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  1. Once vertical construction started, everything seemed to happen quite quickly. The floor prep seemed to take the longest to me!


    That's the great thing about the El Loco's. If I recall correctly Green Lantern at Movie World started vertical construction around early October 2011 and was finished early - mid November and then it was another week or 2 of electrical work before testing started in the last week of November with soft openings 2 weeks later. Obviously given the room constraints this would take longer here, but they are a very quick ride to assemble. I just really hope this ride doesn't have the amount of downtime that Green Lantern had, but S+S should have fixed the faults with the newer train designs by now I would hope.

  2. Dreamworld's Cyclone is pretty bad... you spiral around the outside of the queue building (that used to be the exit) and after the train has come back from it's cycle the operator then walks a good 15m worth of useless tunnels to where your standing. You then walk through to the station and stand behind 1 of 6 doors for another minute or so before they open the doors to load the trains. The total time is generally around 10 minutes between dispatches. It's just so inefficient, hot and stuffy especially in the Australian summer. Such a useless design!

  3. Honestly, I think one of the biggest things is customer service. If you are constantly encountering rude and inefficient staff that don't seem to give a crap about the property, the guests generally feel the same way. New rides are one thing, but the thing that keeps me coming back and recommending a place all falls down to how I feel I was treated throughout my day.


    There are lots of key factors as well, such as rides to suit the market that the park is in and capital expenditure (Although you don't NEED to build new attractions every year, but at least every 3 - 4 years to keep the park in the spotlight). I feel as though Holiday World has this pattern downpat even though I have never been to a park in the USA in my life just by reading about what people have to say. And from what i've read most people comment about how CLEAN and FRIENDLY the staff are at the property. Without that excellent customer service you pretty much have the "Walmart of Theme Parks." A.K.A Six Flags America, but even from what i've been reading on here that park is improving quite a bit over the last few years and upgrading to the "Target of Theme Parks"

  4. I took a ride on Storm yesterday, and really I think other people have summed up the ride generally. The wait time was around 20 minutes and the staff were running the ride very efficiently with a boat leaving about every 40 seconds. I do kind of wish the ride itself did go for a bit longer considering the ride it replaced went for a good 7 minutes.


    The ride itself is pretty good without being too scary which really is a perfect fit for Sea World. The ride will be better once the fire effects are up and running but it's a overall very solid attraction and just pure fun. Also, if your sitting in the back seat prepare to get SOAKED. This is the only ride that a few hours later I decided to throw out my socks and buy a new pair as they were just destroyed by the Mack gods! I really do hope that these rides take off more as they are awesome!

  5. I just hope the lighting on the front of the train and the audio works better than it does on it's brother in Australia. Green Lantern's LED's and audio worked for about 2 months before it crapped itself. It took them nearly 2 years to get it partially working on some of the cars again. I really would love to compare this ride to Green Lantern one day to see if the 4 across seating makes a big difference to the sensation of the ride.

  6. It's kind of sad to see this ride going, I hope it gets sold somewhere else.

    Here's the thing...


    I get sad when "good" rides meet their demise. And while I get that this ride is old, somewhat historical I guess, but it certainly wasn't good.


    I remember the park having issues with it ever since it opened, and since they cater to you get kids, they had to add tons of padding to it as it would throw riders around. Eventually they had to raise the height restriction, and I don't think it did that well for the park.


    Perhaps it could find a more suitable home somewhere, I'm not sure. But I always found the ride to be uncomfortable and not very good for its target demographic, which us families.


    So I can't say that I'm sad to see it go, sorry!


    I see where you are coming from with that, and understand your points entirely. I wasn't exactly 100% on the demographics for Adventure City but based on what your saying it appears that its for the best that it's leaving this location. Hopefully it can be utilised in a park that would suit the attraction more. But I guess based on it's age it might not be so likely. I still remember going on it when I was a very young child with the owners of it in Australia just after it was set up.


    I guess I will always have the memories of the ride. I'll see if I can dig up some old photos of it when it was the "chipmunk" travelling in Australia.

  7. There are currently no operating Turbo's in Australia. I do know that Bell's Amusements are in fact refurbishing their model still but the exact timeframe is still up in the air. I did see some photos on a Facebook group dedicated to this ride, but it appears to have been deleted sadly.


    I have been told by a friend that does work on the show circuit that the owner of the ride has uploaded photos onto his private Facebook page showing an update on the cars as of yesterday. I don't see the harm in posting the photo's that have been posted as it's not exactly hidden much.



    A photo of the carriages



    One of the two hubs in the centre of the ride

  8. If I recall correctly Quake from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was a Waikiki Wave (not the Super Flip variant) like Tidal Wave at Flamingoland. So that ride would be unable to invert like Demon. The ride (according to the new Kentucky Kingdom owners) was the prototype model for this ride and was plagued with maintenance issues causing it to be closed down there (built in 1992) and was scrapped. I'd say it's either a Mondial rollover (most likely a new model) or a Zamperla / Moser variant.

  9. Most likely the Moser or Zamperla variant. I can however dream that just MAYBE Vekoma have somehow managed to sell another Waikiki Wave Super Flip as they are a much superior ride to the Moser variant's i've ridden. However considering that Extreme Supernova at the Great Escape appears to be a Zamperla ride (based on the concept art and statistics for both the ride and the Zamperla "Midi Discovery" variant) it could well be a Zamperla Windshear. Only time will tell though, let's just hope that Six Flags run it on a decent cycle.

  10. I worked in Food and Beverage as a seasonal worker from December 2007 - February 2008 at Dreamworld in Australia and December 2006 - Feb 2007 at Warner Bros. Movie World in Food and Beverage.


    I went back to Movie World in September 2011 and worked in Food and Beverage until November 2011 before transferring to Ride Operations until February 2013.


    The rides that I operated were

    *Superman Escape

    *Wild West Falls

    *Lethal Weapon (Now Arkham Asylum)

    *Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster

    *Batwing Spaceshot

    *Kids rides / RoadRunner Rollercoaster


    I also was a scare actor in Fright Nights 2012 and was in the White Christmas parade as well. I also got to do scripted presentations for Ice Age 4D. I wouldn't exchange my experiences for the world there.


    I'm now working a bit more locally at my local go kart track as a rides supervisor

  11. The best musical's i've seen IMO would have been Wicked and Legally Blonde.


    You really don't think that the Legally Blonde movie would convert well into a musical but it was really done incredibly well. It was witty, clever and the songs are just too addictive. And if anyone can dance to the opening number of act 2 (Whipped into Shape) with a jump rope that damn well... they deserve all the praise they can get.


    Saturday Night Fever wasn't too bad either, looking forward to seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when it comes here at the end of the year.

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