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  1. I'm almost certain that the coaster is Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas.. Interesting pic.. I love the training wheels..
  2. Yes it's the same ride Paul. Yes it's the good, no GREAT Grizzly of the Paramount Parks.
  3. What the heck is this! Flying Scooters should have it's own category. Man I'd travel across the country for a good set of Flyers. Unique dark rides/walkthroughs are a close second. ..Everything else is just gravy.
  4. Heh the world would be a lot better if more parks had 4 wooden coasters... Grizzly - Amazingly good, must be experienced at night, watch out for the tunnel! Perhaps one of the most underrated woodies in America. Hurler - often runs slow with shuffling through the turns, no match for Carowinds' version of the same thing. Rebel Yell - A very very tempremental pair of woodies. Through my numerous visits to the park since 2001 I don't think I've ever had similar rides, even consecutively, on either one. Very hit or miss. Scooby Doo - An excellent Junior woodie, very smooth with some surprise airtime. Don't discount it because of it's size, usually the 2nd best woodie at the park... As for the whole "PKD v. BGW" debate, they both have their own nitche among parkgoers. Go to PKD if you want rides, go to BGW if you want the 'total experience.' I still much prefer BGW as it's operations are exceptional, the food is fantastic, and every one of it's 4 coasters is top notch... well maybe not Alpie.. overrated POS.. :? Apollo, LNM, and BBW are at the top of their class though! Not to mention their theming and scenery is rivaled only by Islands of Adventure, everywhere you turn you are finding little details that the park adds in that you never noticed before. It's so great to know a park actually cares about it's guests...
  5. Mind Bender by FAR over the rest. SFoG does have one of the better collections out there though. Mind Bender is just *that good* IMO.
  6. Swamp Fox at Family Kingdom and Wild One at Six Flags America both are smoother than most and provide some nice airtime. Have you even ridden Thunderhead? I'm sure Wildcat is great(I'll find out in June..).. but I doubt it "kicks thunderheads ass," especially at night.
  7. This discussion begins and ends with Cedar Point. I've also noticed Dorney getting a lot of unnecessary hype lately too.
  8. Most Lifetime: 152 times since Top Gun: The Jet Coaster opened in 1999 Most in a season: 57 times on Top Gun in 2004 Most in a day: 27 on Boulder Dash (in only 5 hours might I add, Tuesdays at LC R0X0R!)
  9. Last coaster was Thunderhead at Dollywood... definitely the best coaster I've ever ridden, and it only gets better at night. Though in a couple weeks I get to go whore myself to a few Jeepers' after the Carowinds Construction Tour!
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