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  1. I drove down to Six Flags today. I wasn't able to get construction photos of the new Dinn coaster... Because they finished it! "Wolfston Railroad" is a huge, 120 foot roller coaster based on the popular Texas Giant. Themed around a mining town in the Yukon, the crazy ride twists and turns like you wouldn't believe. In the gift shops in the park and in the nearby towns, this postcard can be bought:

    Ride on!

    And for those on the nearby flightpath, you can snap these photos:

    It looks amazing!

    As well as a coaster, theming has arrived:

    On the west side of the river, stuff is also going on, according to a newspaper:

    May 29th, 1981 The Ontario Chronicle

    The rumors run wild as to what is happening at nearby Six Flags Ontario. With the recent completion of their fifth coaster, popularity of the other wooden coaster has declined dramatically, leading some to suspect it will see its last days this year. "The other day, I noticed that not only were no trains running on the Bear, but the rickety service bridge was gone", claims a guest. That's not the only strange going-on at Six Flags, however: Another person who rode the steel Goldrush coaster says she noticed that a "large portion" of the woods across the river near the kid's area had been cleared. Her claim caused many to search the area that housed WR's parts for coaster track, but found nothing.

    So, this could be the last whole shot of the mighty Bear:

    The bridge is gone:

    And it appears that lady was right about cleared ground...

    Well that's the end of my report. I leave you with a shot of the park as a whole. Pretty soon I won't be able to get this all in one shot:

  2. Texas Giant?

    Uh, wow. I'm actually not all that surprised you guessed so quickly.

    I just got back from the only real Canadian Six Flags, La Ronde... I picked up a few ideas, but unfortunately a lot of them involve ParkDat-ing, and I can't figure out how to do it. Oh, well. I'll promise to show more construction shots next update!






    oh, and the name is "Wolfston Railroad" to go with its theme (yukon mine town)

  3. If any of you took my advice and looked at the "Preview" thread, you would have noticed something that looks like this:

    Let's see the progress, shall we?

    The project was top-secret, and many employees were... ummm... dismissed for revealing it to their friends or family. The mechanical crew were checking out the Pirrrrate ride when they took this photo:

    And the park's location near a flightpath enabled lucky photographers a chance to see the huge empty lot:

    Hmmm... it looks large. Some officials told me that it would be the longest, but not largest (Goldrush takes up a lot of space) ride in the park.

    So far, nobody knows how these photos were taken:

    But since these were leaked to the press earlier than anticipated, we opened early so the guests would be able to see the ride construction.

    Let me know what you think of the new coaster. I have a name, a theme, and a model. Hint: it's another Six Flags coaster.

  4. Well, I'm back!


    If anyone who pays attention to this thread hasn't already checked the "Preview" thread, I advise you to do so.

    (Hint, hint)


    So, shall we take a look at what's going on down at Six Flags Ontario?


    I removed the S&S towers in favor of a teeny tiny courtyard.


    I dearly hope this is a better forest.


    And to keep more realistic, Aquatica Falls was removed too. But there's a wall for a reason!


    People were complaining that Goldrush's sign placement was confusing, so we moved it.


    I decided not to hack the racecourse, but make it simpler.


    Since I don't have custom supports, I just used a support blocker to make Blue Fire more realistic


    A final overview shot. Let me know what you guys think.

  5. Sorry it's been ages, but school is a drag and as you can imagine I haven't had the time or patience to get anything done until today, especially since I downloaded the 8cars per trainer, which has come in very handy. One major thing happening in the park was this: an off-season. In the off-season, many great changes have happened. Here's what I'm talking about:


    I see S&S!


    We installed our second water ride, Aquatica Falls


    A badly hacked race course


    And what's this?


    Wow! A jazzed-up mountain trail!


    It even interacts with Goldrush!


    At the end you will find a plateau with a restaurant


    Along with the S&S towers came an entire new area


    Here you can see all the attractions in the new area: Bumblebee, the Arrow junior coaster, Count Darkula's Haunted Castle, two themed dark rides, and "the Rainbow Boulevard"


    I see you Bumblebee!


    It also seems that the Avant-Garden has been replaced with a small forest


    And a final overview to wrap up the update. The park opens to Season Pass holders April 23, 1977 (game years) or regular guests April 24

  6. Hmmm... disappointing. Really guys, comments? Criticism? Hate mail?


    Anyway, to refresh your memories, last update I showed you the track pieces for a large ride. Well, here's the ride: Six Flags Express


    Overpass of nearby nature trail


    Tunnel shot


    There's a lot of trenches to travel through



    River crossover


    And since cameras are allowed on board, you can get awesome pics of Blue Fire!


    Or Bear!


    Push, little engine, push!




    There is no denying it: Six Flags Express is a hit!

  7. ^Noted


    The park is simply splendid! I find myself driving down on weekends to experience some awesome thrills. I'll cut to the chase and show you the photos I took:


    Bear's new bridge


    Something big looks to be happening!


    A station building appeared


    Goldrush is still awesome


    The court is actually quieter than anywhere else


    Here's a look at how much we have left to do...

  8. ^Ummmm... Have you read my most recent post? SF already bought us. Sorry. Oh, well, the awesome new Bear is the upside of the buyout.



    Bear got a lot of attention, as it was completed just a week ago. This was found in a newspaper:


    Following the buyout of Lott Gardens by Six Flags, who renamed the park "Six Flags Ontario", a new thrilling attraction has been installed in the park. The new Bear, the motto of which is "This bark has bite", was completed last week and will open tomorrow. Hundreds of riders will delight in this fast, rough coaster located across the river from the main area.

    And Bear wasn't the only major news:


    What was advertised several years ago as the new, thrilling, and most importantly looping roller coaster, Adrenalin Rush, has got a whole new name, and whole new reputation. "The ride did not open with the park" says a spokesperson. "Major refurbishment took a lot longer than expected, but now the ride is open and still amazing." Six Flags has decided to name the ride Blue Fire, to match its flame effects and new paint job.

    Another newspaper got a hold of these photos on Bear and Blue Fire's media days:


    What's this I see?


    Oh my gosh! BEAR!


    A better station, I find


    A helicopter shot of the whole thing


    This was the first train with passengers


    Blue Fire twisty-ness


    The final shot. WOW. We've already come so far in 9 years.


    Ooh! Nostalgia...

  9. That's right, Lott Gardens now operates under the new management of -prepare to boo- the Six Flags Corporation . In a rushed decision, the company bought the small but spectacular park and announced a few orders of business. Firstly, to heighten the popularity of Six Flags Ontario Gardens, the company has decided to include yet another roller coaster to the collection. Named Bear, this compact coaster will have daredevil riders flying over the river. But first, media day photos for the reopening!


    Guests were eager from the beginning. Rides in photo: Star-Studded Carousel


    The Square. Rides in photo: Ripple Theatre, Tornado


    The big area, Castaway Cove. Rides in photo: Goldrush, Screaming Swings, Castaway, Storm Chaser, Great Big Wheel. You can also see the lake flyover on Bear in foreground


    Goldrush's new station


    Tiny hills now dot AR's landscape. REMEMBER: I am still looking for name suggestions


    A simple station comes with Bear


    Most of Bear is in this picture. Let me know what you think!

  10. ^ Noted, but you'll have to wait to see the changes you requested!


    I'm going to tell you guys straight- Progress!

    The park is getting closer and closer to finishing, and may be just on time!

    Adrenalin rush is getting serious changes including a new name. Any suggestions welcome, but decide after you see the changes please!

    Here's the photos of progress so far:


    The new Castaway


    The ride's a lot bigger this time


    As for AR, a tunnel came first...


    ...Then a paint job and flame effects!


    Red: Goldrush; Pink: Castaway; Burgundy: Great Big Wheel; Light Green: Storm Chaser; White: Screaming Swings; Orange: The Avant-Garden; Grey: Magnolia Court; Dark Green: Arcade and Administration; Blue: Fountains; Black: Star-Studded Carousel; Yellow: Ripple Theatre; Purple: UNKNOWN. -Whew- The area bordered by red is future expansion.

  11. W.O.W. Look at what just got released into local papers:




    Major renovation is taking place at Lott Gardens, which will, by the end of extensive renovation, become a fully-fledged amusement park instead of the “funfair” it was intended to be. Major focal points include:

    • The shipment of the small cottage to another location

    • The redesign of the funfair area to be themed on the old West

    • New rides and removed rides

    • The creation of administrative offices

    • A themed children’s play area

    • The removal of the outdoor swimming pool

    • An action theater

    • The move of the gardens and creation of two fountains

    • Other improvements to meet buyer’s needs

    The current date is 1970, and the renovations will likely complete in February 1972 – from now until then, the park will be CLOSED. ...


    The cottage is going away


    The fountain is going in


    The new administrative offices are going in


    Looks like AR is getting improvements (and a new name)


    Another fountain was added


    Lastly, an overview of the park formerly known as Lott Gardens

  12. @Everyone: School here in Quebec starts today so unfortunately posts will be weekend-only.

    @Dotrobot: The path is now a standard wooden one, and it was actually an improvement, thanks!

    @CoasterCreator9: Yep.


    Wow! We already have a new coaster... unfortunately, non-looping! Oh, well, still awesome thrills! Vekoma has been kind enough to provide us with yet another steel roller-coaster, themed like a mine - specifically a gold mine, hence the name "Goldrush". With an an underground tunnel, steep drops and terrain-hugging curves, this wild ride will have you screaming - for more!




    The tunnel entrance...


    ...and exit.


    My favorite flying-over-the-lake shot


    The lift hill


    The entrance is in the food court


    The giant entrance sign. The park designers seem to like huge vertical signs


    Whatever else is happening at the Gardens?


    Lastly, it deeply saddens me that Marsha and myself are starting to pack our bags as the theme park is proving too much to handle. We are seeking new ownership... *sigh*

  13. The new roller coaster is a hit! The two trains, each carrying 20 guests, are both full and the new name is finally in place - I decided to name it "Adrenalin Rush", for the feeling you get when you drop, twist and loop. It's very scenic, and the trees whoosh past you at up to 50 mph! Here are some photos I acquired:


    The entrance sign, poking out of the water


    The theming is finally complete


    A pirate barrel ride was also built


    A satellite photo I was presented for my birthday


    A nearly full Adrenalin Rush train prepares to scream


    A representative presented me with this photo and told me he wanted to build another coaster there if we earned enough cash...


    Lastly, development of a food court is starting. Hopefully we will only serve my wife's cooking - I do not want any franchises!!!

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