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  1. Monkey jockeys riding dogs is just to much awesomeness for me to handle. Plus I think that witch is scarier than any realistic looking witch I have ever seen.
  2. I am a waterpark fanboy, and I must say, that appears to generate more airtime than any coaster, drop tower, or other ride I have and/or will ever go on, and am now officially obligated to ride it. Exclamation point! This park seems a lot bigger than it looks in the Index. I expect Larry to get right on to updating the Index page the second he gets back to Long Island. I'm not even a water park fan, but I certainly just added this to my must do list.
  3. I've heard good things about the Columbus Zoo but I seriously just added it to my must do list for this summer. Thanks for the nice report.
  4. Bad Taste and Dead Alive were both amazing. I've never seen Meet The Feebles though, but I've always wanted to.
  5. If your gonna recommend the beach, which is a great beach, I have to also point out that Muskegon has one of the best run down Drive-In move theaters around. It is kind of like the Indiana Beach of Drive-Ins. It is a must do in that city.
  6. If the geyser had missed my boat I wouldn't of gotten very wet, but both times I got nailed pretty good and when it got me it was almost as drenching as being right underneath the waterfall on Thunder Canyon.
  7. As long as you don't sit in the front you won't get soaked like on Snake River Falls. Neither of my rides were in the front and I got soaked both times. I'm talking every fiber of my clothing dripping wet. Though it was the geyser that got me both times.
  8. I wish the established band was the spice girls.
  9. Hey guys, Cedar Point gets covered to death so I'm gonna keep this brief. Visited Cedar Point on Monday and got to put two rides on Shoot The Rapids. The first tunnel is absolutely filled with mist. Amazingly it doesn't seem to get you to wet. The drops do seem to be suffering from the same problems that Pilgrims Plunge seemed to suffer from and you don't really get to soaked from them. Some water does come in the boat but nothing to crazy or anything. In between the two drops you go through some rocky area though with a couple of waterfalls and a geyser. The waterfalls get you a little wet but the geyser soaked the living crap out of us both times through. All in all it was an excellent flume, but if flumes aren't your thing this ride isn't gonna change you mind. I was speaking with a worker and according to her it ran with zero problems on Saturday, but was down almost all day on Sunday. When it first opened the line was completely deserted. I walked on twice in a row. Later in the day I'm guessing at maybe a 30 minute wait. Anyways here's a very brief video of the splashdown coming off the second hill, and then I'll include some pictures from the day. That's right it's actually open! Being that I'm not a big water ride fan I'm not sure what I'm in for as I'm walking up. (This one was shot with my point and shoot and I didn't realize how badly the sun was hitting my lens, but I still wanted to include it anyways.) Inside the station I see this slightly amusing sight. Looks like a pretty big whoops to me. A shot of a boat heading up the first lift hill. The ride ends with the second splashdown. This is about as high as the wall of water gets as the ride is running right now. But take notice of just how wet everyone seems to be. Just incase you thought the first photo was a fluke. Now for a few coaster shots. MF keeps slipping in my top ten list, but it is still my pick at Cedar Point. A great first drop, three air time hills, and intense speed. Mavericks first drop. I wasn't actually a big fan, but it's growing on me. With a little bit of defensive riding I can enjoy the ride without the OTSR's beating me up too bad. Please don't smoke here as it would be a shame if someone accidentally burnt down this incredibly awesome coaster. The guy in the front row gives it thumbs up! Gemini is still in my top five in the park. Cedar Point is my home park and I grew up riding some of their classics. Iron Dragon was one of my favorites growing up and now it's my son's favorite, so don't hate on it. My son's other favorite. This one I don't really love so much. Kind of fun, but not really great. My middle son freaked out on this once and now won't ride coasters anymore. I had been working him up small to big and he had just gotten off the Gemini just fine. Now he won't ride NOTHING. I haven't ridden TTD this year yet. But it's fun to photograph. To finish out my day I caught two shows including the Tropical show I can't quite remember the name of. It was pretty good. Then I caught Rock Band Live. It was a very fun show. One of the better shows I've seen this year. The "plot" is that two bands are kind of battling it out. One is an established band and the other is a new group put together by the band manager. The new band is chosen through the pre-show auditions where you play Rock Band and get rated. Then your on-stage performance has you playing Rock Band during the show.
  10. Great pictures Griffin. I can't wait to do my report on the event. I should have it up sometime next week. I'm actually in the first Wolverine Wildcat station picture too, but I'm almost completely hiding behind that Aidan kids mother. That was my only solo ride on WW, because when that ride was over they asked if it was okay if he rode with me and he ended up riding 7 times in a row total on WW with me before following me over to Shivering Timbers and doing 8 laps over there with me.
  11. I seem to remember it being above average while it was at Geauga Lake too. First off I think how "smooth" it is, is often over stated. Saying it's the best Vekoma SLC isn't really saying all that much. Nice report. It makes me smile to see Michigan's Adventure get some love. It seems that everyone is always bashing on it. Yes it's lacking in some departments but I don't think this park is half as bad as some would have you believe. I'm really glad you liked Shivering Timbers. It is an amazing ride. I was just at the park today for Timbersfest and will be writing up a report myself sometime next week or so.
  12. Hey guys took these photo's at Kings Island monday. I was thinking about saving them for a TR, but I didn't really shoot enough of the park to do anything very thorough so I'm just gonna share these here.
  13. I wouldn't mind going back later this summer and grabbing a campground and staying for a couple of days. How busy does this park get during the summer?
  14. I was thinking that I would love to take my boys there, they are 8, 9, and 10. Each of my boys gets a yearly one on one trip with me and next year I might plan a Holiday World and St. Louis trip with my oldest boy. I think he would absolutely love this place. I actually think all my boys would but just the thought of trying to keep track of all three once inside makes my head hurt. I'm pretty sure my middle son wouldn't do much of the high stuff and can guarantee that my youngest absolutely would not. If you look in the upper left corner of the second City Museum picture you can see a thin wire crawlway that has to be near the five story mark. I would estimate it to be about 40 to 50 feet long and is only supported by a single cable in the middle. The sway in that tunnel is very noticeable. I really didn't notice much sway anyplace else. I was climbing on autopilot, with no notice of the heights until I started climbing through some of these wire mesh tunnels around and about the airplane. I was half way through one of them when I started looking down and realized I was fifty feet of the ground and completely supported by some guys welding job. Then you start wondering things like, what if he was drunk the day he did this weld....
  15. The day following Holiwood Nights I made the decision to swing to the west and pay a visit to Six Flags St. Louis. The plan started as simple as being just Six Flags, but then on the way into town in the morning I got thinking about visiting City Museum for an hour or two. I had heard about it last time I was in town about five years ago and have regretted ever since not taking the time to visit. Problem was that it was only 9:30 and City Museum didn't open till 11. So I then made the call to make a quick stop at the St. Louis zoo to take some pictures of their penguin exhibit. Zoo's are yet another thing you can add to my list of things I LOVE, and St. Louis zoo is one of the better ones I have visited. I was looking at a 12 hour window to visit a zoo, a museum, and an amusement park. Fun stuff. My hour at the zoo ended up taking three hours. Whoops. Okay off to City Museum where I now knew I was really crunched for time. After visiting I have to say City Museum may be the single coolest place I have ever visited. I can't stress this enough, if passing through St. Louis you should seriously consider taking the time to stop and check out this extremely interesting museum. It's not a museum in the vein of the kind that immediately pop into our minds, but is a huge 10 story walkthrough exhibit that is almost more like a giant McDonalds play place for adults. It has to be seen and experienced to be appreciated as the pictures I took don't even begin to do it justice. Just a heads up though, this place will test your fear of heights. I worked construction for 10 years and more than once on the outdoor area I caught myself having to take a second to steady my nerves. In the end my allotted hour at City Museum also turned into about 3 hours. So even though I intended to reach Six Flags absolutely no later than 2, I instead found myself not walking through their gate until roughly 5:30. At that point I was really afraid I wasn't gonna have the time to do everything. I took the quickest lap around the park I could manage snapping quick shots of the coasters and their signs for my collection. When I came upon Evel Knieval I spent some extra time shooting it before storing my camera in one of Six Flags 2 hour timed storage containers. I had time for 3 rides on EK, and one on each of the other 6 coasters before my 2 hours was up. I then took my camera and shot a couple more shots of Screaming Eagle, and The Boss as I really hadn't gotten any good shots of either of those on my initial lap. I then stored my camera for another two hours and put in another 8 or so rides on EK, one ride on Xcalibur, and then two night rides on Screaming Eagle, and one on The Boss. I never once waited longer than 10 minutes for any coaster. My general lack of time though prohibited me from getting to ride or photograph any of the flats. So my apologies to anybody who wants to see or hear about those. All in all I thought it was a very nice mid sized park. From what I could see during my short stay the park was kept fairly clean, the staff seemed friendly and ops seemed competent. Could it be... yep, it's another Batman clone. I loved the Joker theming on this ride. C'mon who doesn't love ninjas? Then I saw the Stride gum advertising wrapped around one of the trains and I think I threw up in my mouth a little. Hopefully the mine train would be free of eye sore advertisements. It featured not one, not two, but three lift hills. Didn't ride the drop tower but took a picture of it on my way to Screaming Eagle. Time for my first of three woodies in this park. It was a very good out and back that was actually kind of L shaped in it's lay out. Nights rides on this were actually very very good. I was kind of curious about my next ride. It was essentially a spinning mouse on steroids. I followed that up with The Boss. Which was a little rough, but not as rough as I had heard. It didn't have ton of air, but had a good lay out, and good intensity and speed. Night rides on this are also not to be missed. Not being familiar enough with the lay out I found myself having to hold on tight. This was a fairly unique ride I haven't really seen before, so I gave it a try. It was a fun little diversion from riding coasters. Nothing like a coaster named Mr. Freeze on a 90+ degree day. It was basically kind of like a launched boomerang. Different, and definitely fun. This was a nauseating sight after spending two days at Holiday World with their $5 day prices for the same thing. My whole reason for visiting St. Louis. GCI hotness! The red, white, and blue theming was very eye catching. The ride was super smooth, fast, and had real nice pops of air. While it wasn't the biggest or the longest it was still very good. I imagine if I hadn't shown up so late in the day I would of put way more rides in on this. I wish we had a nice little GCI like this closer to home. Now for a few quick pics from the first half of my day. St. Louis actually has the best penguin exhibit I have ever seen and was the number one reason I wanted to stop. I wasn't sure what to expect from City Museum. But what I came across just blew me away. Every thing you see here can pretty much be walked through, climbed on, or crawled under. The whole outdoor climbing structure is 4 to 5 stories high and will test your fear of heights. Mightier than the TPR pen is the City Museum 100' long pencil! Because lets face it, no matter what the ladies tell us, we know size matters. An indoor skatepark minus the skateboarders. They have a 10 story spiral slide! Sweet. The slide is actually the back spiral here, and yes that baby goes all the way down. Up on the roof top I found some more awesomeness I hadn't expected to find when I decided to make a quick stop. Including the reason for finding a bus teetering on the edge of the roof... they actually allowed this five year old tattooed punk to drive the bus. Well that was just asking for trouble if you ask me. Then to top it all off they have a ferris wheel on top of the building. Six Flags....? No thank you, I want to just stay here please.
  16. While I didn't find any pictures of you I did stumble across a little bit of Holiday World creepiness while searching. Can anyone please tell me why he has a dead bird on his head? I had never paid close attention to this shot till I started scanning closer looking for a possible picture of Reon, but does anyone else think blue tank top guy looks a little creepy here?
  17. I would really love to visit this park at night sometime. No I didn't try the taco's. I saw the taco stand. I will try them next time though as the food at Dog N Suds wasn't near as good as the root beer was.
  18. It was almost hard to keep those babies under control. I would almost be afraid to ride them on a windy day.
  19. What color Voyage shirt? Where you riding Voyage at all during the daytime? If you were I probably got you somewhere I took hundreds of pictures that didn't make the cut. I even bypassed some of the best pictures to put one's up with event attendees. So give me an idea of exactly what you were wearing and I'll look for you. You actually tried to wear a hoodie!? I LOVE hoodies and you rarely ever see me with out one one when the weather is nice but it was so hot I would of went naked if I could of gotten away with it. I couldn't even imagine adding extra clothes. One last thing for the record here. Some of the other photographers made me feel like an amateur too. I'm far from professional, I just bought a fast camera so I can take enough shots so that somewhere in there I might find a shot that I like.
  20. I may just have to visit again next time I find myself headed down to Holiday World and seeing if my experience changes, because these were the kind of things I had been expecting from the things I had heard about Cornball. I got into all of this because I love roller coasters, but somewhere along the way I have found and discovered that I actually love the experience of just being in the park almost as much as I do the coasters in general. So I don't always ride all the flats, but I'm trying to make sure they end up in my reports. I do though try to ride a few flats every day and make it a point to check out anything that I come across that is unique or different.
  21. I had heard good things about Cornball and really looked forward to riding it. I just didn't find it as good as what I had heard. I rode it several times in the front, middle, and back. I thought it only had a couple good spots of air though. I thought the air on it was better overall than the air on Hoosier, but I felt like Hoosier had more. Maybe Cornball wasn't running good on the day I was there, because the air I experienced on it couldn't ever even begin to be described as comparable to Cyclops. I'm not saying your wrong, I'm just saying I didn't experience it at all.
  22. I'm glad I got you guys into to the pictures. Thanks for the kind words, and yes I am really looking forward to next year myself.
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