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  1. My group got there last Friday night and had some different experiences than you did, perhaps because we started at the bottom of the park (after eating at the feast) and break times scattered around, but with the exception of Backwoods and Club Blood, we didn't feel they were underpopulated at all. From our path around the park: MHH was quite good and I liked the extra rooms built since last year. This was also the first time we got to experience the elevator part. I suspect the plans were done by someone with no experience with heavy crowds since people get backed up at that point a lot
  2. They used to have Ackbar. I only went once, and back then the ride had nobody waiting for it except my group, but we didn't know anything going in and loved the humor and over the top concept of the ride. Unfortunately, it was also extremely bumpy and rough, which likely limited its appeal.
  3. "time periods exceeding 24" will likely be 24 hours, so yeah, I'd assume 24 riders per train.
  4. While Mark Shapiro getting fired was big news after all of the positives we've seen over the past few years, I think it's a crime that Mark Kane being fired from Great Adventure was a bigger disappointment. For those who weren't aware, he had basically made it a point to clean up GAdv after the horrible reputation it has gotten over the last few decades, and made it a good park to go to. Granted, there was still a lot more work to be done (ie more flats and other rides between the coasters and the kid rides), but a huge step up from the mid-90's.
  5. Primeval Whirl did zero for me when I tried it (6 times since we went at a very empty time of the year) and it made very little impression on us too. I recall not much spinning, wondering about the lame theming and cardboard cutout feel of everything (I know it's supposed to feel that way, but just seemed to be true cheapness as opposed themed cheapness), and not much else. Pandemonium at SFNE has kind of tight seats/restraints, but the spinning works amazingly well most of the time due to the way the track twists to get the spinning started.
  6. Made it to Dorney Park's Haunt and Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest. Dorney's Haunt jumped out of the gate big time two years ago, and in its third season has 9 pretty decently staffed mazes and two scare zones with good theming. The only complaints I have is that there aren't enough actors and decorations outside of the haunts themselves to give that full park haunted feel like HHN at Orlando does so well, and the sheer number of haunts sometimes ends up with lots of dead space during shift changes/breaks and more teamwork scares would help a lot. Considering it is still free with
  7. Obviously, my group enjoys the scary stuff, but ignoring that, everyone above is correct that Dorney is the park you want, especially as it seems the new team seems to be making things worse at the park already. I should mention that if you do not have tickets already that you may want to buy the tickets with the meal off the haunt website. The meal is at 6 and is $6 more than the day rate and you can leave from there out of the park if you prepurchase the tickets from them. They did have actors scaring guests last year at the meal, so that may make you choose against it, but it might be a
  8. I've ridden tons over the years, from the oldest memories of the traveling rocket ships, where it tilted up and rotated making you believe you were off to see the moon or Mars landscapes. Favorites of the huge variety include the Simpsons Ride, Akbar (better storyline and oddly smoother to me than Star Tours), Mach 1, Shrek, Superstition, and a movie that I cannot recall at the moment that played at King's Island in 2001 or 2002 next to 7th Portal where you were supposed to help defend the base, but things go horribly wrong from the beginning. I just remember laughing the entire time as th
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