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  1. Here in Brazil we have Montezum and it is a superpain machine, especially in the helix and in the final turn. Besides that, the park runs it without the fifth car. One day, a guest went to the local tv with a video showing the first drop swinging. Of course, it was a hit in the news.
  2. We can see in the news a good thing: Rehnborg reiterated his comments to me again today, highlighting plans to add new attractions, shows and events. "In light of the fact that our ground lease runs through 2074 we have the necessary control of the property to pursue our long-term vision," he wrote. "In addition, we have also created enough financial flexibility to exercise our right of first refusal for the purchase of the property and that option will be considered as the land sale process moves forward." And according to the Great America's image subtitle on the news, the proposed sale date is the first quarter of 2016. We can expect a end real soon. Mass Effect will be the new attraction for 2016, can we expect a Vortex conversion for 2017 or is this already been knocked-off?
  3. Isn't this the 10 inversion coaster of Ankapark? Hopi Hari's rollercoaster was manufactured in 2011, not 2013, and has two trains.
  4. Hopi Hari has a new owner, which is rehabbing the entire park before the peak season. EDIT: This new owner bought from Playcenter the Turbo Drop, a S&S Tower
  5. Anyone knows whats going on revolution? And how about Goliath? Any progress?
  6. The first time I rode Gwazi was in 2008, on the lion side. It was a "ok" experience. I rode the Tiger side last year and it was very painful... Gwazi gave me a terrible headache. It's not a good attraction for BGT of course, but Central Florida would lose one more wooden coaster if it get removed. That's lead us to Coastersaurus or White Lightning.
  7. Toon Lagoon isn't an area that guests go to the park with the intention to visit. I mean, IOA has Jurassic Park, Marvel Island, Seuss and Potter - interesting areas that catch the attention of the public. Most of people remember of Jurassic Park with awesome gates and research centers, loves superheroes, liked Dr. Seuss stories when was a child or it's a big fan of Harry Potter. Popeye and his "friends" are weak characters. People goes to Ripsaw and Bluto's because they are fun (and awesome!) attractions besides they want to cool themselves in a warm day. I feel kind of sad if Middle-Earth take the place of Toon Lagoon, not because the characters but because the rides. I don't want them to be demolished, but I don't think that Universal will only re-themed them. Possibly, they want to give something new for guests.
  8. I've been on Katapul at Hopi Hari last year. I intend to ride it again in 2013, since the rollercoaster has received a Superman theme and new mechanical parts. I'm glad to hear this things about Turbine... It's nice to see that this type of rollercoaster can be save.
  9. I think we know what the next cooking update has to be Brandy! Nice TR Joey - it seems from your pictures like half the park was a lot older and more "rustic" (I think you know what I mean!) and then there were really bright and beautifully presented parts. Have I got the wrong impression from the photos or are there parts that are significantly newer/better maintained? I'm curious... What areas of the park you guys think has a better maintenance (and are more beautiful) and what areas you guys think looks older? I'm questioning this because some fans Hopi Hari have contact with some important departments of the park and we give suggestions to them so that the park can always improve their structure and theming. Thanks for you feedback, they are very important to us (fans)! As I said before, it is so nice that we have Americans visiting our parks, specially Hopi Hari. You see, fans and guests here don't care so much about the park conditions, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to see some amazing opinions here.
  10. Hi Jray21, I'm a HUGE fan of Hopi Hari and I was waiting so long your trip report! I loved it! Hopi Hari was planned by International Theme Park Service, the same company that planned a defunct park here in Rio, Terra Encantada, and I think it was because of this that you found the theme of Hopi Hari so cool (They did a really nice job on both parks). Mistieri (the land with egyptian and lost continent theme) is the favorite themed area of some brazilians. What I loved in your trip: You highlighted all the points where Hopi Hari needs to improve, as the slow operations of rides and closed attractions. I was surprised by the compliments paid to the park, since it is in one of its worst crises since 1999, when it was open. About Montezum, sincerely, I thought you would hate it! Many people here in Brazil do not support her trembling. And Vurang, in my opinion, is one of those rollercoasters that you can go after lunch, just to relax... Some of the attractions closed, as the Ferris wheel and rainbow wagon-themed are waiting for mechanical parts some time ago (Here, things are really difficult to parks). The area of DC Comics should reopen later this month (hopefully!) and the new roller coaster must have its construction started at the beginning of next year. Parks here in Brazil do not get many Americans, our international visitors are most latin, like Argentines and Chileans. I'm very happy with your visit, and if you can, come next year or in 2014 - that Schwarzkopf is our most valuable thing and by far, is the best thing we have here! Here it is, our charming Katapul: Dankí (Thank you in Hopi Hari's language) for your attention!
  11. This is "Crazy Wagon", a HUSS Rainbow Ride located at Hopi Hari, here in Brazil. The attraction opened in 1999, and until today, works perfectly, although some 2 large periods of maintenance, when Crazy Wagon was dismounted for about 6 months. Also, TUV SUD inspects the ride every year. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21fT4VJGhoQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNk5ScdVA3s http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=drdm4PLNbNU&NR=1 Photos: http://www.photobucket.com/CrazyWagonHHBR
  12. @CoasterCow It was recently released on Brazilian television a new version of the Looney Tunes cartoon, and in this TV program, Speedy owns a pizzeria, as shown in the picture below: http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/1618/tfr65ctmp.jpg
  13. A drop tower at Busch Gardens! (2013) "According to a report at Park Rumors, new plans filed by Busch Gardens Tampa show off a new drop tower style ride in place of the Sand Storm ride. If you look at the close-up of the diagram of the ride itself what appears at first to be a square ride pod is really an octagon, which each side holding 4 riders, for a total of 32 per cycle. f this layout holds true, this is a different layout frolm the circular carousel used by Moser on last year’s Mach Tower at the Willamsburg park, which held 30 riders. The layout also doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before from Intamin, S&S, Huss, Zamperla, Fabbri or even ABC. So we may be looking at an entirely new animal here." -From Screamscape.
  14. Good to know that Bruce is back Anyone knows if Rockit is operating these days?
  15. It would be so great! The Brazilian coaster enthusiasts have been waiting so long for a TPR visit! This really means a lot to us, because our amusement parks are starting to grow and a visit like that would improve the international visits in the brazilian parks! Stay tuned, me and Lucas will always posting some nice photos of Hopi Hari's rehab here!
  16. I posted some photos of Infantasia and Aribabiba rehab's here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=59544&start=30 Just scroll down the page Moreover, I wrote something about the resolution of mechanical problems of "Rainbows" made by HUSS. Oh, Brazil theme parks in 2014 will be so much better than today for sure!
  17. Hello guys! More photos of Infantasia from guests this time: The region now represents a major studio film, with each attraction representing a part of this studio led by Bugs Bunny and the gang. "Leva i Traz" - A mini-truck ride for children and parents Konfront T-shirts by Hopi Hari Pencil Sharpener Pens Marvin Konfront - In English: "Starring: Marvin, the Martian" | Scene: Marvin controlate humans to dominate the planet.
  18. More photos of Infantasia from Hopi Hari Mania Blog! A Pizza SnackBar Infantasia Main Store Konfronti by Zamperla Lokolorê Looney Tunes banners Looney Tunes banners BabyChanger
  19. Good morning, TPR A friend from CBMR has gone to Hopi Hari yesterday, so I'm posting to you some photos of the transformation of Infantasia to Looneys Tunes. The rehab is scheduled to end this month. In the background, a snack bar. New parts for the carousel New ride, themed with Marvin, the Martian New things for the new kiddie ride. Another SnackBar This will be a fountain. The painting of the Main Store of Infantasia. A new theater for a Looney Tunes Show "Gira-Lata" new painting Also, a few more of Aribabiba, which will receive the Justice League ("Estacionamento" is Parking Space in Portuguese) The old carnival games area Recently, the maintenance team of Hopi Hari was able to find with Huss Rides a solution to the mechanical problem of ride "Rainbow", enabling the reopening of Crazy Wagon and possibly reopening of other "rainbows" around the world. Crazy Wagon: Ending with this great pic of La Tour Eiffel: Unfortunately, there is no relevant information about the new roller coaster =/ Have a nice day!
  20. Who would come to Hopi Hari would be Makaya (Terra Encantada is defunct). Cheap option and so close to Hopi Hari. However, problems with the purchase (Makaya and other attractions of Terra Encantada are in justice) and the physical state of the rollercoaster (Hopi Hari came here to test it and did not like it) blocked the purchase. I believe they went to Thorpe Park and see the 10-Inversion model, Colossus. They liked, and brought it. The proposal of Hopi Hari was not a megacoaster for example. The objective was to increase the number of inversions and have a "giant" of steel! Yes, this is not our sweet spot, far from it, but do not have to think about ourselves, but in the mass-audience, which does not even realize what is a Colossus! It will be a great marketing in Brazil and is expected to attract more Brazilians than it attracts. 10 inversions is a lot to an audience that only has the loop of Katapul!´ Look out a text about the new rollercoaster of Hopi Hari: "Hopi Hari Theme Park is the first park in the world to feature the new version of 10inversion rollercoaster, representing an investment of R$ 50 million. New features include trains more comfortable for visitors, they are also more open, providing much more adrenaline. The lift is almost four times higher, reaching 20 km / h, and the curve after the increase was extinct: the fall is immediate, making the experience more exciting. Specifications of the new roller coaster Steel rails Maximum speed is 85 km / h The first descent is made from a height of 33 meters Degree of Climb: 30 degrees Degree of descent: 45 degrees 875 meters Time of Drive: 140 seconds The attraction will work with two trains High capacity: 1200 visitors / hour
  21. But in Brazil, Corredeiras is the best rapids, believe! This ride is that the rapids watering more in Brazil, of course!
  22. Yeah, Monte Makaya have two copies: Avalancha - Guatemala and Flight of the Phoenix - China!
  23. Americans, you should know the Terra Encantada. In it, there is the Monte Makaya, the second roller coaster with the largest number of inversions of the world, are 8 inversions that will raise up your adrenaline! A unique design made by Intamin AG directly to Brazil. It is also in Terra Encantada you find Cabhum, the first giant drop of Brazil. Are 67 meters high, where you go down in free fall at a speed of 100 km / h. And not just out there, have the Corredeiras, which was the first river rapids assembled in Brazil. A large channel of 600 meters long, through which the boats with 9 passengers. It is with these and other attractions that the Terra Encantada is formed. Come to Rio de Janeiro and experience the beautiful beaches, beautiful women and of course Monte Makaya! For more information: http://www.terraencantadabrazil.blogspot.com
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