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  1. Not so much. Are you exited for Theme Park Studio?
  2. Yes. Do you play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?
  3. When people think of Washington, they think of the Capitol, not the state. What's worse than being forced to watch a movie/TV show you hate?
  4. Every amusement park in the world shutting down. What's worse than riding a roller coaster during a big earthquake?
  5. There should be a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie. I'd pay BIG money to see that!
  6. No. Do you watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
  7. Going to Disneylan on the busiest day of the year. What's worse than getting dumped for being a brony?
  8. ^ Wrong. It's obviously Rainbow Dash. She's 20% cooler!
  9. Here's some video I took while I was at the park yesterday. They were pulling the gondola’s up the tower and lowering the catch car quite fast.
  10. I know! It's starting to become "The "Say Something About Ponies" Thread".
  11. ^Discord's coming back?!? WOOT! I loved that guy! He was a real playful villan.
  12. ^Not sure if I'm bronier, or just have more time.
  13. I got done watching all episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! (Season 1 & 2) Does this make me 20% cooler now?
  14. ^I was just about to post that! - SFMM "If only I knew how to post Youtube videos" fanboy -
  15. When I get old, I'm gunna get a tattoo of a rollercoaster on my flank and call it my cutie mark.
  16. ^ (\ I watched the premieres of both seasons, the one about a tornado, the one with future twilight, and I think that's all . . . FOR NOW! I have NO idea I would like a show like it, but its just the likable charecters (Rainbow Dash is my favorite), and the whole "friendhip" theme to it. EDIT: I also watched the one with "Gabby Gums."
  17. Well, one does not simply refuse to watch My Little Pony after they've been infected.
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