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  1. Once, my friend seriously believed that Le Boomerang (at La Ronde) would fall off the lift spike if nobody pressed a button.

    Another thought that Le Monstre at the same park actually did fly off the track for about 2 seconds.

    Neither of them would listen when I told them about "automatic" or "air time".

    At the same park, I was stuck on Le Super Manege for about ten minutes because -get this- the ride ops didn't notice the train had not returned. It took the first five minutes to scream at them from across the ride to fricking let go of the brakes, and another 5 to call mechanics, because clearly the only option was to have a guy walk across the park and manually release the train. As I walked out, I noted that there were several FUNCTIONING brake-release buttons.

    Did I mention that almost every site that's been to La Ronde (including this one) has voted the staff the most incompetent of any park?

  2. I have begun recreating La Ronde's Le Goliath; this may not be accurate as the park is closed and I cannot inspect.* However, the general idea has been captured in this coaster.


    This part is the one I love. Because of the shape of the turnaround, none of the hills are next to each other, creating many headchopping drops.

    And now the turnaround. Interestingly, a site I recently visited nominated Le Goliath as one of the world's most underrated coasters, and claimed this turnaround was "in the top 50", although you have to ride it to be certain.

    One of the things that got people upset about the ride was its "unoriginal" layout. I believe it's meant for thrill, not theme. The coaster is meant as an ejector-air machine and not a twisty experience.

    However, there is a 70-something degree banked curvy hill.

    In real life, the ride finishes with a squeeze between the station and the train storage, which provides a crash illusion.

    Insane airtime is produced on every hill on the ride.


    *In the summer, however, it is open. This is good; I will spend a while in the parking lot, admiring the Goliath; its layout is almost as parking-lot based as Scream!

  3. The coaster does look epic. It should be built in the U.S. because some of these parks seriously need more record-breaking coasters. I agree that the corkscrews will be painful; maybe an extra loop, an extra barrel roll and a batwing or bowtie will help eliminate the intense corkscrews. Also, maybe more spread out, less compact; sure, it's fun with all the crossovers, but a longer, larger layout provides room for theming. Just my thoughts.

  4. Comments? Anyone?


    Well, anyway, the last two coasters were part of a park I'm working on. Or, should I say, have been working on since October. The original idea was to have a Cedar Fair park; there would be a hydraulic-launch coaster, a gigantic terrain woodie, some custom flats and a 7-(changed to 6) inversion Arrow. The theming, rides and atmosphere will count on your votes.


    Today I started up the Scenario Editor. The ride list (all rides), which I have completed, includes 48 rides. I plan to use at least 40. My plans, sketched up as a map in October/November, dictate a large variety of coasters:


    -Shuttle Loop

    -Large B&M multi-looping (no train design yet)

    -2 juniors (I plan to cut one)

    -Terrain woodie (abandoned project due to high intensity)

    -Steel Wild Mouse

    -Arrow 6-inversion (custom)


    -Racer (cut in favor of woodie in last update)

    -B&M Invert (pictured in last update)

    -Hydraulic launch coaster

    -B&M Hyper


    -Vekoma swinger (junior)

    -Arrow Swinger

    -LIM water slide


    Assuming I stick to plan and votes, there are 10-12 coasters. Should I raise or lower that number? This is not a small park, but it's not big. Just a bit smaller than CWL.

  5. I've decided on the possible layouts of two coasters for a park; they are near done, but I'm still working on the concept of the park itself. The first is a (very) old woodie, circa 1950. It is safe but intense, despite its size of less than 70ft. As you can see, its simple out-and-back layout provides both thrill and a compact area.

    Personally, the turn around is my favorite part:

    The ride has an amazing double-down.

    Moving on, I have completely re-engineered the invert; it's still for the same park, but I figured it could be a bit more fun. The new layout focuses more on terrain than the other one does, even though I haven't started making terrain.

    Instead of a cobra roll, the ride now contains a batwing:

    Following the above corkscrew, the train enters a helix followed by an in-line twist.

    And the finale with a helix and corkscrew would be set over water (specifically a natural lake).

    Let me know what you think!

  6. Well, here's part 2:


    You may have caught glimpses of this behind the GG woodie; I'm using a custom workbench for this. Onto pictures:

    Support work will come later.

    As you can see, it's an unfinished project.

    The following is my best station (yet):

    This is a non-hacked ride; It could be, and would be, insanely awesome, if I could figure out 8cars. For now, it's just the aesthetics.

    Take a ride on_______________, at ______________________ Amusement park

    "After the towering spiral lift and vertical drop, screaming riders will freefall nearly 100 feet into water effects..."

    "...After which they soar through twisted track and insane invesions..."

    ...and the breathtaking finale, which consists of two high-speed barrel rolls...

    ...and a jaw-rattling spiral with a flip into the brake run.


    So? Thoughts? Comments? Insults?

  7. In my ongoing quest to make something realistic and/or amazing, I've come up with several ideas:






    Definitely my favorite shot


    It's very twisty and terrain-based


    The idea is that you're running through trees and hills to escape a sasquatch




    Without foliage.


    Let me know what you think of these. There will be a part 2 tomorrow.

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