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  1. An article on the website of The Smiler game creators: Source: http://matmi.com/blog/it-is-almost-here-the-smiler-app/
  2. How would the ride not having the washing machine element that nobody wants anyway piss the "fanboys" off?
  3. Blivvy's repaint is in progress. http://pinterest.com/pin/56295064064130826/
  4. Tweeted by the Resort today The photo is probably a few days old as all the snow has been washed away by the rain. Oh British weather, how we love thee.
  5. ...not to mention the end of the video on the bottom of the article showing the ride logo (incl. The Smiler) and the address of a yet to appear webpage. I guess when Alton told the media to back off from revealing until Monday they didn't expect one of them to post the article at 00:01!
  6. http://www.towersstreet.com/talk/planning-portal/secret-weapon-7-discussion-continued/msg40818/#msg40818
  7. Well we have our first use of "world first rollercoaster" in relation to SW7 in the resort's marketing.
  8. Nemesis: Sub-Terra advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdWosITX830
  9. 18 years ago today a certain B&M invert was unveiled to the world. Happy Birthday Nemesis!
  10. The Ice Age 4D advert has been put online today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmhbRRNtQdE It is expected that the Sub Terra advert will feature during Skins tonight (E4 - 10pm)
  11. Following a planning meeting by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council, SW7 planning permission has been granted.
  12. Phalanx Control today tweeted the themed uniform for Sub-Terra's ride hosts.
  13. 99.99% of it looks fantastic, the wheels on the operator's booth look ridiculous. It's a little thing but for something most riders are going to look at, what with it being right infront of the lift hill that draws your attention when you've boarded, it seems strange that it's one of the few things that hasn't been designed/themed realistically.
  14. With the planning committee's meeting being scheduled for next Thursday, a new document has been posted to the Staffordshire Moorlands website detailing the SW7 project as part of the meeting's agenda. Within that document is the following: The case for a Gerstlauer grows ever stronger, though the wording in terms of SW7's relationship with Saw has changed from "same type" to "similar type" which would clear up the issues with the lack of a beyond vertical drop in the plans we've seen. Roll on next Thursday.
  15. As part of the continued build up to the launch of Sub Terra the park will be taking part in this Easter's Big Egg Hunt which, as the name suggests, is a...big egg hunt in the city of London. The Nemesis Egg http://www.thebigegghunt.co.uk/egg/146
  16. Earlier today Alton Towers began following a Twitter account called PhalanxControl. One of their tweets: Edit: After reaching 150 followers, the following was posted:
  17. Reading the reports that go with these plans the park seems very confident that the track aspect of the new ride doesn't need to be approved as it fits in with guidelines that are already in place for that area of the site. It seems the station building and excavation work that they are more concerned about with these documents.
  18. We'll be getting (if permission is granted) an inversion filled coaster that replaces a building that has been empty for years in an area that has been in need of some attention for even longer. How disappointing indeed.
  19. Well we have some plans for SW7 and it looks like the best possible cure for Alton's lackofinversions syndrome. http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/publicaccess/tdc/DcApplication/application_detailview.aspx?keyval=LWI1WJPG0D700&searchtype=PROPERTY&module=P3 Taken from the 3.1 of the noise report. - Theming designs and detail are current still being drawn up and are due to be submitted at a later date. The track has been designed to be of a similar height to Oblivion, the station will use similar materials to the Oblivion buildings (suggesting an extension of X Sector's theme) - The roller coaster track will be painted black/grey - There will be an on-ride photo and a shop - Ride construction will begin in September 2012 - The cost of this project is £20 million - Some of the roller coaster will be below current ground level, so there will be some excavation. Now watch it fail the planning application process.
  20. Source: http://www.attractionsmanagement.com/detail1.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=287553&site=AM&dom=N
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