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  1. Uhh, wow. Lots of posts recently. Alright, so:

    Braztaz: I agree with 10ryansmith and Dotrobot; The scale is vital and the transition doubly so.

    10ryansmith: I love the layout; it looks fun.

    CCI: That is one great looking coaster!

    Coasterfreak101: I'm absolutely in love with the recreation and I just NEED to see more screens!

    imawesome1124: The architecture on the gates is good, but I don't like the bare walls. I do love the plaza though.

    AlmereStars: Nothing is complete without monkeys!

  2. The results are in and the good news is that the park will be independently-run!

    No spoilers yet, but I'll show you a coaster that was planned for whatever park it would be AGES ago. It was a dead-end project and it was based on a cross between CCI out-and-backs and bigger coasters like The Beast or its infamous child.

    Just so we're clear, a tunnel under the road was planned but it would have made the ride too intense and instead of removing the road, I just built through it... I'm lazy like that!

    The ride gives great air. Sorry about trees.

    In real life, this would be almost 90:

    And this would REALLY be 90!

    And the remaining photos:

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