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  1. Superman: Escape at Warner Bros. Movie World the staff ask you to unbuckle your seat belts as the train is approaching the station because the harnesses automatically raise up as soon as the train is parked. If the seatbelt is not undone in time the harness stays locked and the operator has to unbuckle it and use a manual release button to unlock the train again (A small button on a wireless remote control) Also a fun fact on Superman: Escape, the amount of seatbelts done up are recorded prior to dispatch (all need to be done up) and if you undo it the main operator is alerted to exactly what seat undoes it at any given time and if it's in the dark ride section of the coaster or the launch it automatically triggers a "Ride Stop" and often results in a "Emergency Stop" if the rider doesn't do it up quick enough...


    On the other hand Arkham Asylum at the same park the seatbelt system causes more problems than ever. Your required to hit one of the 2 green buttons on the handle bars once the train has stopped and the floors have raised. If the button is pushed too many times before it's ready it causes a seat fault and the seat has to be placed out of service for several cycles sometimes until it resets...


    The system on that ride is good in theory but a right royal pain in the a$$ to operate because people don't listen to simple instructions. It really comes down to park procedures and the ride itself.

  2. See... Movie World had the perfect policy in Australia for disabled guests... If they couldn't use the entrance to a ride they would go to the exit of the ride with someone to accompany them while the rest waited in the queue... then when they got to the front of the line the rest of the party joined them... IMO that's the way it should be for all theme parks... no special queue jumping unless it's a paid thing like Flash Pass!

  3. ^


    This exactly. I worked at a local theme park for over a year and the amount of times that I would see parents forcing kids onto rides was insane. And what was even worse is when the parents would start abusing them and yelling at them when they decided they didn't want to ride. There was no set procedure in place on how to deal with this but my own personal (and many others) procedure was if the child was just crying a little bit we would 9 out of 10 times dispatch. However as soon as they start struggling in the seat it becomes a different story. We'd chat to the kids, try and calm them down before dispatching. If the parent said to just send it i'd go along and say "Sorry, it's not actually safe for us to dispatch the ride while your child is struggling like this"


    If they calmed down, before sending the ride i'd often give the kid a nice big "Hi 5" for being "so brave" which would often see them smiling before dispatching. They don't calm down, they are asked to jump off and if they want they can wait to the side for a little bit and if they change their mind we will put them on the next avail car.


    But as a parent, and an ex operator please never force your child on a ride they don't want to. It just makes you look like a jerk to the park staff, and guests around you. It's an experience that should be a positive one for both you and your child

  4. Arkham Asylum IS a rough ride, and always will be. It's still using the original Vekoma chassis on the train, but the hangers (seats) were the only component that was change. The chassis did have minor modifications to allow for the eddy current brakes to stop the train on the main brake run instead of using the air brakes used on most other SLC's. In my opinion I like the ride having that rough, out of control feeling... because it does not have the headbanging anymore. I think once the harness issue with it pushing down on your legs tighter and tighter is fixed ALL of the SLC's should be retrofitted with these trains!

  5. Arkham Asylums harness system is great for reducing the headbanging / discomfort from the ride... HOWEVER one of the major drawbacks is the lap bar design. As the ride goes through the loops it keeps pushing further and further down to the point that your legs cramp up by the time you come into the station. Overall it's much better than the old SLC harnesses... but they still could make improvements to the design.

  6. I know at my work on two of our main rides (Superman and Scooby Doo) You can cross the track.


    Scooby Doo has a "track crossing" button on the main control panel in the control room and on the Loader control panel. This effectively disables any further cars from being dispatched until the supervisor has an "all clear" from the loader that they have crossed. Staff can only cross when they have an illuminated green light which is cleverly hidden in the scenery.


    As far as Superman goes (Intamin Accelerator) we can only cross when the harnesses are all up on the train, because it can't dispatch with the harnesses up (well, not from the load platform... unload is a different story) or unless you have the all clear from the supervisor. It's not like it will dispatch anyway as it requires 3 staff to hit a button in unison to dispatch anywho.


    So it certainly wouldn't be a law, just comes down to park / ride procedures more than anything.

  7. ^That does seem rather high.


    Looks like a good addition, but how about one of those dropping slides off the side of the ship (no not into the ocean).


    The way things are evolving so quick with waterslides on cruise ships, I wouldn't be surprised to see a dropping body slide!


    It would be great to see an AquaLoop or something off the side of a ship! Or from one of the higher decks to one of the lower decks that is open air.

  8. Village Roadshow Limited (Village Roadshow Theme Parks):


    Current Properties:


    *Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast, Australia

    *Sea World - Gold Coast, Australia

    *Paradise Country - Gold Coast, Australia

    *Australian Outback Spectacular - Gold Coast, Australia

    *Wet 'n' Wild Water World - Gold Coast, Australia

    *Wet 'n' Wild - Phoenix, Arizona

    *Wet 'n' Wild - Kapolei, Hawaii




    *Wet 'n' Wild - Sydney, Australia

    *Wet 'n' Wild - Las Vegas

  9. Sea World Australia has a new attraction opening in 2013, no word on what it is yet... but it's rumored to be a Mack Water Coaster. The teaser the park is providing so far is "The Storm is building, It's going to be a big one: New Attraction coming 2013"


    www.seaworld.com.au - on the home page if you wait for it to rotate. It's also on the facebook page as well

  10. Well, I know at my work we have age restrictions on the KIDS rides. Basically an adult can't ride on the Frog Hopper, Kid's Dodgem Cars / Go Carts etc if they are over 14 years old. Mostly because the frog hopper has a maximum weight of 300kg per ride. So instead of saying your too large to ride... we just say no adults (which is classed as someone over 14 as they pay adult entry tickets)


    As far as minimum age goes, I guess it depends on the theming more than anything really if you ask me.

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