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  1. Apparently they've been standing at the entrance to Rita then suddenly springing to life and hissing as visitors walk past them. Very much looking forward to going on Tuesday.
  2. More photos of the "Dark Forest" section can be seen here: http://forum.towerstimes.co.uk/viewtopic.php?p=483918#p483918
  3. New update, again thanks to Altonator: From reading TTF it seems the lifthill is completely in place now, we just don't have any pictures of it.
  4. Photos courtesy of Russell from TTF Few photos looking towards the forest area of the ride: Track remaining in the carpark: Fence around the burnt down Skyride station just around the corner from the SW6 site:
  5. My money is on a horizontal track drop using that huge hole. The track in and out of the building before the hole are flat/straight, ruling out anyform of tilt IMO.
  6. Quick update: Photo from the back section, as the train enters 'the dark forest': Station progress: More can be found on TowersNerd's SW6 Construction Gallery
  7. Though the new promotional material I posted earlier doesnt refer to their being a 'World's First' element the newly updated 2010 page on the website does: http://www.altontowers.com/2010
  8. I believe the plan was to re-locate Spinball Whizzer nearer the hotels rather than remove it from the resort as a whole.
  9. First bit of track went in on the 1st of this month yes. Pictures courtesy of TTF member dormiensdraco: Also, taken from the official Alton Towers website:
  10. Some photos of the track in the carpark: (Courtesy of Altonator from TTF)
  11. Photos courtesy of pfleety from Towers Times Forum (TTF) Photo courtesy of luke excell from Towers Times Forum (TTF)
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