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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here... but when Tower of Terror II launched in Australia, during the test runs it was reaching similar heights as Superman is now. However in normal operation it runs much the same height as it used to (around halfway)


    I have heard a rumor from several reliable sources I have within Dreamworld, but please only take it as a rumor... Tower of Terror II was the Prototype for the relaunch and still uses the old PC's from the original ride (that IS confirmed) but has had a few minor tweaks to the launch to make it a smoother launch instead of it being a jerky launch with 2 bursts of speed.


    I have heard that Superman at MM is getting a whole new computer system and is having much more time to test considering it's just over 2 months until Launch. Tower of Terror was still open in it's original form 1 month before it was re-opened. I was told that after Magic Mountain's ride has opened and the new System was in place that it would be implemented on it's Australian brother later on. It may or may not be true... but to be honest it doesn't sound like it's an unreasonable idea.

  2. iPhone 3GS 8GB... Previously had a Nokia E63 and before that a Nokia N95 8GB


    Only had my iPhone 3GS since July and it's already been sent back twice for repairs, so Vodafone might be replacing it with either a HTC Desire HD or a HTC Legend












    NOKIA E63



    NOKIA N95 8GB

  3. I am aware of what was said, hence why explaining that even the best of operators can sometimes go into a state of shock when something like that happens. I know you didn't say that all carnies are stupid, but that's the impression that a lot of people get sadly. However from looking at a lot of videos of rides in America at carnivals, I can sort of see why you are under that impression! Some of the people operating some of the rides scare even me! At least in Australia we have a standard of workers who operate the carnival rides here

  4. I wouldn't be so quick to judge the operator in this case. An emergency stop proceedure can take time for the machine to fully stop. In the instance of the Scorpion ride, it takes around 25 - 30 seconds for the Emergency Stop to fully kick in and stop all motions. The main hub has to stop spinning, and that spins at around 10 - 12RPM (depending on operator) while the star wheels that the gondola's are attached to spin at around 15rpm. For the ride to stop any faster would cause whiplash and possibly more damage to the ride / riders. Also you may not understand this, but when an incident like that happens it can take a few seconds to react. That and seeing it happen even the best of operators can go into shock and freak out.


    Having people calling all "carnies" stupid like that is actually a bit insulting to me as I have worked the local shows in Australia for 3 years now. I know you may not have been meaning to be insulting, but I just feel that you should know both sides to this and how the media blow things out of proportion. If the ride HAD stopped (which it did) The Emergency stop would have had to be engaged. I am also not speaking out of my a$$ with these facts, I have actually worked on the Scorpion ride before and these are all facts about the rides proceedure.


    *Speeds of the Scorpion at the Calgary Stampede may not be accurate due to the operator, but are based on the speeds of an Identical ride in Australia

  5. Just letting you know, that Top Scan in the photos is indeed a Mondial unit. I've worked extensively with the one that travels around Australia and there are some things that make it stand out. The harnesses on the ride are clearly the Mondial type, along with the motor at the top of the main arm (the one that lifts the ride up from the load position) along with a few other minor things that I could pick up on. Great photos too

  6. Depends who you are going with I guess. Dreamworld is best for Thrills, and if you go after September 18th you will be able to ride the Refurbished "Tower of Terror II" Even though it would be cold, I do suggest doing White Water World next door to Dreamworld. You can buy a 2 Day World pass for $99 which is actually valid till July next year due to a promotion the park is having. This gives you UNLIMITED entry to both the parks.


    Sea World is great for families and has a truckload of animal exhibits and a kick ass Intamin Rocket (not sure what else to call Jet Rescue) coaster that packs quite a punch despite not even going upside down. You also have Sea Viper which is just a standard Arrow Corkscrew with new trains on the coaster. Castaway Bay is also opening in September which has a Splash Battle and a ropes course and other attractions. However be sure to see Imagine, the park's dolphin show as it's truly spectacular.


    Movie World is the best over-all themed park on the Gold Coast, with rides such as the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster which is arguably the best themed Wild Mouse roller-coaster around. Along with Wild West Falls log flume and the Vekoma SLC with the "Bonus Helix"

    The Batman adventure ride is also fairly decent, and very well themed however it is a bit out-dated now. Superman Escape is Australia's best roller-coaster and is NOT to be missed, providing amazing airtime and a great "pre-launch" section.


    Wet n Wild is the world's 3rd biggest water-park and is opening the AquaLoop in September as well. Which is a looping waterslide.


    For entry to Sea World, Wet n Wild and Movie World I suggest getting a VIP pass from www.myfun.com.au for 99 dollars which provides unlimited entry to all 3 parks till the end of June.


    If you have any more questions feel free to Private Message me. I can also help with Public Transport to and from the parks as i'm a local myself.

  7. I will just say this, Dreamworld has been looking at reversing the Tower of Terror since EARLY 2008. Rumors were circulating between staff at the park at that time when I worked there. So I would say there has been some quite extensive research done on this project if it had been getting spoken about for over 2 years. All I will say is that I expect it to be rather interesting to say the least to ride the Tower of Terror backwards. And yes as far as I am aware, Dreamworld and SFMM have been in communication quite a bit in regards to the 2 rides.

  8. I know I am from Australia and things may be different here, but the regulations for traveling amusement rides are VERY strict and if not more strict than the theme parks. People always get the indications that "carny" rides are not as safe as the permanent versions of the rides. I have worked in both a theme park and carnival environment for the last 3 years, and I have total faith in all the Amusement rides that I have ever been on. Sadly though accidents like this can happen at any time.


    Obviously we can't rule out negligence at this stage, as we are unaware of what actually caused the failure. I am inclined however to believe that this could be a freak accident that has happened. As I have actually worked on an Identical ride at carnivals and even helped to set up and pull down the ride on multiple occasions. It seems very odd that this has happened, as there are several huge bolts that hold the "Star Wheel" as it's called to the main sweeps. However if the accident happened while the ride was going at full speed, one bolt breaking could have been enough to put stress on the ride causing the failure.


    Even if the ride has passed inspection, the bolt can sometimes unexpectedly fail with no signs of wear and tear. It is a very tragic incident that has happened and I wish all the victims of the incident a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart. And just a FYI, the Australian Scorpion Model, seen in the video above has been closed down for inspections by WorkSafe SA (Our equivalent of state inspectors) and has been deemed all clear, however the owners of the unit are prepared to shut down the ride and make any modifications if the Manufacturer (Tivoli Inc.) requests it.

  9. Thanks for that Elissa, we were just trying to decide on which hotel would be cheapest. It's around 200 AUD per night for the dates we are wanting to stay. But if we book now we get a free 50 minute spa treatment each night, which is by far worth it


    2 Days should be fine for HKDL and then a day to do Ocean Park + Shopping right?

  10. Hey guys, Just a quick few questions. I'm heading to Hong Kong in 3 weeks and going to Hong Kong Disneyland, and I'm looking at going to Ocean Park as well.


    First up, which of the 2 hotels at HKDL would you personally recommend? The HKDL Hotel or the Hollywood Hotel? This is just for me and my mother for 3 nights stay. And approx how much in $HK would a meal be at Disneyland (Burger, Fries, Drink) I've tried doing some googling but couldn't find much information.


    Another quick question is about Ocean Park, would it be a full day park or a half day park? And what is the Public Transport from HKDL to Ocean Park? I looked on Google Map's and I couldn't see any railway stations anywhere near the park.


    Sorry for so many questions, but if your able to help me or steer me in the right direction it would be very much appreicated!

  11. im pretty sure Sophie Monk worked at movie world australia as Marilyn Monroe


    Sophie Monk did indeed work at Warner Bros. Movie World as Marylin Monroe in the 90's before becoming the singer / actor that she is now. I can even say that I was kissed by Sophie!


    For people that don't know who Sophie Monk is, she played "Andy" in Date Movie.



    Date Movie



    Sophie Monk as Marylin Monroe, Warner Bros. Movie World - Gold Coast Australia.

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