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  1. Dan from CoasterDynamix here. We have thought about doing RP models with more detail. We actually have an SLA model of Maverick with color sitting around somewhere. Though they do look nice, it's VERY expensive and time consuming. I also see you plan on making some molds to semi-mass-produce them. Do you know about draft angles? You can't simply print out a complicated 3D piece and instantly make a mold. You have to think about how the resin will flow in the mold, how to keep air bubbles out, etc, etc. It's very complicated. I would suggest breaking the model up into many parts and molding them separately, then assembling. I think the 3D renders are great, I really do. I hope to see some models released, but I do also think you will have a hard time selling them for more than $100. If people complain that a model with the level of realism as this: Is WAY over-priced at $30, then you may be fighting an uphill battle.
  2. Hey all, I happen to be in the DC metro area this week. I thought I had seen tickets fro SFA going for $20.99 at some website. Does anyone know where that was?
  3. I drove past KI for the first time ever a few days ago and I didn't even see it, let alone feel drawn in by it. You aren't their audience. Coming from someone who works in the amusement industry, we want to sell to the General Public, which is 99% of our customer base. Coaster Nerds such as ourselves overlook that kind of stuff. If you had the option to pay $0 and perhaps attract a couple thousand people, or pay $1million to tear it down, what would you do?
  4. I wonder how many people are drawn to the park by just the sight of SOB. It's at the front, it's huge, and it's scary looking. I would keep it SBNO just to draw people in.
  5. MOD EDIT: WOW! I should post my own coaster up here instead of leaving a nasty comment about yours!
  6. When girffon first opened it was in the gift shop. Those smaller models were displays of the Griffon kit you could get. This was a custom-made HUGE model.
  7. I don't know if anyone remembers the huge Griffon model that used to be in the gift shop (or the smaller Alpie one), but they are both for sale on CoasterDynamix's website. http://www.coasterdynamix.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=13&Itemid=54 Coool Stuffs
  8. Hi Alllll. I am an Ohio boy coming out to LA this month and plan on hitting SFMM. To be honest, I've never been to a SF park, so what is the best way to get a cheap ticket? I saw they can sell online for as low as $35. Is that the cheapest they get? is there a decent AAA discount there? How about soda cans or grocery receipts?
  9. Hey again. I was rendering out some product photos today and thought I'd show you a kind of cool feature this coaster has. You can flip the base over, flip each bent, and you've got yourself a mirrored coaster. This of course means if you have 2, you can make a very realistic Racer model! Check it out:
  10. Lol, either way it's way too small to make a working, dynamic model!
  11. N scale is a popular model railway scale/track gauge. Depending upon the manufacturer (or country), the scale ranges from 1:148 to 1:160.
  12. Hey all. The model is about 3' long and 8" tall. It looks very to-scale as well. With the benefit of painting it yourself, you can make it as realistic as you wish. At an N-Scale (1:148), it will not be a working model (which would be next to impossible to do). Seems like the general price is around $100. We have been thinking a lot about what this model is worth. To build a similar model using Balsa would probably cost you around $500 in material alone and probably 1-2 weeks of built-time. As this model is laser-cut and can be assembled in 3hrs, we think it will give everyone the opportunity to own a scale-accurate actual-wood model of a roller coaster to display. Currently, we are looking to price this no more then $80. There really is nothing else out there that comes close to the quality and appearance of this kit, but we want to keep it affordable for all the coaster nuts (like myself) who also spend lots of money on parks each year! We hope to have this out before Christmas. We may also release a 'first run' which would not have a fancy box or anything, but we'd offer it at a discount to the fine folks of TPR as a 'thank you' for letting us show off our new stuff on the site! For size reference, here are a couple pictures of how I have mine displayed:
  13. Hey everyone, thought you may think these are cool. 2 new Statix. Phoenix from Knoebels and i305 from KD.
  14. Hey everyone, sorry, just got around to this thread again. This model was built from a kit. We at CoasterDynamix have been trying to figure out a way to make an easy-to-build kit for enthusiasts at a reasonable price. We came up with this model. It is laser cut and takes about 3hrs to build. We have hot released it yet, but I'm looking for your suggestions on pricing. What is a model such as this worth to the fine members of TPR? It's about 3ft long and 6" wide. It is a really cool model to put on your desk or on a shelf. You will build the kit yourself which allows you to paint it in any color you wish. Here is a picture of a stained wood model I put together: What do you guys think?
  15. Made using a laser cutter, some basswood strips, and some extrusions. What do you guys think?
  16. Yes this will be N-Scale. It does not run (there is no way to make trains this small that would actually work). Trust me, it looks REALLY cool sitting on a shelf or desk. At a price around $35, it's not meant to be anything like a Phoenix of Scorpion model, however it looks like a coaster and is definitely a must-have for any coaster-nut. I've already made room on my coastershelf for it
  17. Check out this new kit from CoasterDynamix Comes in at about 7x15" and about 4 1/2" tall. Fits in your hand! Perfect desktop ornament for us coaster nerds out there!
  18. Anyone know if the CoasterDynamix model is still running in the gift shop?
  19. Hey everyone. I am part of a group up at Ohio State that studies/designs amusement park stuff as a student organization. I know it's a bit nerdy but I think some of you may find it interesting. We just were featured in FunWorld so I wanted to pass the article along in case you missed it. http://www.iaapa.org/industry/funworld/2009/oct/features/coaster/index.asp Let me know what you think of the group!
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