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  1. My friend is at CP these days. He said MF was open yesterday and a few hours the day before yesterday. Today is closed. I think this season MF is facing some technical problems and challenges. Also the op crew number is more less than last year. For the reride-able coasters, doing a circle which is MF(if it is open)-(transfer by the Lake Erie train ) SV- Mav then loop back is also a suggestion.
  2. The new Q bot looks very nice! I really want to have a coaster trip like this. But this holiday is way too long for my company.
  3. One last thought on China and cultural differences. In 1980, before Shanghai Disneyland was even a glimmer in Mickey's eye, my mother traveled in one of the first groups of Americans to visit China. It was a thrilling adventure, but probably SO different from the experience travelers have today! The group had to do EVERYTHING as part of a tour - from dining to shopping. They were only allowed to buy gifts from tourist shops (I think called 'Friendship Stores'), and all eating was done banquet style in hotels - none of that "Oh, I think I'll try that quaint little eatery on the corner!" (Of course, Chinese food was nothing like American Chinese food, so at least THAT was a little adventurous.) My mother said her favorite part of the trip was waiting around for the tour buses in the small villages and trying to "chat" with the local Chinese residents who'd never seen Americans before. They were fascinated and really tried to communicate. One funny anecdote: Before she left NY, my mom called the Chinese Embassy and asked if there were any particular items that Americans could bring in and share with the Chinese people they met. She was told that FOUNTAIN PENS were a "unique item,' and so my mother went to China with bunches of fountain pens! Sure enough, she made many new acquaintances by asking those she met if they'd like a pen! I can't even IMAGINE how much things have changed since her visit!! Alice Chinese food is totally different from the US. I agree. So many Chinese international students cook themselves in the US. If you come to China now, you can find a lot of western food especially in Shanghai. You can find burgers, bagels, salads almost every center places in Shanghai. The days right after my trip to mid-west parks, Cheesecake factory was such a good place to re-experienced American style food and recall my memories there.
  4. There is not just one park near my home town. There seems 3 or 4. Happy Valley Shanghai(will be listed) Shanghai Disneyland(will be listed) Jinjiang Action Park(will be listed) Hangzhou Paradise Song Dynasty Romon U Park(will be listed) Harborland Oriental Heritage Ningbo(will be listed) Hello Kitty Park 1. Jungle Trailblazer( Jungle Trailblazer) 2. Tron Lightcycle Power Run (Disney) 3. Euro Express (Romon) 4. Dive Coaster (Happy Valley) 5. Mega-lite (Happy Valley) 6. Fireball (before 2012 version. Now it bumps like hell)(Happy Valley) 7. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Disney)
  5. Oh man, I wish! I think Monday was a maintenance day at the park, because lots of rides were closed. I missed the Santa Claus ride as well as the Soarin ripoff... Hi. Happy Valley parks has a regular maintenance schedule. Each coaster get weekly or monthly inspected. Here in Shanghai. Every Monday is Fireball. Wednesday is Dive Coaster. Tuesday seems like Mega-lite. Thursday is Family Inverted. When it is weekly, it closes for half of the day. When it is monthly, it closes the whole day.
  6. At least Tron is much better than anything at Joypolis Shanghai. Natives will surprise. At Joypolis, you have NO WAY to enhance ride experience based on a Golden Horse spinning coaster.
  7. Here is a complete record of TRON Lightcyle Power Run coaster at Shanghai Disneyland! Ft: Daylight POV and special POV at night, with much more glimpse at station area! Enjoy!
  8. Personally I prefer back to front for this wing coaster. This is my first time riding a B&M wing coaster so I can't compare it to GK, WE,etc. At least it's much better than Dinoconda at Changzhou to me. I love the first drop and the following 3 elements. However the inline twist was really annoying. It's a relatively violent B&M, in my opinion. I think TPRs may find their memories of Starry Sky Ripper on this coaster.
  9. Actually they are taken by a staff there. Now I only got the hi-quality version of the first photo. Please tell me your e-mail address in order to send this picture to you.~
  10. I was at Shanghai Jiaotong University on 8th,December. I chatted with the HR of World Joyland for more than hours! Their name card. They gave me two pairs of gloves with the World Joyland logo on it.
  11. Actually I'm expecting the 540 degree 0 G roll, AKA the 0 G fly to lie~...... Pretzel loop is good, but never experienced a normal loop on a flying coaster...~
  12. Here is S&S Tower~~~ WOW~ The new B&M flyer "Star Night Ripper"~! The sexy horseshoe~ the gate
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