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  1. I watched a couple of episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic .... and I liked them. I've never watched My Little Pony before. I'm a teenage boy. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?
  2. Does X2 have audio on ALL the rows or just a few? It could be train 2 because when I was there on the 2nd, Trains 3 and 1 were operating.
  3. Spontaneously expanding. What's worse than forgeting your park ticket after you get to the park and waiting nearly an hour just to get in the park? (True story)
  4. Yes. Is life like a box of chocolates?
  5. The fact that now, water is more expensive than gasoline! What's worse than the fact I just posted^?
  6. Having NO theme parks in a state! What's worse than getting nothing for Christmas?
  7. . . . travel to the twilight zone and find the golden key of imagination to open a portal to the nether, where he must . . .
  8. The other person is NOT someone you can repopulate with, but you love him/her. What's worse than going to sleep in your house, then waking up on a deserted island?
  9. Also having yhe pig mafia gang up on you while you eat your bacon on said hamburger. EDIT: What's worse than forgeting to post a question?
  10. Justin Bieber becoming pesident! (Which will never happen) What's worse than a popular celeberty becoming president?
  11. Stay home. Space Mountain (1977-2003) or Space Mountain (2005-?)
  12. No government at all. What's worse than not having any type court system?
  13. There was a test in that class, and you already got an F. What's worse than standing under a jet airplane when it takes off/lands?
  14. A creepy signature. What's than being stuck on a collapsing bridge?
  15. Cedar Fair buying all the Six Flags includeing Magic Mountain. What's worse than playing a game with Jigsaw?
  16. Not knowing that the Raiders of the Lost Arch is an Indiana Jones movie. What's worse than not foarwarding chain e-mails?
  17. NO! This is Patrick! Have you ever been in a fight?
  18. Revolution has 2 exits. One leads to the plaza, and the other leads to Tatsu. The two exits make a small path up the mountain to Tatsu. It saves you a lot of time.
  19. All of the other game threads being locked! What's worse than doing something you know is good, but in the end it's bad?
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