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  1. Now that we are happy with the prototype, it's time to build the final model. Step 1) Laser cut a TON of bents. This takes days to do! Then we paint them all and start building. Hope to have more for you all tomorrow!
  2. Finished the prototype today! We set our efficiency at 80% between hills and it worked perfectly on the first try! How's that for great engineering? And a video (sorry about the music, our warehouse is loud)
  3. I've got another update today! We cut out more on the laser and glued it all up. We then laid down some track to make sure the train made it perfectly over the hills. Good news is it did! More to come tomorrow!
  4. Hey all. We are working on a HUGE model for a customer. He has allowed us to show you our progress, and a little view into how we do things at CoasterDynamix. Keep posted for more updates as we work through it! Step 1: The prototype. We have designed the ride in Solidworks, and now we have to build a prototype to see if it works! Usually our coasters don't just work on the first try. We tweak things here in there. No need to paint the prototype or use proper colors, so it comes out quite festive!
  5. You might like this beauty that sits at the CoasterDynamix shop
  6. We will be selling these models as soon as this summer! Just a few things to work out and we can start manufacturing!
  7. Hey all! Dan from CoasterDynamix here. We've finished a really cool TumbleBug model that I think you all will get a kick out of. Here's a picture: More pictures here: TumbleBug Progress Page
  8. Hey all! We finished out official prototype today. Thought I would throw up some pics for you. Video to come soon! Laser-engraved floor boards: Metal Bearings for the wheels:
  9. I think we decided on a silver top part and a green lower part (with a sticker with a design similar to the turtles!) More to come!
  10. Hey all, I'm planning on going to Knotts next Thursday while I'm in town (from Ohio). Where's the best place to pick up ticets? AAA? Online? Any local deals going on?
  11. Here's a render I did of what the final product should look like. What color do you think the cars should be?
  12. I've been working on a TumbleBug working model for the past few weeks, thought I would show where I am at the moment:
  13. Thought you all might think this was a cool December model
  14. I think anyone who thinks Knex is superior to CoasterDynamix should take a look at this model. Realism at its best! Great Job!
  15. From the team over at CoasterDynamix... AWESOME JOB! We love model coasters of all scales, and this one is beautiful
  16. Wow this stuff is amazing!! I'd love to see more photos of MF
  17. Hey Y'all. We were messing with our Laser cutter over here at CoasterDynamix and thought you would get a kick out of this sign we made:
  18. Ah, Matteo, thanks for those pictures, however I'm looking for the one that's on the side of the lift hill A larger version of this essentially:
  19. Yeah, I was hoping for some slightly higher resolution photos.
  20. Hi all, I'm trying to find a good, front-facing picture of the Jack Rabbit logo, preferably in a large size. I'm trying to recreate it in Illustrator but all the angles I've found online aren't quite good enough or high enough resolution. I figured the coaster nuts here at TPR might have something deep in their archives.
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