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  1. I'll be heading down for I305's opening day. Luckily my schedule is flexible for almost any weekend in April/Early May in case it's late.
  2. I voted for KD/BGE. While Bizarro is a great ride and Boulder Dash is the best wooden coaster I've been on, I think KD & BGE provide more quality coasters than the New England parks. After Boulder Dash and Bizarro, there really isn't much. KD/BGE you get Dominator, FoF, I305, Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, Loch Ness Monster, Alpengeist, Drop Tower, Curse of DarKastle and Volcano. IMO, I think that those rides more than make up for Bizarro and Boulder Dash.
  3. I have tried looking for this trainer, however I cannot find it anywhere. Whenever I google it, it sends me to pages where either the link has been removed, or to a website where the trainer itself no longer exists. Does anyone have the file and can email it to me or know of where to download it? Thanks!
  4. Is anyone sure that it is part of the middle of the cable? Could it be possible that where the cable connects to the catch cars is at the breaking point? It's been stated that the cables have about a 1 year life span, with, at least in Xcelerator's case, being within that time span. Just something to ponder, and possibly investigate.
  5. I didn't get to as many as I had hoped this year Six Flags New England (Numerous times) Lake Compounce (Sadly only once) Six Flags Great Adventure (4x)
  6. With Wicked Twister, they had to remove some of the stadium I believe. For Top Thrill Dragster, Chaos and Troika were relocated
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