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  1. Hell it would be something I would be VERY interested in, not so much for the perks but for helping to keep the site Ad Free!


    I brought a TPR shirt last year, and it's still in great condition so i'd use the store credit to get another one. The park perk's sound like a brilliant idea, however the Australian parks are very stingy so they probably wouldn't offer anything in return for being a TPR member.


    But count me as interested!

  2. I am having an Issue having my music playing through the Speakers in RCT3. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and I have the RCT3 Platinum Pack installed on it. The music is in the RCT3 Music Folder and the checkbox in the game is clicked. The normal WMA files that came with the program will play, but mp3 files wont. I even tried putting in a WMA file of my own and it didn't work either... but it just crashed the game.


    When I first installed it there was no issue, it only recently happened. I have tried un-installing the game and re-installing it but it hasn't fixed the issue. Any ideas on what to do?

  3. It's not a rollercoaster moment as such... but more or less a waterpark moment that was hysterical. Me and Zaneymon were at Wet n Wild in Australia on Tuesday and lining up for the Kamikaze (Waterfun Sidewinder)... and I started to get nervous having to go backwards... and I was silent until it started to drop and I said a few choice words VERY loudly much to the public's amusement.


    And later that night in the line for Tornado, I was randomly kicking my foot through the hole of the Cloverleaf tube and I didn't know Zane had his head down there and WHACK. Many laughs were had about that one... not to mention when they "evacuated" the slides and pools due to an electrical storm that was a epic fail to say the least.

  4. Hey guys, just wishing all the Staff and members of ThemePark Review a safe and happy christmas and new year. May 2009 bring many new awesome roller-coasters and fun filled adventures! Just remember... an ACEr Buffet and Flat Rides don't always mix!

  5. It was actually and Arrow HUSS according the the little plaque in the station


    I am still shocked / amazed that the real coaster is STILL smooth as a baby's bottom after almost 30 years! Must be because HUSS had a say in the design.


    But thanks guys for the kind words. I'm currently doing a few little fixes on the coaster as we speak, such as fixing the G spike so I should have another version without it very soon.


    Also just to note the coaster was all hand built.

  6. Well for some stupid reason I can't find the screenshots I took of my coaster. I'm using Vista so that probably explains alot. But anyway. This is one of my first No Limit's coasters that I have built in a while so it may not be perfect but I have spent several days tweaking with it. Just a few things to note though.


    Ride does NOT pass the E-Stop test coming into the station. The first 2 - 3 cars make it into the station before stopping on the final brake run. The coaster only runs 1 train and this is what the ride does in real life so I made it do it on this ride.


    Also I tried and tried to get rid of the Lateral G Spike coming out of the fan turn and into the corkscrews but no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of it.


    I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating this coaster!



    Sea World Corkscrew.nlpack

    Sea World Corkscrew Track Package

    Sea World Corkscrew.nltrack

    Sea World Corkscrew TRACK ONLY

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