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  1. I think the main problem that people are having with it is that it's REALLY based on touchscreens, not trackpads. It's gotten so many bad reviews because most, if not all of those people are upgrading from Windows 7, which was a really good computer OS. It feels really weird to use the live tiles with a mouse, but I've found that it's near impossible to use the desktop interface with a touch screen. It's almost like Redmond said "Hey, we've got two interfaces here, one for tablet and one for desktop, let's combine them! Two is better than one!" But in the end it feels fragmented and awkward, especially when you consider Windows RT as opposed to Windows 8 Pro. Anyway, I'm currently taking a course called "Theory of Knowledge" or TOK. It's a requirement for the IB Program, and I thought that it would be interesting to figure out how we know what we know. But in reality, we know nothing. It's probably one of the most annoying classes I've ever taken. To give you the gist of it, here's a model conversation: A: I found this cool website called "Theme Park Review" on the internet today! B: But how do you *know* that you're using the internet, or that it even exists? A: Because it's on my computer screen! B: But how do you know that you're using a computer? And how do you know how to use it? A: Because my sense perception tells me so. B: And how can you tell that you're on TPR? How do you know that other users exist? For that matter, do you exist? Do I exist? A: .... B: And how can you be sure? Which way of knowing applies? Which area of knowledge does that connect to? Where does it fall in the TOK hexagon? Does the TOK hexagon exist? Does TOK exist? Is it an illusion? Is this the real life, is this just fantasy? And on, and on, and on.....
  2. Take this whole thing with a grain of salt (if not an entire salt lick), as with every rumor. So with the announcement of John Wardley retiring, I headed over to his Twitter feed to send him a farewell tweet. However, I noticed this, all the way back from September. Hinting at something? He says that the "technology" used is "beyond anything seen in the industry." Now most of the ride that we've seen so far seems just like a run of the mill Gerstlauer coaster; just some steel bent into shapes that it shouldn't be bent into. That's what we expect from Gerstlauer at this point. But he uses the word "technology," hinting at something that must be theming related. Yes, it could be holographic projections onto floating water screens powered by unicorns and sliced dolphin, but I think we all know what he means by this new "technology." I'd say that we have pretty solid evidence, if not confirmation, from the designer himself, of the washing machine. Again, grain of salt.
  3. When I went to the park over Labor Day weekend, I didn't see anything happening. I did ask an employee, and they said "No comment." So take that as you will.
  4. It's the return of the Flying Snake Dive! It's about time! Granted, it looks like a Premier and not an Intamin, but OMG FLYING SNAKE DIVE . And at least they can run multiple trains (Not that they will. Come on, it's Magic Mountain we're talking about here ), hopefully increasing capacity.
  5. Now that I'm going into my junior year, the full International Baccalaureate experience is nigh. Here's my schedule: 1. IB Euro History HL 2. IB Physics SL 3. Theory of Knowledge 4. Yearbook Adv. 5. IB Language B: Spanish SL 6. IB Design Tech HL 7. IB Math SL 2 8. IB Language 11 HL 9. Varsity Boys' Swim Team Having no off block(s) is really going to suck, and there are going to be nights without sleep, but I'm ready to take on whatever this year has in store for me.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they did something with a similar nomenclature. Leviathan was a sea monster and also the gatekeeper of hell. Based on the position of the proposed ride, they could probably incorporate the theming as a sea monster (as it's essentially adjacent to the lake), as well as bringing the idea of the park entrance flyover into it. I'd think that it'd be smart to call it Leviathan, and use the same logo. Then they wouldn't have to apply for a trademark for a new name (DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, so take that with a pile of salt). Maybe I'm totally off here, but it's plausible (but Half Life 3 coming out tomorrow is also plausible )
  7. It's funny; this doesn't seem so much as GP nonsense as it does a coaster enthusiast trying too hard to show that he/she is one and then failing miserably. On the flip side, I personally don't think anyone is immune to lapses of ignorance or misinformation every now and then, so I can't blame them too much... I understand where you're coming from with that, but in truth, the Iron Wolf trains were Intamin/Giovanola during the first two years of operation (1990, 1991).
  8. So, the key with Arrow shuttles in NL is that your station is actually your reversing point. Thus, you have to built the ride in reverse, starting with the brake section as your origin, and the station as the end. For the reverse launch, you place a small piece of lift hill down after the station, then a transport section. Be sure to have the cable lift and release options checked. Then, at the origin, use a brake segment and a launch. When placing the transport segment after the brake section, make sure that the train will not accelerate when it enters the transport section from the loop. Again, this means that the brake segment is your actual station and the station segment is the reverse point. Hope this helps!
  9. Firstly, some rides need trims because the park wants the ride to be designed a certain way, meaning that they might want an ejector hill into an overbank, but they want it in a certain space. At the same time, they might want the coaster to be 200+ feet. The only way to fill al of these requirements at times is to trim the ride so that the forces are not overbearing. Also, you have to remember that one of the largest problems that coasters have is air resistance, which is EVIL to calculate, as it depends on hundreds of factors. As was stated a couple of pages back, huge engineering companies are bragging about 10% error in their design. Because of this error, companies have to make assumptions, because the theoretical world doesn't exist. In case you didn't want to read that, the short answer is that: a) The park wants something in a set space b) Theoretical vs Actual. Maths are a cruel beast, and cows are NOT spheres.
  10. I've tried it several times, and it doesn't work. The first issue is that it's built off of the .NET framework, and CrossOver does NOT like it. The other issue is that CrossOver requires an installer package (setup.exe or autorun.exe) to work, not just a stand alone application like Newton2 is. However, it seems that using Mono in conjunction with Terminal might work, but I haven't really figured out how to use it yet
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't several B&M's have sand filled tracks?
  12. Mainly NL, but I've been getting into Amnesia: The Dark Descent lately. Pretty fun, and absolutely terrifying.
  13. X2 shakes, but it's more of a bounce. This thing seems to have a very violent shake to it
  14. I'm in Lakewood, which is about 8-10 miles away. If there's any chance of a TPR event in Colorado, I'm in!
  15. On a CoasterForce video of Wildcat at Frontier City: aMondayMorning: You know, i've never understood how the trains on wooden coasters actually stay on the track. It doesn't look like there's anything for the wheels to grab on to, so it just looks like its just lying on top of the track. It's really weird....
  16. For a small parking garage (3 floor, 120,000 square foot total), which is probably what they could use, costs baseline 8.4 Million. It would also be insanely expensive to dig the foundations for it, as Colorado ground can be very hard and fragile.
  17. a) That land was owned by a real estate company originally, and those few extra acres would have cost as much the rest of the park had originally. b) Evidently, you haven't been to Pepsi Center. Those lots are almost constantly full during the summer. c) They aren't in a contract. The City of Denver and Pepsi Center jointly own those massive lots. Pepsi Center built that bridge in 1997, so that they could make more money on parking when the park is busy. The land where the stairs come down into the Elitch parking lot was owned by RTD/CDOT.
  18. I seriously hope that one of the additions is new trains on Twister II. Those PTCs have murdered that thing so badly, it's unbearable to ride. If I recall correctly, at an ACE event, one of the managers (name escapes me) mentioned that he was trying to get the X Coaster from Magic Springs. Hope springs eternal.
  19. Just a quick question for a new design I'm working on... Would you prefer the ads to be simply on the side like they are now, or have them placed in a dedicated embedded spot?
  20. I've been playing around with this idea for a couple of hours, and I'm pretty happy with it.
  21. ^I think what is happening is that Chrome is thinking that the ads are harmful. If I turn off Adblock Plus, I get the error, but when it's on, it sends me right to the forum. Thanks!
  22. imagineerz


    So for some odd reason, whenever I try to open a thread that isn't in the "Ask Alvey" section, I get this slightly concerning error (Google Chrome, OS X 10.7). Now I know that TPR would never, ever, EVER do anything like putting malware on their site, but I am concerned. Is anyone else getting this error, or know what's going on? I have tried it on multiple computers in multiple browsers, and I continuously get the error without fail.
  23. How is that odd or weird? Some people don't want to ride the larger rides. I have friends who love amusement parks but refuse to ride the largest rides there... I'm sure that there are things that you wouldn't do that other people would do.
  24. Two things: 1) The word "Anyways" does NOT exist. The correct word is "Anyway." I know that most people don't realize this, but it's just one of those grammar nazi things. 2) When people procrastinate. I am an editor for two sections (People and Academics) on our school's Yearbook staff. We have a DEADline tomorrow, and almost none of my staffers have even started their pages. It is near impossible to whip these pages out within 90 minutes (one period). Suddenly, now their pages are my responsibility. and I have to do all 70 of them . I know that I accepted the responsibility of their pages when I signed up for being an editor, and I know that high school students like to procrastinate (especially us IB students ) but SERIOUSLY! Get your stuff DONE! ON TIME! RAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEEE! rant>
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