronde.

    I do feel the brakerun is close to the last hill, not sure the whole train passed over it before stopped? Otherwise it seems like a real airgiver and I'd ride it anyday due to lack of coasters in Sweden.

    Since there are limits to what I can do in the game, I couldn't make a sloped brake run like the Goliath has. The train does make it to the end of the brake run, and if I can find out how, I will hack the run so it can slope and thus speedily pass over the entrance and into the station.


    I really do think the Goliath is highly underrated only because Behemoth is taller and faster. Honestly it's not too much better than this and does not deliver nearly as much air time, even in the back.

  3. This is a family favorite of mine and it's super easy to make.


    1 reasonably sized box whole wheat macaroni

    1 reasonably large can diced tomatoes

    1 medium-large (to taste) onion

    Any number of assorted cheeses

    1 cup buttermilk

    1 spoonful fancy mustard

    1 spoonful cream cheese

    pinch of nutmeg


    Preheat oven to 350*. Mix half can of tomatoes with macaroni. Blend other half can and onion smooth. Mix in tomato-onion sauce. Choose satisfactory amount of cheese and start putting chunks into blender. If your blender can add while mixing, pour buttermilk in during blending, if not add before. Mix in mustard, cream cheese, blend and add to macaroni. Stir in nutmeg. Place in oven for an hour (30-45m convection at 325*). Best served hot or warm in front of The Big Bang Theory with family.

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