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  1. Couple of photos taken by Youtube favourite Shawn Sanbrooke today: Entrance to the new area As close to Th13teen as you can possibly get during this half-term event.
  2. Alton terrors' ad is banned ALTON TOWERS' new TV campaign for a rollercoaster has been banned - for being "too scary". Advertising watchdogs say the ad for the Th13teen ride, which features spooky hooded figures, may not be shown before the 9pm watershed. Stunned execs have gone back to the drawing board. Th13teen - based on the discovery of an old burial ground - launches next month. It has been touted as the "most gruelling" ride in the country.
  3. I guess you mean Thirteen not Corkscrew, but yes that was just a rumour on various forums. Also, update on Corkscrew's new paintjob (photo provided by AstroDan from TTF):
  4. I guess you mean Thirteen not Corkscrew, but yes that was just a rumour on various forums.
  5. Work on Corkscrew's paintjob ready for it's proud placement at the park entrance has begun.
  6. Bit of info on the Sonic themed hotel suite added to the official site:
  7. New images and video (screenshot below) Video: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid10177795001?bctid=64482388001 Full full glimpse of the front of the train: Station building progress: Looking at the video it seems the trains have individual lap-bars.
  8. The background image of the new competition site seems to reveal the side of the train that was cut off on the other photo. Full Size
  9. New website is online for this competition: http://www.altontowers.com/thirteen/
  10. They are going down the "Dark Forest taking everything over" theme I believe.
  11. Rita/Dark Forest Update! The RITA retheme has begun, as these pictures posted on the Resort's Flickr page show: Full size images as always:
  12. Few updates from the park today Sonic's Arrival 100% Confirmed: Though it had been spotted on promotional materials for the 2010 season, the park officially confirmed (via the official site) the Spinball Whizzer retheme to become "Sonic Spinball" and released the ride's new logo. A new themed suite will also open in Alton Towers Hotel and the partnership with Sega is for 3 years - fuelling the recent speculation that the ride is set for a move within the resort in the future. New theming, sound effects and a car design are expected for the new season. Sonic Spinball is due to open for the Feb Half Term event which begins on 13th Feb. More 13 related PR BS: The Daily Star are running a story about a construction worker who is so scared by Thirteen he has stopped work. He has supposedly been breaking out in cold sweats etc... Link to full "story" 2010 Promotional Image Though the image had been spotted in a brochure and scanned online this past week, a higher quality version has made it's way online.
  13. It's marketing, simple as. There won't be an age or ride limit on the ride once it opens in March, it's a easy way to get into the papers.
  14. Sneak peek at the 2010 promotional image which was spotted in the 2010 Enjoy Staffordshire brochure: (Source: Towerstimes)
  15. Another set of new photos have appeared on Flickr. The rest can be found here:
  16. Doubt it, it's probably just generic coaster car with the name of the ride on the front advertising.
  17. Or they could be both. Very true. Nice little bit of marketing for the ride today on the Telegraph website: Caption: Workmen take a break from the construction of new ride, 'Th13teen' at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, to play with a snow sculpture version of the roller coaster carriage that they helped to build.
  18. Those pillars in my opinion will be reinforcement rather than theming. Could indicate that this section will be underground too, still it's another new angle of the ride!
  19. Although it doesn't reveal anything new, here's the page from the park's 2010 booklet which talks about Thirteen.
  20. I think it's in quite a good location personally. If they had put it in the park and added the extra charge next to nobody would use it simply due to the upcharge. It also gives the hotel guests something else to do and with Alton trying to brand themselves a resort rather than a themepark with 2 hotels it makes sense to place it right next to the hotels. I'm a big fan of the golf course and if they do go down the route of retheming the holes next week it'll make it even better in my opinion. Would also like to see a Spinball hole especially with the Sonic retheme now confirmed. That's definitely still them putting the ride where they did in the first place. Terrible location.
  21. Definitely with the Spinball retheme now confirmed on top of the expected Rita/Ug Land retheme and of course the addition of Thirteen there will be alot of "New" badges on the 2010 park map. 2 other bits of news Alton Towers wise. First the logo on the official website has changed to a 30 year anniversary one. Even though the site has been used as an attraction since the 1800's it is considered by the majority that the park got it's "themepark" status with the opening of Corkscrew in 1980. Secondly (again from the official site) Extraordinary Golf, the parks miniature golf course, is to be closed between Monday 11th and Friday 15th of January "for essential works to make the experience even more extraordinary". Whether this means just routine maintenance or the retheming of the few now outdated holes I guess we'll have to see.
  22. TTF Member Wes put together this image and details using the concepts released way back when this ride was just a rumour and the plans we've seen since: Thought I'd put something together to give us all an idea as to what the theming of this ride would look like. So basically, I just brought together the plans, for the layout and themeing (entrance/station) along with the concepts. Each letter of the image corresponds to the whereabouts on the layout of the plans. A - The station. More than likely changed from what we've seen. Big tree becoming the main part of the station? Could more be changing? B - The entrance gates - once again, from what we've seen, could they not be as gothic and ruined as shown? Its clear they have changed, but how much more will they change? C - This was a concept image released last year. The image clearly shows an indoor tilting section. Its also shows the track coming from the forest, a hole in the celing, falling into fire, vines on the walls. Could this be close to what we're going to be seeing next year? D - Had a bit of a revelation with image D the other day. It shows some over banked turns coming through the woods, why looked not too dis-similar to this image Could we be seeing vines, scafolding and pillars in the wooded section? Afterall, the area in the woods seems sparce. E - This appears to show track appearing from the roots of a free from underground - Could this be something to do with the burried helix behind the station? Will it be under cover and feel as if you are appears from a tree? And finally ... F - Could this be the section as you exit the station initially? This seems to have a sharp bend, not too dis-similar from when you exit the track.
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